Cellulite Symptoms And Possible Causes


Opinions differ about what causes cellulite and why it’s hardly ever seen in men while 80-90 percent of women get the symptoms at sometime during their adult life. It’s the fact that it’s much more common in women that gives rise to the theory that it must be somehow caused by female hormones.

The idea that hormones are a major factor in the production of cellulite is not completely unfounded, although there’s no official medical proof. On rare occasions cellulite is seen in men and where this occurs a common factor seems to be hormones again. Treatments for male-specific forms of cancer often uses medication that includes estrogen. It’s often the case that when medical conditions in men involve a reduction in male hormones or an increase in female-related hormones, cellulite results.

The problem with blaming hormones alone is that there seems to be a number of other things that have an effect on the improvement or worsening of the appearance of the skin. None of these things seem to be totally responsible but on its own but something like a change in diet has been seen to have a significant change on the severity of the condition but some doctors believe there is a cellulite inducing gene.

Stress is another lifestyle area that is believed to release certain chemicals that can trigger the onset of cellulite or, at least, worsen an existing condition. For many women the whole problem is frustrated by the fact that the problem is not considered an ailment but a natural state that is expected to occur in women.

The fact remains that women spend a lot of money and effort trying to find effective lotions and ways of reducing the effect that is considered unacceptable and it makes no difference to them whether it’s considered a medical condition or not. The orange-peel effect that is sometimes likened to cottage cheese mainly attaches itself to thigh and abdomen areas with women wiling to spend a small fortune year after year trying one remedy after another in order to regain the smooth appearance of their skin.

The pattern formed on the skin isn’t even but does seem to form a pattern of some sort. This and the locations where it tends to crop up has led to the idea that it actually consists of damaged fat that, in men, would be well-supported by human tissue that is more tightly knitted together than is usual in women. So the looser tissue reveals the damage in the places where fat is more prevalent.

This explanation is one of the best to date as it would explain why the symptoms often appear in slim women as well as those that are overweight. Even fashion models who are notoriously thin are known to suffer. If the problem is that the fat tissue has been broken down in some way and the structure of the supporting tissue is unable to hold it tightly enough to mask the effect it would make some sense.

If cellulite isn’t a result of carrying extra fat but can be blamed on lifestyle and other conditions that damage the fat then it’s little wonder that women of all sizes are prone and why, in some cases it seems to be caused by changes in hormones and others poor diet, bad circulation or even genetic makeup.

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Massage is also good for reducing cellulite. Deep tissue massage in particular can improve the tone and condition of the affected area. This is especially helpful if you use a the right oil to accompany the massage.