Fascia Blaster by Ashley Black Review – The Only Cellulite Remover You Will Ever Need?

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Fascia Blaster Product

Many women the world over suffer from cellulite. It doesn’t even matter whether they are fat, thin, or of normal build. It seems that the dreaded orange peel skin is inescapable. Unsurprisingly, there is a huge market for products that claim to help women (and men, for that matter) get rid of that cellulite once and for all. And, as always when there is a big demand for a certain product, a large number of the available products have questionable results.

However, Fascia Blaster, which was developed and recently released by Ashley Black, seems to have taken the world by storm. Uniquely, this doesn’t seem to be a product that is famous solely because of clever marketing techniques. Rather, within just a few months of its release, it had attracted hundreds of genuine positive reviews on a variety of different channels. So could this truly be the answer we have been waiting for?

What Is the Fascia?

To understand the Fascia Blaster, a little lesson in biology is required. The fascia is the connective tissue in our bodies that keeps our heads and toes, and our arms connected. The fascia penetrates and divides our muscles, in the same way as an orange’s internal skin does. Furthermore, pretty much every structure within our body is surrounded by fascia. You may have seen images of human anatomy, in which the body looks as if it is wrapped in some kind of bandage. That bandage is the fascia. What makes it so fascinating is that we only have one fascia, and that it runs through our entire body!
The fascia is made up of four specific elements:

  1. The structural fascia, which is made up of long strips of tissue that run throughout the body. If you purchase chicken meat, you may have spotted a white tissue that runs just underneath the skin. That is the structural fascia.
  2. The inter-structural fascia, which is inside our muscles, connecting them to each other and to the bones. If you purchase a piece of steak, you will be able to see it – it looks like a cobweb.
  3. The visceral fascia, which surrounds our digestive system and other organs.
  4. The spinal fascia, which is found all around the spinal column.

There isn’t a part of our body that isn’t connected to the fascia somehow. As such, it is a very important bodily system. Unsurprisingly, we have to look after it. A healthy fascia leads to a healthy you, inside and out.

What Is the Fascia Blaster?

The Fascia Blaster was developed by Ashley Black (more on her later). At its core is a cellulite massager, which is a device that most of us are now familiar with. However, it is very different from the massagers that already exist, both in design and how it functions. It isn’t some sort of electric gadget either. Instead, it looks a little bit like a broom handle with four separate bath hooks.

To make the Fascia Blaster work really well, Ashely Black has developed a special oil, designed to help the Blaster glide on the skin. The device can then be used to massage the area affected by cellulite. When you read reviews for the device, you will notice that, consistently, people start to feel some warmth after about five minutes of massaging. And, once treatment has been completed, the area looks more sculpted and toned.

Who Is Ashley Black?

Ashley Black

When Ashely Black developed the Fascia Blaster, it was not for treating cellulite. Rather, the fact that her device had cosmetic benefits was discovered purely by accident. Originally, she had wanted to create a product that would help pro athletes with their muscular problems, a career that she had worked in for many years.

Some 15 years ago, Ashley got infected by flesh-eating bacteria, which entered her bone system. Her healthcare team told her that there was very little that she could do about it. Bedridden, Ashley started to study the human body, discovering that the fascia system had barely been studied in any field, including healthcare, beauty, sports, and fitness.

Later, she launched the trademarked name Ashley Black Fasciology in an effort to further research on the fascia and to educate everybody about it. Her ultimate goal was to have people get a better understanding of physiology and anatomy. She found that, when the fascia improves, lives are transformed. In fact, people with whom she worked with have enjoyed greater health, beauty, and vitality.

Today, Ashley has become recognized as the expert when it comes to the fascia and she has developed various tools and processes to help people enhance their health. She works with athletes, A-list celebrities, billionaires, royals, global influencers, and supermodels. All of them have praised the work that she has done. Because she herself was in a precarious situation, she did not want to develop something that only the rich and famous could afford. Hence, she developed the Fascia Blaster under the Fasciology brand, allowing people from all walks of life to improve their overall health by treating themselves.

What Does the Fascia Blaster Do?

The Fascia Blaster does a number of different things:

  • It helps make cellulite less visible, because it tightens the adhesions in the fascia (although not the fascia itself). When loose, fat is able to push through the fascial adhesions, which is what causes the puckered and dimpled effect of cellulite. The Blaster gets to work on smoothing out the sheath just under the skin, breaking up the adhesions and allowing the body to look more natural. This makes the skin look more vibrant, while allowing muscle, rather than fat, to show through.
  • It improves blood flow, allowing cells to be provided with adequate oxygen and nutrients. It does this by loosening and opening the fascia, increasing cardiac output. The added benefit is that workouts become more effective. Furthermore, it helps to reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, and reduce brain fog.
  • It results in greater definition and improves nerve activity, because the nerves are no longer restricted by the tight fascia. When the fascia is loosened, muscle output can increase, making it respond better to activity. This means that athletes can achieve their full growth potential, rather than plateauing because their fascia cannot stretch anymore. In fact, the Blaster even helps to increase flexibility and it can be used to stimulate the nerves before a workout.
  • It can provide orthopedic pain relief, helping to avoid certain issues, such as reduced range of motion, swelling, back pain, ligament problems, and muscle strain. In fact, if the fascia is too tight, this can even lead to headaches. Using the Fascia Blaster can provide instant pain relief, while at the same time increasing joint mobility. Tension is reduced, scar tissue is broken up, and inflammation is minimized. Put together, this ensures that the joints are properly aligned and spaced.

Fascia Blaster Before & After

What I Liked about the Fascia Blaster

  • It helps to decrease the appearance of cellulite.
  • It makes fat cells break down, leading to a more beautiful, sculpted body.
  • It improves the performance of muscles overall.
  • It can be used for pain relief, working almost instantly.
  • It speeds up recovery after a workout.
  • It is reasonably affordable, costing just $89 at the time of this writing.
  • It has received a wealth of independent, genuine reviews, including before and after pictures that clearly show results.

What I Didn’t Like about Fascia Blaster

  • Because very little is known about the fascia, we have to take Ashley’s word as to its importance when it comes to good health.
  • It is not clear whether the results are permanent, or whether treatment has to continue for long periods of time.
  • For best results, you have to use it with the Fasciology oil, which means that there is a consumable component, which you will need to keep on replenishing.

The Final Verdict

It is undeniable that the Fascia Blaster works. The fact that it was developed not to address cellulite but to improve the athletic abilities of professional athletes is quite impressive, because it means that this is not just another hyped up product. Of course, it isn’t exactly a miracle cure. Yes, immediate results are visible after you have used it, but you have to keep using it if you want those results to last. Furthermore, you won’t finish your treatment and be 100 pounds lighter, nor will you be toned like Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you’re hoping for those types of results, you will also have to change your diet and workout a whole lot.

However, if you have cellulite, if you feel tense, if your muscles are sore, or if you feel like you have knots in your muscles, then the Fascia Blaster is for you. In fact, you may just find that you weren’t even aware of all the muscle tension in your body, finding yourself looking and feeling better than you knew you could, even after just a single treatment. Clearly, the Fascia Blaster is 100% recommended.

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Janet Rapaport
January 28, 2018 6:59 PM

The hundreds of negative reviews on Amazon would stop me from even considering trying it

Dee Arnold
June 14, 2019 10:17 AM

I have studied the fasciaBlaster technique before giving it to a few members of my family as Christmas presents two holidays ago. My Mother, one sister-in-law, a co-worker and dear friend of mine all received a FasciaBlaster and all of the oils and side product along with a notice that gives them the website that they MUST go to before attempting to use it. https://www.ashleyblackguru.com/pages/tutorial#how-to

All of the people that I gave the FasciaBlaster to talk about freedom from pain, a sense of release, and all use the FasciaBlaster to this day. Why? I think because they were patient, followed instructions and blaster the way they were taught to on the website tutorials.

Why do people misuse the tool? Why do they scream about bruising caused by FasciaBlasting? They never took the time to learn the correct skill and the methodology behind why you blast and the best practices to get directly to the fascia and not hurt themselves. Sadly, these BAD REVIEWS are the impatience of regular people and the inability to follow instructions, start slowly and build up to it.

FasciaBlaster works and I have heard from 4 women I trust time and time again. So… try it for yourself and do it the right way. You will see how life-changing it can be.

September 28, 2018 8:27 AM

I am honestly surprised by these positives and negatives. What about the side effects? What about the fact there are no known ethical trials done on these tools? What about the many negative reviews as already noted in the comments? What about the many silenced customers who have been accused of being cyber assassins, when really they just want to have their questions answered truthfully and respectfully. 3 years ago the users of this tool were unknowingly being used as guinea pigs. Today, the users are still guinea pigs. I think $89 is too high a price to pay for risking your health and body appearance as it is known to make cellulite worse and detach the skin from the muscle.

Barbara Krause
November 5, 2019 11:17 AM

Forgive me for stating my opinion, but the author is incorrect in that you have to keep replenishing and using only the oil that Ms Black sells. Any oil that is considered good for the skin that does not rub in immediately with massage. It is not even necessary for best results to use her oil. The most important part is adding heat to the muscle and fascia. It can even work without the heat, but it takes more patience and persistence. Thank you.

Gail Armstrong
June 24, 2019 12:47 PM

Thanks for your honest evaluation of the fascia blaster. I have degenerative Scoliosis and you said it works for pain relief. Which gadgets do I need to purchase to help that aspect of my life?

Jaems g
July 18, 2019 2:07 AM
Reply to  Gail Armstrong

I found the device by accident in our storage, having scoliosis myself i was curious what it was so i googled it and gave it try. The device looks so simple i thought it wasn’t gona be any different but when i started massaging myself i was suprised. I never realized how much tension knots where all over my body and face too, especially my neck and back. Right away my circulation improved and brain fog is reducing. Honestly i feel my body is getting better oxygen. After trying the device i stop used my hand and also a small massage roller, it didnt have the same effect. With the device you can feel it deep inside your bodties tissue. I can’t stress enough how many tangles i had that i never knew i did. You have to put pressure when you use it. Give it a try.