Flawless Nu Razor Review

What is a Nu Razor?

it’s hard to believe that shaving for women wasn’t even mainstream until the 1920s and even harder to believe that a hundred years later women’s razors still look and behave like men’s razors. Except

for the colors it’s hard to tell them apart. Finishing Touch Flawless thought it was time to change all of that so they crafted this technological marvel just for us girls meet the Nu Razor, a revolutionary new way to shave without Nicks cuts or bumps.

This device is unlike any razor you’ve ever seen or used before. For example, Nu Razor

boasts the signature finishing touch flawless 18 karat gold-plated head. It’s hypoallergenic and safe on all skin types. It also has a flat blade designed to help prevent Nicks and cuts or the unattractive bumps you can get with razors that use an angled blade design.

Just beneath Nu Razor’s gold-plated head is the most technologically advanced dry shave blade made today. It has 200 micro precision facets that provide meticulous hair cutting contact whether you’re shaving up or down. Yes, it’s bi-directional you can now shave up or down.

The soft grip handle gives you a great sense of shaving control and it feels comfortable in your hand. Those once scary angle shin and knee bones, no worries.

The flat pivoting head is designed to glide over the contours of a woman’s leg without nicking cutting or leaving unsightly bumps. Like all Finishing Touch Flawless beauty devices there’s a

built-in LED light so you never miss a hair.

Waterless Shaving

Nu Razor is a waterless or dry shave. You can shave sitting on the side of your tub or easy chair like

me, or anywhere that you’re comfy. For the best hair removal experience, your legs should be dry and free of any lotions or creams. Remember no water, no soap, and no creams are needed. Just dry hairy legs.

People with sensitive skin will like that the 18k gold plated head is hypoallergenic. This means your skin won’t become irritated after shaving, unlike regular razors.

The gentle and painless Nu razor can be used every day. Want to rock those legs in your new mini skirt? No need to apply shaving cream or soap, with Nu razor dry shaver, you can take care of the undesirable hair anywhere in a jiffy.

This travel-friendly and a portable shaver is perfect for carrying in your handbag anywhere you go.

What’s Included

So now that we’ve covered every feature of the Nu Razor, here’s what comes with the product.

  • one razor head already on the handle which should last for about three or more months depending upon coverage of area and frequency of use.
  • a new razor USB charging cord. Please note that you can use any flawless recharge with a wall adapter but if you don’t have one of those your phone’s wall adapter will work perfectly with the Nu Razor USB charging cord.
  • For shaving sensitive areas like under the arm, bikini area, ankles, or even behind the knee, connect the sensor cart attachment to the head

What Does the Nu Razor Cost?

The official website sells the Nu Razor for $39.99, including free shipping. Your purchase comes with one razor and a USB charging cord. Replacement heads cost $14.99 each and should last three to six months, depending on usage.

The Nu Razor has a 60-day money-back guarantee, minus return shipping charges.


  • Can shave the whole body without extra attachments
  • Rechargeable
  • Replacement heads are available


  • Pricey compared to other brands
  • Can only be used on dry skin
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