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cogniflexOver the past year or two, a brand new wave of products known as brain drugs have become increasingly popular on the supplement market. Also known as smart drugs, these products have been affectionately termed nootropics and they use a number of all-natural ingredients that are believed to mimic the effects of prescribed drugs.

Manufactured by Sure Science, CogniFlex is a patented supplement for boosting the power and functionality of the brain while improving creativity, concentration and memory recall among other neurological functions. In short, this formula is basically the equivalent of ADHD medications such as Ritalin, Vyvanse and Adderall that can be easily purchased over the counter, without a prescription.

CogniFlex promises to help people improve various areas of their cognitive functioning such as focus, memory, recall and concentration. Although memory loss is commonly associated with the natural aging process, people who are as young as 30 can experience this issue, which is the age at which the brain cells begin to deteriorate. Among some of the many claims made by the manufacturer, CogniFlex is said to unlock the full potential of the human brain so that this organ is functioning at 100 percent and you can experience greater energy and focus.

Other problems such as loss of focus, recall abilities, concentration and even the development of brain fog, can be the result of limited cerebral circulation and issues such as anxiety and stress. No matter what the cause of these things may be, CogniFlex iclaims to resolve them quickly, without making people feel jittery or overstimulated. It is also non-addictive and unlikely to cause a host of serious and unpleasant side effects.

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I have been taking this product for a week and I like it so far, as I think I am more focused. At the end of the month I will report back to advise if I feel any different.


I found customer service to be terrible, it was actually the placebo effect at its best. This was truly an example of the innocent being taken advantage of by companies/people. I regret having spent my hard earned money on this, expecting a better life. In reality we may be purchasing sugar pills. Do not waste your money on this crap!


I would give zero stars for this product if possible, as it had no effects at all. I wasted my money and it did not achieve any of its claims. My ability to focus was not changed and there was not even a hint of energy boost felt. I would never recommend this product as my money was wasted. I would have saved myself a great deal of money, if I had listened to the reviews I read which stated similar experiences.


After using it for about one week, I think it is one of the better nootropic stacks that I have tried and I have tried several. Although it is not really the “Limitless Pill”, about 40 minutes after taking 2 pills I get a solid rush of energy and I am able to focus better. Since it has only been two weeks, I cannot judge if my memory or brain performance has improved. Overall, I feel more confident and am not as anxious as I am usually. The ratio of 2:1 L-Theanine to Caffeine is good, as I don’t experience a harsh comedown, or headaches that I get from taking other caffeinated supplements.


This product works for me. At about 2pm I take two and for the remainder of the day, I stay focused and on task. Unlike other prescription medicines, there is no comedown or groggy feeling.


After trying every nootropic available on the market, I can say that Cogniflex is the one that keeps me coming back. To me it gives the most focus, clarity and energy and gives me the confidence to do almost anything. My brain feels super charged. Once you try it out, I promise it will definitely be worth it.

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