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FootMedix Review – Key to Healthier Feet?

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It is very important to look after your skin properly, and that doesn’t mean just your face and hands. Most people, men and women alike, neglect their feet and simply live with the fact that the skin on their feet is terrible, dry, chaffed, and uncomfortable.

There are many foot products, but many have been found to be ineffective. This is where FootMedix comes in. It was created by clinician Dr. Watts, who has given it the full name “Dermal Medix FootMedix”. It promises significant results if used properly, restoring the skin and making it more comfortable.

What Is FootMedix?

FootMedix was developed by Dr. David Watts, MD, who works for Dermal Medix. It is a topical cream that increases circulation, stimulates new skin growth, and strengthens skin. In so doing, it provides a remedy for painful, cracked, and dry feet.

One of the key factors is that FootMedix is based on hEGF (human epidermal growth factor), for which a Nobel Prize has been earned. This particular growth factor has been found to stop sweat from accumulating on the skin and to provide it with deep moisture, promoting rapid healing. In fact, it is said that it gets to work in just five minutes.

According to Dr. Watts and his team, you only have to apply the cream twice per day, focusing on the parts where the skin is damaged and dry. They claim that the majority of users will see and feel a difference in just a few minutes.

Who Is Dr. David Watts?

Dr. David Watts is a plastic surgeon (double board certified), an Army Major, President of QuadASF, and Johns Hopkins University’s Assistant Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery. Additionally, he is Skin Care International’s CEO and he is the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities’s president-elect. Last but not least, he is the Ambulatory Surgery Center’s CEO and Medical Director for the Watts Plastic Surgery Association.

Facts and Ingredients

Dermal Medix is quite open and transparent about the ingredients of its products. The ingredients of FootMedix have been listed clearly. The most important ones are:

The last two ingredients have been clinically proven to be anti-fungal.

Aside from the above-mentioned ingredients, FootMedix also contains emollients, humectants, emulsifiers, and surfactants, which are common in foot care products as they help to clean and moisturize. They help to prevent irritation and improve dryness.

The most important ingredient, however, is human oligopeptide-1, which is the hEGF that has been previously mentioned. It is a polypeptide made up of 53 different amino acids. The various ingredients work in synergy to stimulate skin cell growth.

Dr. Watts himself has completed a number of clinical trials on the ingredients of FoodMedix. He found that:

  • 100% of people noticed an improvement in dry skin and foot calluses.
  • 86% of people described the product’s results as “phenomenal”.

What About Side Effects?

FootMedix should not cause any side effects, unless you have very sensitive skin. Of importance is that the product does contain PEG-8, PEG-40, and PEG-100 stearate, which have been linked to kidney damage if applied to skin that has been broken specifically by burns. This means that you should avoid applying the product to any damaged areas of your skin, particularly if the damage was caused by burns. That said, the levels of PEG required to lead to kidney damage are far higher than those found in FootMedix, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Prices and What You Get

Dermal Medix regularly has special offers on their FootMedix product. At the time of this writing, the prices are:

  • One tube costs $120.
  • Two tubes cost $228, offering savings of $12.
  • Three tubes cost $324, providing savings of $36.

Shipping and handling are always free.

What I Liked About FootMedix

  • Clinically proven ingredients. Tests that have shown near 100% satisfaction with the results being described as “phenomenal”.
  • Developed by medical professionals, with Dr. Watts in particular, having very extensive experience and a strong reputation to maintain.
  • Free shipping and handling. This is true regardless of whether you buy one or three tubes.
  • Discount for bulk purchases, meaning that you can always have enough of the product at home, particularly if you suffer from seasonal dryness
  • Money back guarantee

What I Didn’t Like about FootMedix

  • Clinical trials were not independent, as they were conducted with Dr. Watts and his team. Nevertheless, further trials may be conducted at a later stage.
  • It is not clear how long one tube will last. This can make it quite difficult to order the right amount.

The Final Verdict

Calluses, dry feet, and irritated skin can really damage your quality of life, leaving you uncomfortable. In some circumstances, it can be a sign of something more worrying, such as diabetes. When the skin turns dry, which happens to many of us at least once a year, it can split and crack, which can be very painful and lead to infections.

That there is a need for high quality foot care products is no secret. What is equally not a secret is that, whenever there is a high demand for something, a variety of bogus products are developed. This is why it is so important that you research your options before deciding what to invest your money in.

FootMedix was developed by a team of professional medical scientists, who are properly registered and have an excellent reputation. Of the greatest importance is the fact that the product contains hEGF, which has been awarded a Nobel Prize for its fantastic healing powers. Added to this is the fact that the foot cream contains a wealth of other ingredients that have been clinically proven to be beneficial for the health of the skin in general. Considering all of that, and the fact that you can purchase FootMedix risk free as it has a money back guarantee on it, it seems that there really are no potential problems with this product. Your feet deserve a little pampering, so I 100% recommend this product.

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I have gone through a tube of FootMedix and so far nothing has changed. This does not work on me at all! Going to try to get my money back.

I’ve used it 4 times once a day and it works I am 59 and had dry skin on the sides of my feet for ever it seemed and tried other store shelf stuff and didn’t work.. I am impressed… thanks

This cream is wonderful. Watch for sales and coupons on line for better prices.

how long did it take before you saw Any Improvement?

I love the product. In one week of use, I’ve noticed a significant difference in the feel and appearance of my feet. So far, I would recommend this product.

New customer bought 1 tube will reorder 3 more.
I am 74 yrs, had cracking thick sore walking heals tried many others. This stuff impressed me. In one week it seems like i have much prettier, softer, even some thick heal skin seem soft enough to peel right off and I need to do this more regularly follow the direction twice a day which i was not.