Finding The Causes Of Hair Loss


If there is a history of baldness in your family there is a good chance that it will also affect you. If this is true for you there is not a lot you can do about it. It is embedded in your genetic make up and all you can do is blame your ancestors. If you are suffering from baldness, or even the onset of hair loss you might have something to worry about. You should find out what the causes of hair loss are. You might be able to stop it getting any worse.

The less attention people are paying to the signs and symptoms of the loss of their hair, the more susceptible to it they are becoming. If you feel you could be susceptible to baldness due to genetics there is one step you could take, and that is to monitor your loss.

It is impossible to monitor your rate of loss with any amount of accuracy. If it is under 100 per day you should stop worrying. This is normal, and experts believe that the hair growth cycle of 12 weeks can cope with that amount.

Your state of health can play a large part in hair growth and natural replacement. If you suffer from any condition that affects your thyroid gland you may find that is the problem. Conditions such as diabetes and lupus can have a direct effect on rate of which your body produces any hair.

Your lack of hair might not be caused by the illness or condition that you are suffering from. It may be caused by the treatment you are receiving to combat it. If you feel this could be the cause consult your doctor. There might not be a lot you can do about it but at least you will know the cause. It is known that some of the medications that are prescribed for depression and arthritis can trigger a problem. So can the amphetamines that are used in diet pills. It’s uncertain that HairMax can help in these cases.

An insufficient quantity of proteins and iron in your diet could also be a factor to consider when researching into the cause of your problem. These are two dietary factors that stimulate hair growth. This problem occurs more in women than men as they are more likely to follow a fad diet that reduces the input of these elements. Some of these diets can leave a person totally undernourished. A lack of the vitamins and nutrients in your body could be a reason for your loss of hair.

Another part of society that is prone to baldness are those that are being treated for diseases such as cancer, as they are subjected to chemotherapy or radiotherapy. This treatment is known to damage the roots of the hair. This could even lead to the loss of all your bodily hair.

As well as genetic and medical factors, the way you treat your hair on a daily basis will have some affect on the rate at which you lose any hair. It could be due to any chemicals that are used by your hairstylist. It could even be put down to the amount and the ferocity in which you brush your hair.

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