Common Mental Health Disorders Among Teens


Adolescence is one of the most troublesome periods of one’s life. Many teenagers today face a lot of problems and often develop serious mental health problems. Those that did not get help from support system resort into suicide and its incidence increases every year. Mental disorder among teens is very common these days. Many psychiatrist help teens overcome their problems and aide them in coping with their surroundings.

A person can be diagnosed by a doctor on what type of mental disorder he or she has based on his clinical symptoms. There are many types of mental disorders that an individual undergoes. There are common mental disorders that can be seen in the teenage population. In order to learn more on what the teen mental disorders are, read below.

One common mental problem experiences by many teens is depression. Annual statistics indicate that 5 out of 100 individuals get depressed at one period in their lives. Their depression puts strains on their relationship with the people around them. It also affects their daily activities and his response to his surroundings. A depressed individual that is not getting proper help may result into suicide.

Another teenage mental disorder that is common is eating disorders. There are two types under eating disorders- Bulimia Nervosa and Anorexia Nervosa. Eating disorders can happen to both male and female adolescents and is diagnosed by a physician. If no intervention is given, malnutrition may result from the disorder.

Anorexia Nervosa is manifested by refusal to eat due to fear of becoming fat. Patients with this condition see themselves as overweight and ugly therefore they undergo extreme diet. They starve themselves so they will not gain weight and it often leads to malnutrition. Malnutrition is very dangerous to one’s health and some patients may die because there is not enough food for the body to function properly.

Bulimia Nervosa on the other hand is characterized by binging and purging. At one point, the individual with this condition eats a lot. After the episode of overeating, the individuals feel guilty of the act or they experience stomach pain due to fullness. Their guilt leads them to purge and purging is seen as vomiting, over exercising and using laxatives. Patients in this category also fear becoming overweight and purging is their compensatory mechanism to cover their guilt from binge eating.

There is also ADHD which can be helped with Listol. Another common mental disorder seen in teenagers is Oppositional Defiant Disorder. The behaviors that are evident on patients with this condition are anger, temper tantrums, bullying, etc. Individuals diagnosed wit this condition refuse to follow authorities and they often show hostile and violent behavior to their surrounding. They can become potential threat to the people around them because they refuse to follow rules from authority. Sometimes, moods can be inproved by taking a probiotic such as probiotic advantage.

One more common teen mental disorder is Anxiety Disorder. There are three types: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Separation Anxiety Disorder, and Panic Disorder. The common symptoms that an anxious patient undergoes are chest pain, feelings of choking, shortness of breath, etc. Anxiety occurs because the patient feels there is danger coming or there is an unknown event to come that makes them uncomfortable.

The mental health disorders that are experienced by adolescents should be addressed properly and immediately. This is to prevent any suicide attempts or to prevent the condition from getting worst. The number one factor of the mental disorders experienced by teens is poor family relationship.

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Hi. I am recovering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder and I just wanted to inform that there are more than three types and one major type that is common in teens is Social Anxiety and its is completely different than the rest.
Thank you.