Could You Have A Chlamydia Infection?


Chlamydia is one of the most prevalent of all sexually transmitted infections. This is mostly because this condition often causes no symptoms in its initial phases, but is highly contagious. However, if it is left without being seen to, then it can cause some serious and lasting health problems. So how can you protect yourself from getting a chlamydia infection and how do you tell if you already have it?

This sexual infection is caused by a kind of bacteria that can be passed on from one sexual partner to another during unprotected sex or even heavy petting. The bacteria’s scientific name is chlamydia trachomatis, but you may sometimes hear it referred to as the “clap” as well. Over time it can spread through your urinary tract as well as inhabit your reproductive system.

You could already have this infection and not even be aware of it. Often there are no immediate symptoms so if you have been sexually active you should have a sexual health test performed through your local sexual health clinic or family planning center. Unlike herpes which can be treated at home with Dynamiclear, if this condition is detected it can be quickly cured with a dose of certain antibiotics.

Symptoms of this condition are generally quite mild to begin with, but they may include the following: in females – vaginal irritation, burning when urinating, out of the usual vaginal discharge, and pain or discomfort in the lower abdominal region and in males – discharge coming out of the tip of the penis and irritation or burning when urinating.

The first stages of the infection are mild or even completely unnoticed, but if you do not get the required treatment, it can lead to longer term issues with your health which may include infertility. As well as this you can have scarring on your fallopian tubes, pelvic inflammatory disease in females and epididymitis in males, which is a kind of painful inflammation of the testicles.

You can catch this infection in only one of two ways: through direct sexual contact with an infected partner or having the infection passed from mother to baby while in utero. If pregnant, you should have a test done in the early stages to ensure that your sexual health is in good condition. If you find that you are diagnosed with this infection, you can clear it up with a 7-10 day course of a prescribed antibiotic. Telling any recent sexual partners about the condition is also the right and responsible thing to do.

By always using a condom you can protect yourself against contracting this condition or other sexually transmitted diseases. It is important that you realize that other methods such as the contraceptive pill, diaphragms and IUDs will not protect you against IUDs. If you are active sexually, then you should have a test every year to ensure you are clear from any STIs.

After you have completed your treatment for a chlamydia infection, you should have a follow up test done three months later. This will ensure that the medication has worked and all of the bacteria were eliminated. This is an important step as around 20 per cent of people will experience a relapse.

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Complications can arise if the infection is left untreated. If left untreated it can cause infertility in men and women. Other problems include Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and Epididymitis. Once the infection is severe it can affect joints (causing Septic Arthritis), brain, heart and skin.

Not only are millions diagnosed with this disease every year, millions are going undiagnosed. They’re spreading the infection and people are at the risk of life threatening complications. Get to know your teen. Teach them about abstinence, practicing safe sex and monogamy. It could save their life.

This discussion may be embarrassing for parents, but we also need to let our kids know that they can get the infections even when they engage in oral sex. It is important to repeat to them that all this is because they are well cared for and that the parent only wants the best for them in their future relationships as adults. They should be encouraged that abstinence is the only certain defense against the infections.

Once you suffer from a health condition, it’s practical for you to visit right away a doctor so you’ll be able to be afforded suitable treatment. The type of treatment that could be implemented largely depends on the kind of medical treatment applied. If you happen to go to a professional whose expertise in oriental medicine, he or she may show you somewhat a lot more exotic means.