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Adderin is a nootropic that is advertised to improve memory and concentration. It also has a calming effect and reduces stress while also improving focus. Adderin has been described as an ‘intelligence pill’ that enhances brain function, clears and focuses the mind and improves creativity and retention of information.

The Adderin Nootropic Stack; Adderin Ingredients

Adderin does the work of a number of different nootropics. It is the nootropic version of a multivitamin, only it helps to enhance your brain function in many different ways. The Adderin stack has been carefully selected to offer you the best possible results. Adderin has been carefully formulated according to the science behind its various ingredients.

Here are the nootropics that comprise the Adderin stack. They are listed in alphabetical order rather than in any order of effectiveness. Each has its own effects on the neural system.

Alpha GPC: Chemically known as L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine, Alpha GPC helps reduce the cognitive deterioration of conditions such as Alzheimers and stroke patients.

Tyrosine: Tyrosine is used by your body to help create certain neurotransmitters including dopamine. This reduces depression and boosts you mood and ability to focus and concentrate. This is particularly the Case with people under stress.

GABA: Correctly named Gamma-aminobutyric acid, GABA is normally produced in the brain. As a supplement, it reduces anxiety and improves mood.

Vinpocetine: This substance promotes dilation of the blood vessels in the brain, this increasing blood flow. It is used as a nootropic to improve memory. It has been tested on older adults as a cure for reduced mamory.

BacopaMonnieri: This is a natural nootropic herb used as a traditional supplement to enhance memory, cognition and longevity. It can reduce anxiety while improving memory.

Huperzine A: This controls an enzyme in the brain that can disrupt memory and reduce the ability to think clearly. It has been used as a dietary supplement that improves mental function and memory.

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The package deal I purchased, claimed that if you buy two you get one free. I was charged for all three, and less than 24 hours later, I was then told it was too late to cancel the order. The bank also called to verify some other charges to my account that I was not aware of. This was a horrible experience. I was overcharged, received terrible customer service and to top it off my debit card was compromised.


I find this business to be a total scam, and there is no evidence that the ingredients claimed to be in the product actually are, and in the specified amounts. The attempt to associate the product with Adderall is quite deplorable.


From reading some of the reviews, I understand that some persons were having issues with Adderin. However, I have been taking Adderin once daily for about a month now, and it seems to help get me motivated. I also am able to retain what I learn much easier, and it seems to assist with relieving minor headaches as well.

The product may not work as well for other persons, as this is only my experience. As soon as I complete writing this article, I will be placing a new order as I am satisfied with the product.

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