Coping With Stress And Fatigue


Fatigue can happen for many reasons. It makes an individual feel extremely tired, irritable and sleepy. Most people have experienced extreme tiredness before, but if this perseveres then a person should see a doctor. Often an individual can cope through a busy schedule but, then become tired near the end of the day.

For some people it can seem like waking up is an arduous task. Sudden fatigue can creep up with us for many reasons. If you are suffering from extreme tiredness then it might be necessary to look at your life style, diet and daily habits. Eating the wrong kind of foods can often cause tiredness especially if the foods are high in sugar.

Although fatigue is not the same as being tired it can be similar. However it is normal to feel sleepy after a long day. If you are tired and need a rest by lunch time then it may be a signal that something is wrong. There are certain medical conditions that can lead to feelings of burnout. When an individual is suffering from the flu then they will feel a great deal of weakness. However a person may be doing something that is leading to their lethargy.

Some people drink a lot of caffeine thinking that it will perk them up. Although caffeine may help for a certain period of time after a while it can cause a person to crash. This may make an individual drink more caffeine or have to take a nap. Sometimes taking Omega Q or Colonix can help.

When a person is experiencing a lot of stress within their lives they may feel lassitude. Extreme stress can make an individual unable to sleep properly. When someone is unable to sleep properly then they will experience lethargy during the day. It is common for new parents to experience a great deal of weariness due to having to wake up in the night.

If someone has been involved in a traumatic incident then they may feel exhaustion. After a traumatic incident a person can also feel depressed which in itself causes weariness. The affects of a traumatic incident can last for a few months to a number of years. The stress will need to be relieved before the feelings of exhaustion will stop. A person might need to get counseling before they feel any relief.

Eating excessive amounts of sugar can also lead to listlessness. Sugar is very similar to caffeine because it can cause a short term energy boost. However unlike caffeine the energy boost is much more short lived. Within a few hours a person can feel the affects of a sugar come down. When someone consumes too much sugar they are at risk of diabetes. Sugar can also lead to tooth decay and other problems.

There are certain medications available over the counter that can cause listlessness. Cough and allergy medication can lead to languor. It can be dangerous to drive a car and take certain medications. It’s always worth reading the instructions on the medication bottle before taking it. If you suffer from extreme exhaustion then it may be best to seek medical attention. Always check your diet, lifestyle and sleep patterns to see if there is anything you can change for the better.

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