ADHD A Serious Condition For Life


ADHD is a result of abnormal brain development where areas of the brain develop slower than they should. The disorder begins around age seven and many times goes into adulthood. It leaves a person without the ability to pay attention or sit still in a normal way. Children with this condition are viewed as problem children and both attention deficit and hyperactivity behavior occur simultaneously.

There are tree disorder types, predominant hyperactive impulsive has attention deficit as less of a problem than hyperactivity. Children don’t hold still for long but can pay attention with some normality. Predominantly inattentive boys and girls can control themselves and get along with others but are unable hold their attention on something for long . These children sometimes don’t get help because without drawing attention to themselves they go unnoticed . Combined hyperactive impulsive and inattentive is most common variety of the disorder and because there children act out and draw attention they are diagnosed more easily.

Because it is often hard too distinguish normal behavior from abnormal behavior in children diagnosis can be very difficult especially with many the possibility of other conditions and issues, such as, anxiety, depression, or a learning disability. All children display the symptoms of it at certain times but only those that actually have the disorder become impaired. Many Kids with the condition often develop a sleep disorder which leads to a worse behavioral disorder. Often the disorder cannot be diagnosed directly because of its complexity instead other disorders are ruled out leaving it as the cause of the problems.

The condition can continue into adulthood with many adults going untreated causing severe problems for these people as their lives tend to be chaotic and disorganized with high instances of substance abuse. Usually depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and learning disabilities exist as well. Severe sleepiness often occurs during the day due to sleep deprivation during the night because of sleep problems like sleep apnea and restless limb syndrome.

The real cause of disorder is not precisely known but many things are thought to lead to the condition. Some scientists claim genes are the cause in the majority of cases. While others researchers believe it is a matter of evolution. Still other studies implicate environmental issues, such as, alcohol and tobacco exposure while pregnant and also infant exposure to lead. Diet is thought to be another contributing factor to the problem. Food coloring was found to lead to hyperactivity in a study in Great Britain. Social factors such as poor schools, foster care, growing up in an orphanage and suffering abuse are also found to be causes of ADHD.

There is a theory called neurological diversity where the disorder is viewed as a normal human difference that needs to be given respect the same as any other human difference. Under this theory it is a normal condition and the people that have it should be respected and treated as normal persons.

Treatment goes in a variety of directions consisting of medication, Listol, behavior modification, lifestyle changes and counseling. Medication and behavior modification have proven to be the most effective forms of treatments. Historically controversy has surrounded this disorder because it involves manly children. Some people claim it is not a real problem and other people do not want stimulant medications used on their children. According to the AMA has it real and the it is being diagnosed and treated correctly.

Children suffering from ADHD have serious problems as they grow up no matter what treatment is used and those problems often continue as adults. Many end up as drop outs with no real prospects for the future and very few go to higher education. The impairments the disorder causes are serious and impact every part of the individuals life in a childhood and later as a grownup.

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