Basic Facts About Stretch Marks After Pregnancy


Many women dislike stretch marks after pregnancy. Stretch marks are every woman’s worst dream. They can do anything they can to avoid these marks. It is a fact that women may never avoid them after they deliver babies. These marks occur when the body grows hastily and the skin has a difficult time keeping up with the body’s growth. The skin then breaks instead of stretching leading to these marks.

Pregnancies are in deed wonderful events for majority of couples. The only major concern for mothers is their skin. Many women experience these marks which appear to be reddish or even purplish. Areas commonly affected include the breasts, stomach, hips, thighs and arms. Pinkish marks can be seen on women with light skin. Darkish people are often seen with lighter ones. Whichever way, this condition is easily noticeable and many people usually feel embarrassed when the marks are exposed.

This condition is caused by separation of collagen found beneath the skin. Even though the condition is painless, it may sometimes get itchy. Apart from the itchy sensations, tingling sensations can also be experienced. Some women deal with these sensations by applying some medicated lotions. However, these lotions only help stop the itchy sensations but they do not prevent the occurrence of the marks. This condition will always get worse if preventive measures are not put in place.

There are many factors that lead to stretch marks after pregnancy. These factors include drastic weight gain. When a woman is pregnant, her appetite goes up. If the appetite is out of control, her body weight increases rapidly. The rapid increase of her body weight triggers the occurrence of these marks.

This condition can occur due to skin dehydration. If the moisture level of a woman’s skin is good, her skin will be healthy and be quite elastic. It will stretch easily and avoid the marks. However, if her skin is dehydrated and is unable to stretch, then the marks may appear.

Stretch marks can occur due to factors such as heredity. If a person has a background of people who had this condition, then it is most likely that she will experience the same. It is often said that prevention is better than cure. There are preventive measures a person can take.

Individuals are advised to drink a lot of water. When the skin is properly hydrated, its condition improves. This prevents the formation of scars. Drinking at least eight glasses of water each day is essential. Persons affected or those that would like to avoid this condition should eat food stuffs rich in zinc, proteins and vitamin A or C. These nutrients are useful and can assist one avoid the skin blemishes.

Keeping the skin moisturized is an important factor. Women can alternatively use certain creams and essential oils. Creams meant for dealing with scars should always be preferred. Regular exercises are important too. Constant workouts stimulate production of collagen.

Women who have issues dealing with stretch marks after pregnancy can consult physicians. Eating healthy foods, regular exercises and taking a lot of water are all important. More information about stretch marks can be found in newspapers, magazines or online.

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