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Almost every woman in the world is worried about getting stretch marks. As girls grow into women and women become mothers, the stretch marks start to become almost inevitable. Even if you have not had many weight fluctuations, the skin starts to stretch and pull to accommodate a growing body, or even a baby, and the marks are left behind. As natural as they are, and as much as many women say that each stretch mark tells a story, most of us would prefer not to have them. This is also evident in the hundreds of different products available on the market that claim to restore the skin to its youthful, stretch mark-free appearance. One of those products is Bio-Oil, which sets itself apart by including PurCellin oil in its ingredients. According to the manufacturer, it removes stretch marks and scars, fixes uneven skin tone, fights the signs of aging, and hydrates the skin at the same time. It sounds like the perfect product, but is it?

What Is Bio-Oil?

Bio-Oil is said to be the world’s leading scar and stretch mark product. The manufacturers claim it does everything required to leave the skin looking and feeling young, hydrated, and in perfect condition. They support their claims with extensive clinical trials and are completely open and transparent about their ingredients and the function of each of them. The manufacturer does not make outlandish claims. Rather, they say that their product can help to reduce the appearance of imperfections, rather than making them completely disappear. This in itself is something that makes the company stand out and the product worth a try.

The Ingredients in Bio-Oil

The manufacturers have fully listed the ingredients contained in Bio-Oil, which is encouraging. The list is lengthy, but some of the ingredients stand out. These are:

  • Rosemary oil, which has been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation. Additionally, it can help to heal small wounds. This means that it also works on reducing scars.

  • Lavender oil, which is a fantastic antioxidant that also helps to reduce damage to the skin

  • Chamomile oil, which helps to fight problems with pigmentation while also evening out skin tone

  • Vitamin A and vitamin E, which are both vital for skin health and are strong antioxidants

  • Calendula oil, the product’s main moisturizing agent, which addresses dry skin

How Bio-Oil Will Benefit You

Bio-Oil has been created to address a number of specific skin problems. These are:

  1. Scars. Bio-Oil can be used to treat existing scars. It should never be applied to an open wound, however. The product has not been designed to stop wounds from forming scars, but rather to work on those scars that have already appeared. While it may not 100% remove the scar, reviews have shown a significant reduction in its appearance. Interestingly, many people have mentioned that both their acne and their chickenpox scars appeared much lighter after using Bio-Oil.

  2. Pregnancy stretch marks. All over the world, women have used Bio-Oil to deal with their post-pregnancy stretch marks and they are loving it. Often, women start to use the product as soon as they have given birth, leading to a significant reduction in the appearance of their stretch marks. Some women are now suggesting it should be used even during pregnancy. However, do check this with your physician as anything that is placed on the skin gets absorbed by the skin and will eventually reach the unborn baby.

  3. Uneven skin tone. A lot of people use the product for uneven areas on their face in particular. The thin, sensitive skin right underneath the eye seems to respond positively to this.

  4. Aging skin. The ingredients in Bio-Oil are designed to increase elastin and collagen production, both of which are vital to make the skin look youthful and firm.

  5. Dry skin. Because the product contains strong essential oils, including marigold, chamomile, and lavender, the oil helps to moisturize the skin, leaving it feeling supple and soft. A lot of people have noticed a difference within just a week of using the product, finding that their skin glows and appears beautiful once again.

How to Use Bio-Oil

When you receive your skin car product, it will be in a white cardboard box that contains the product and the instructions. The instructions are really good, as they include a diagram that showcases exactly how best to apply the product on different types of skin imperfections. The Bio-Oil bottle looks really sleek and modern. It is completely transparent and has a white screw-on cap and an easy-to-use dispenser hole so that you don’t end up spilling most of the oil out. The product itself seems to have a slightly orange tint, but this is not visible once it is applied on the skin. It also doesn’t stain clothes, even if you wear white. Of interest is that the smaller bottle contains 60ml, which means you can put it in your hand luggage if you’re traveling and still meet the relevant TSA allowance.

Applying Bio-Oil is very easy:

  • Rub a few drops of the product between your fingers.

  • Choose which area of your skin you want to address and massage the oil in.

  • Use a circular motion during your massages.

  • Repeat twice a day for three months.

Where to Buy

Bio-Oil is available through a variety of different stores and retailers. The Bio-Oil website has a full list of the different countries that sell Bio-Oil, which merchants have it available, and what price the company recommends in local currency. At the time of this writing, for instance, Bio-Oil was available from Walmart in a 6.7 fl oz bottle for $27.97 or in a 4.2 fl oz bottle for $14.99. Unfortunately, the latter was out of stock.

What I Liked About Bio-Oil

  • The product looks modern and sleek.

  • It comes in a container that meets TSA regulations, so you can easily take it with you when traveling.

  • The oil itself is light in texture and is absorbed very rapidly without leaving any greasy residue on the skin.

  • Although it contains various essential oils, the product isn’t strongly fragrant. This also makes it more suitable for people with skin sensitivities.

  • It can even moisturize the cuticles on the fingernails.

  • Thousands of women all over the world have used and positively reviewed the product, suggesting that it does what it says on the box: it reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars while also evening out skin tone and leaving it less dry.

  • You only need a few drops for each application, so the product lasts for a long time.

What I Didn’t Like About Bio-Oil

  • It is somewhat expensive although it is possible to get a good deal if you shop around.

  • Because it addresses dry skin, people who have oily skin may find that they experience acne breakouts as a result.

  • It can be difficult to find the product in physical stores.

  • The smaller bottles are regularly sold out through different manufacturers, which means you often have to purchase larger ones at a larger price. That said, it does work out at better value for money as the larger bottles last a lot longer.

The Final Verdict

Women, and men for that matter, who have skin problems such as acne scars and stretch marks often feel as if there is nothing they can do and have to simply resign themselves. Chickenpox scars, acne scars, scars from poorly healed wounds – they all create imperfections that may tell a story of an interesting life, but they look unsightly to other people. Indeed, scars can have a significant impact on someone’s mental health as it reduces their self-esteem and self-confidence. It is important to understand that there are currently no products on the market that make scars disappear completely, unfortunately.

That being said, there are many products available that claim to at least visibly reduce the appearance of skin imperfections. Bio-Oil is one of those products and it truly seems to be the best one around. It is non-greasy, fragrant free, easy to apply, and light to the touch. It won’t stain your clothes or make you smell like flowers all day either. Furthermore, it will not block your pores leading to an acne breakout, although it has been formulated specifically to address dry skin, which means people with oily skin may want to avoid it.

Bio-Oil does a lot. It helps to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, evens out skin tone, has anti-aging properties, and hydrates and moisturizes the skin. People all over the world have tried it and now use it almost religiously because of its fantastic benefits. Bio-Oil is not the cheapest product on the market, although you can get a good deal by shopping around. However, a single bottle lasts for a very long time, and the price is well worth it considering just how well the product works.

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