Acne Blue Light Therapy


Acne can severely affect the self esteem of a person, especially when they suffer from moderate or severe outbreaks. If you are one of those people, you have probably tried nearly every special soap and cream on the market to no avail. Maybe you have come to final straw and are considering more extreme measures like blue light laser acne treatment.

What is blue light laser acne treatment? Honestly, this is actually referring to three completely different types of treatment. The first type of treatment is laser acne therapy. The other two types of treatment utilize light instead of laser and are called light energy acne therapy and blue light acne therapy.

Laser therapy utilizes a pulsed laser that basically burns the glands under the skin that produce bacteria rich oil known as sebum that causes acne. Light energy treatment works in a similar fashion, using heat that burns the glands and forces them to shrink. Blue light therapy is different in that it kills the bacteria responsible for acne without destroying or damaging the glands.

Although they are different procedures, laser therapy and light energy therapy are commonly associated with each because they both have similar prices, side effects, and comparable results. For about $300 to $600 and a fifteen to thirty minute session, the laser or light energy therapies can be completed.

Blue light therapy requires quite a bit more time. Typical full treatments can last many sessions spanned over several weeks, costing as little as $800 and up to $1,500 for the full treatment. Each individual session lasts about the same amount of time as laser and light energy therapy sessions.

However, laser therapy and light energy therapy have somewhat unpleasant side effects. Because they burn the glands, they typically produce quite a bit of redness and swelling for a week or two. Also, patients usually have mild pain and discomfort during the procedure and several days after it has been completed. Creams and medications can be used to aid in pain management and to comfort the patient. After extended periods of time, the procedure may need to be done again.

Blue light therapy does not have the same side effects. In fact, most patients do not complain about pain or discomfort during of after the procedure. This is because the glands and surrounding tissues are not damaged or burned, so redness and swelling are minimal. Once the series of treatments are completed, most patients do not need any subsequent treatments.

All three treatments have one drawback that potential patients should be aware of. Because these therapies are relatively new, the distant future side effects are not known. Some doctors speculate that laser and light acne therapies may lead to higher risks of skin cancer for patients. As with any medical procedure, you should consult a doctor.

Blue light laser acne treatment is not a completely accurate term, but it describes three distinct treatments that may be available for a suffering of moderate to severe acne. Regardless of what procedure you ultimately choose, there is no doubt that you will be happy with your results.

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Dermabrasion is a medical procedure that requires the surface of the skin to be removed. This treatment option is known to be very painful and usually the patient will receive some drugs so they are only half way conscious during the procedure. After the procedure is finished the patients face will be red and look very raw. It will usually remain like this for about several months until the skin has grown back. This type of procedure is more common in patients who have acne scars and would like to have them removed.


Re: Blue light:
Nurses in hospitals have been known to get dizziness working in proximity to jaundiced infants given blue light therapy, and i’m horrified that infants are even subjected to same.

Blue light is very unhealthy, as is UV, as is computer fluresence, as is the extremely harsh lighting that, for example, Walmart employees are tortured with. Not just Walmart, it’s all over the place, so it’s no wonder the world population are so hyper and wild these days.

Actually, BRIGHT light IS radiation, and the closer the proximity, and the brighter it is, the worse the radiation. It’s the same with microwaves of cellphones, or radio waves of radios.