Cinderella Solution Review

The battle to lose weight and keep it off is one that practically every woman faces throughout her life. So finding appropriate weight loss routines and programs is important. The only trouble is that the Internet is inundated with scams or fake weight loss programs that won’t really get you the results you need.

The Cinderella Solution is one possible weight loss regimen, although it’s a more recent offering and not too many women know if its advertised results are genuine. Let’s dive into this program and see what it can offer; maybe it will be right for you!

What Even Is the Cinderella Solution?

In a nutshell, the Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program that goes for 28 days and is available as a complete set of PDF e-books which can be immediately downloaded as soon as you purchase the plan. The big advantage of this delivery format is that you can access your plan materials from a variety of devices and locations; smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers are all perfect choices. As a result, it’s incredibly convenient and can be used every day even if you aren’t at home.

The Cinderella Solution was designed specifically for female weight loss and is primarily comprised of two main phases: the Ignite phase and the Launch phase. Each phase, respectively, is two weeks long and has a host of meal plans that will take you through the entire duration of the phase.

So how is the Cinderella Solution different? Most meal plans cut out big food groups or prohibit you from eating certain types of food in order to yield excellent weight loss results. But the Cinderella Solution is centered on combining the right food items to maximize that burn and weight loss rather than getting rid of the entire food groups wholesale.

Even better, the Cinderella Solution comes with a low-intensity workout regimen contained within the same PDF e-books as the weight loss stuff. Because the workout regimen is low in intensity, you’ll be able to do these exercises every day or as long as necessary. Most women will appreciate that the exercises focus on the abdominal muscles and the butt and hips.

The Cinderella Solution is further different from other weight loss plans because it has two starting points. You can learn more about the routine and take things slowly or jump straight into the full regimen, which combines exercise and dietary restrictions, if you’ve already been around the block a few times and have weight loss plan experience. Either way, beginners or women who have struggled with weight loss in the past will be able to use the Cinderella Solution in a way that works for them.

Both groups can take advantage of a quick start guide (which is only 17 pages). This guide covers all the basics about the program and compresses the majority of the information in a digestible format. You’ll also learn what the Cinderella Solution will require from you and how to get the best results from your efforts.

So How Does the Cinderella Solution Work?

As previously mentioned, the Cinderella Solution was designed with women in mind, so it’s tailored for female physiology and metabolism rather than general human weight loss. To be more specific, the Cinderella Solution focuses on “ICE” dysfunction, which emphasizes insulin hormone imbalance and all the side effects that can come along with it.

Many women may have an inherent insulin imbalance, which means they have too many or too few of a particular hormone. This hormone can then cause a whole host of effects, including affecting the metabolic rate of the woman to make it more difficult for her to burn body fat and keep weight off. The Cinderella Solution comes with plenty of tips and tricks to help you counteract insulin hormone imbalance and its side effects.

The primary part of the Solution focuses on restarting and regulating the main hormones that are responsible for weight loss, fat gain and burning, and metabolic rate. In addition, the Cinderella Solution includes materials to help you eat healthily in general and in the right amounts. This will increase your general wellness and lifespan, especially since the included e-book materials have lots of info on the correct beverages and food you should be consuming to achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.

The books also dive deep into targeted weight loss as a general concept. Contrary to many so-called Internet weight-loss experts, there are ways to modify what kind of fat your body will burn, although the material also dispels myths like, “ab workouts burn belly fat”.

Overall, the Cinderella Solution is designed mostly for women who are over 30 and you might be finding their metabolism to be slowing faster than expected. It’s also great if you or the woman you’re buying this for has 10 pounds or more to lose. The Cinderella Solution is valuable because it doesn’t have unhealthy or dangerous misinformation included within its materials.

Instead, it provides a relatively straightforward solution to weight loss.

Who Made the Cinderella Solution?

The Cinderella Solution was designed by Carly Donovan, who was previously a fitness instructor at her local gym and who led classes. Despite her profession and her devotion to fitness, she struggled with weight loss and had difficulty keeping any pounds that she shed off in a healthy and sustainable way.

Donovan decided she would take matters into her own hands and figure out a method that would work for her unique body. As she investigated, she discovered that she had developed diabetes in the past, which had helped contribute to recent weight gains even as she worked out.

She researched and studied the effects of different hormone balances in the body, female metabolic rates, and other health information and combine her findings into a single reliable program: this became the titular Cinderella Solution.

Many might be surprised that this program wasn’t created by a nutritionist or someone with lots of college degrees. However, we found that this earnest beginning is actually a point in the program’s favor.

The Cinderella Solution was developed by a real woman who suffered from typical weight loss problems which many other women can empathize with. Thus, the tricks and information she brought to the program are likely to work for a majority of women rather than women in a specific niche or dietary type.

What’s In the Cinderella Solution?

The Cinderella Solution comes in several e-books. Let’s dive into what you actually get for your money piece by piece.

The Cinderella Solution Explained

The first part of the main included manual starts with a basic introduction to the program and its materials and it provides advice for those women starting on the journey for the first time. The second chapter talks about food pairing and nutritional information, as well as developing the right times for you to feed your body. After, the manual dives into slim sequencing exercises and goes over the two critical phases we mentioned earlier: Ignite and Launch.

Your Daily Nutrition Blueprint

The second main part of the program provides you with 14-day calendars as well as meal prep plans on a daily schedule. Can use the calendars or meal prep plans as much or little as necessary, though women beginning a weight loss regimen like this will probably appreciate all the extra help. This part of the program also includes tasty but innovative recipes to help you counter your cravings and continue to enjoy your life even as you shed pounds.

This segment of the program also talks about food pairings even further and describes macro nutrition information. Some of this will be known for those of you who’ve already undergone weight loss programs, but it’s still good to go over one more time.

DIY Meals and Flavor Pairing

The third section of the main program focuses on helping you create calorically low but delicious meals for your daily and weekly plans. It describes methods by which you can create the main parts of your dishes and emphasizes pairing different flavors together to each meal is satisfying and keeps you full. It also dives into the two phases mentioned before in even greater detail.

10 Best Food Combos for Flavor and Weight Loss

The fourth and final part of the program focuses even more on food combos and ingredients that will be flavorful but healthy in the long term. It describes tips and tricks to maintain your weight loss regimen as you get deeper into the program so you can complete things on a strong note rather than fizzling out partway.

The Cinderella Solution Pros

Overall, the Cinderella Solution is a great choice for sustainable and long-lasting weight loss for women. Because of its emphasis on sustainability and creating and matching different food items together, it’s potentially a lot more achievable for your average woman compared to more drastic weight loss measures.

Built for Women from the Ground Up

One of the strongest points of the program is that all the science and food suggestions take the feminine nature and biology into account. Some weight loss programs are gender-neutral, but these often have subpar effects for their female users. Male physiology and metabolism are simply different too much of the time.

Low-Intensity Workouts

Most will also like that the workouts included with the program are relatively low-intensity and don’t require them to hit the gym constantly. This is doubly true because many women work a job and raise a family at the same time; few have extra hours to spend at the gym. The workouts included with the Cinderella Solution can be completed at home and in less than an hour. The emphasis is instead on diet and food combinations.

Lots of Info

Another big advantage of the Cinderella Solution is the inclusion of lots of helpful nutritional information. You never feel like you’re being taken advantage of or scanned by someone who knows a little bit more about the subject than you. Everything is also researchable if you want to know more about a particular part of the program.

Great Tools

The Cinderella Solution also includes lots of helpful tools to help you maintain your motivation and track your progress. A great example is the 14-day calendar included with the purchase. This helps you keep track of what you eat and when you consume that food, allowing you to maintain a busy lifestyle without having to constantly keep your food regimen in the back of your head.

Money-Back Guarantee

The Cinderella Solution is even better because they offer a 60-day refund policy. Not only is this generous on its face, but it also shows confidence in the product on behalf of the company. Manufacturers won’t present such excellent refund guarantees if they aren’t confident that what they provide is worth your time and money. It’s also nice because many women try lots of weight loss programs and it’s often a struggle to find one that’s a perfect fit.

The Cinderella Solution Cons

The program does have a few issues, however, even if the positives greatly outweigh the negatives.

Slow Results

Many other weight loss programs promise that you’ll shed pounds in as little as two weeks, although these advertisements are almost always false or require you to take up unhealthy habits to achieve their results. The Cinderella Solution doesn’t lie in this manner, but it’s no secret that their meal plans follow a 28-day schedule and you’ll only see results after that period is complete.

Thus, the Cinderella Solution is best used for those who can stick with a regimen and to are willing to see incremental but positive change over time rather than women who are too impatient.

Not for Men At All

While this is arguably a positive for women, men will need to look elsewhere when it comes to their weight loss solutions. There’s little in this guide that can be helpful for the male body, aside from general weight loss advice like portion management and meal scheduling.


Overall, the Cinderella Solution is a great weight loss program that has a lot of value between its digital pages. It may not be for everyone, but many women will find it to be a welcome alternative to more intense programs or regimens that require higher intensity workouts and greater gym commitment.

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