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If you have suffered with hemorrhoids, also known as piles, then you understand what a painful annoying affliction they can be. Probably because of the anatomical location of this condition, piles are not a condition that must be like to talk about. While not a lethal malady, it is doubtful that anyone has ever died from piles, they can require surgery in some severe cases.

Fortunately, there are some specific life style choices you can make to prevent getting piles. If you do develop them there are some effective treatments available to help relieve the itching, bleeding and irritation like Neo Healar. Usually over the counter suppositories will stop the rectal itching and anal discomfort. The most common causes of piles are lifestyle factors. Some simple changes in your eating habits and lifestyle choices can help you prevent piles.

One of the biggest causes of piles is sitting on the toilet too long when you are moving your bowels. You should get into the habit of doing your business quickly when going to the toilet. Another factor is wiping yourself too hard when you are done defecating. Clean yourself well put do it gently. You may want to consider using a medicated pad instead of harsh toilet paper when cleaning yourself after moving your bowels.

Constipation also can cause piles. When you are constipated you will strain too hard when you are moving your bowels. This strain puts pressure on the veins in your rectum causing piles. If you are constipated you can try eating more fiber in your diet. You could try a stool softener so you do not strain when you are on the toilet.

Woman often get piles when they are pregnant. Pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on the veins in the rectum and anus. Giving birth is very hard on the part of the female body. Many women suffer with piles after they give birth. Excessive heavy exercise like weight lifting is a similar cause of piles because of the pressure upon the veins in this part of the body.

A poor diet can set up the conditions that will make you likely to get piles. You should eat a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains. You should limit the amount of red meat that you eat. This doesn’t mean you need to be a vegetarian. It does mean to not over do it with red meat. You should also not eat too many sweets or bakery goods. Again use some common sense when it comes to having a balanced healthy diet. You want to have regular bowel movements and not be constipated.

Being overweight can make you more likely to suffer from piles. The excess weight puts pressure on your veins aggravating the whole situation. This is another reason for eating a healthy diet.

There are some effective ways to deal with hemorrhoids. There are many over the counter remedies that are available at your local drug store. Hot baths will help to alleviate the pain and irritation when you have a bad outbreak. It is rare for piles to require hospitalization. However, when there is dangerous bleeding and the usual care does not work surgery is necessary. This is not common however.

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The vast majority of medicine suggested by doctors merely treats the signs and not the actual condition. It is possible to get rid of them. There are many natural cures that can successfully treat the condition. These kinds of organic natural treatments are able to get rid of the condition completely. The situation is normally curable and will not come back if handled correctly.

Ivan the Terrible
Ivan the Terrible

Probably the most efficient natural cures will also involve changes a person’s lifestyle. Specifically for those that live a sedentary lifestyle. You will find many applications of organic ingredients to help to alleviate the actual signs and symptoms of this ailment which can offer permanent relief. You will need to use the appropriate remedy in order to keep from the problem from returning.