Acne: A Chronic Skin Disease For All Ages


Common forms of acne are blackheads and whiteheads. This occurs when follicles in the facial skin are blocked. This is commonly known as clogged pores. An excessive amount of sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria will clog pores. Routine skincare and cleaning can help prevent this from happening.

There are many factors that can attribute to the cause of this disorder. One surprising factor that leads to the aliment is chronic constipation. This can even cause the condition to happen with babies. The skin condition can also be inherited and genetics is believed to be a large part of acne in boys.

Common habits that led to the condition is bad improper eating; sporadic eating hours, poor diet, excessive sugar intake and consuming large quantities of fatty foods. While smoking has obvious negative health effects, it also has been known to attribute due to the toxic chemicals from cigarettes clogging pores. Another habit is not getting enough sleep each night. Stress aggravates the skin to cause breakouts also, this happens in people that do not even have acne, because stress forces your body to release chemicals that cause the breakouts.

There are several ways to treat this disease to reduce the appearance and occurrence. There are over the counter treatments, prescriptions from dermatologists and for some using home remedies work. Acne treatment consists of cleaning the skin and reducing the oil in the pores to prevent future breakouts. Killing bacteria that is on the skin is assisted with over the counter topical drugs. Treatment choice depends upon the stage of the disease is mild, moderate, or severe.

Alternative treatments for the skin is to focus on self-care: proper cleansing to keep the skin oil-free; eating a well-balanced diet; and avoiding alcohol and tobacco.

The likelihood of anyone every going through life without experiencing some form of this skin disease rare. While each individual has different skin and lifestyle tendencies, the common factor seems to be acne. While there are several factors that cause this aliment, each individual needs to find a solution that works best for them. As with any other health problem prevention is usually better than a cure.

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Males and females suffering from acne scars experience depression, shyness in public situations, and reduced confidence. There are many alternatives to fade or remove these areas which range from home remedies to surgery.

Irish Rose
Irish Rose

When it comes to taking care of your complexion, nobody can do it better than you, because you know yourself better than anybody. Make sure you’re not allergic to a product before you use it by testing it on a small patch of skin on your arm.