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Most of us like to have things that are made especially for us, things that nobody else is likely to have. And when something like that arrives, we absolutely love it because it was made to our own unique specifications. This means that we don’t have to add anything nor alter anything if we had the choice. Function of Beauty is a startup company in New York like no other, mainly because they have crowdfunded a significant budget ($110 million) and because they are the first company that has come up with the idea of developing a personalized shampoo and conditioner set. This is a new way of washing your hair and it seems that they have really tapped into the market. Just one year after starting, they are generating revenue and their products are mentioned everywhere and anywhere. So what is the hype all about?

About Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty was founded by Zahir Dossa after he realized that there had been little to no change in the beauty industry for the past century or so. He felt that this made it wholly inefficient and that a change was therefore long overdue. He decided to build a company that offers direct to customer products, focusing solely on hair care. What made his idea so different was the fact that he did not offer a “one size fits all” solution that can be found on the grocery store shelves. Rather, he came up with a unique algorithm that enabled people to create a customized shampoo and conditioner based on their individual needs. He claims that 12 billion combinations are possible, so each concoction truly is unique.

How Does It Work?

In order to purchase Function of Beauty, you must head to their website and complete a quiz about your hair. The information that are able to provide through the quiz will help them create your unique hair profile. These profiles are stored on the company’s database so that you don’t have to repeat answering the quiz questions once you have completed it.

Function of Beauty Build Hair Profile

You will first have to answer questions about your scalp moisture, your hair structure, and your hair type. It is very important to answer these questions honestly, so that an appropriate profile can be constructed as this will guide the specification of ingredients that are most suitable for your hair. For instance, a lot of people have combination hair and combination scalps, meaning they may have occasional oiliness but dryness during the winter. So do not be tempted to only choose “normal” just because that is easier.

Once you have completed their hair quiz, you must indicate what your goals are for your hair. This ensures that the product will be designed in such a way that it can help to achieve what you want. For instance, you can choose color protection, deep conditioning, curl definition, shine, anti-frizz, volumize and more. It is their recommendation that you choose at least five different goals. The website provides quite a lot of information on how these goals can be affected by a good shampoo, helping you to make your selections. If, for instance, you feel that shine is important, then the website will tell you that your hair health will be improved as a whole without becoming heavy, while at the same time enhancing its natural reflection, luster, and shine. When you check the information linked to the goals, you are also provided with information on the ingredients and what they do. You will see things such as quinoa protein, acai oil, passion fruit, and more.

Function of Beauty Select Hair Goals

Once you have completed the quiz and you have indicated your goals, you can customize things even further. This is when you get to pick the color you like, how strong you want the fragrance to be, which scent you like, whether you want it to be dye-free, and so on. This is possibly the most complex part of the entire customization process, because you really have to think about what matters to you.

Function of Beauty Customize Formula

Prices and What You Get

Prices of the Function of Beauty products aren’t cheap, but they don’t cost the earth either. You can get an 8oz bottle of shampoo and an 8oz bottle of conditioner for $36. Or, if you want to go bigger, a set of two 16oz bottles is $46. You can also mix and match, for those who tend to use more of one than the other. Plus, the company offers free shipping and free returns.

When you run out, you can order another set, or an individual bottle of whatever you ran out of. They also offer a subscription option, which means your bottles will regularly be replenished. If you have long hair, you may want to consider monthly refills, but you can also ask them to send it every other month, or even once a quarter.

People have reported that they receive their product within a couple of days. It will come with two pumps included to make it easier to dispense the shampoo and conditioner. The box also contains an instructions card that shows you how to best wash and condition your hair. Plus, you will receive a list of all the ingredients that have been included in your product. The bottles are also printed with an inspirational quote, such as “Wonder/destiny = embrace”. Furthermore, as an added nice little detail, your name will also be printed on the bottle, so it will say “Function of [Insert Your Name]”. This is a very nice little personalization detail.

How to Use Function of Beauty

According to Function of Beauty, the best way to wash your hair is to shampoo it twice and that is good advice to follow. You may have noticed that your hair never feels really clean, which is because of the fact that most of us only shampoo once. Plus, your conditioner shouldn’t be used from scalp to tip, but rather the other way around. Those who have tried the product have all reported that the effects they were looking for were very visible, above and beyond the effects they had seen from regular drug store brands, or even the salon brands.

What I Liked About Function of Beauty

  • You can fully personalize your product, meaning you get something that is unique and totally yours.

  • You can opt to have a product that is dye-free.

  • The prices are very reasonable.

  • You can set up personalized subscriptions.

  • The company remembers your preferences, which means you don’t have to repeat the quiz each time. You can also change some of your answers.

  • The products have been very positively reviewed and those who have used them have reported that they truly see a difference.

  • Extra personal touches have been added, such as your name being printed on the bottle.

  • It makes for a really cool gift as well.

What I Didn’t Like About Function of Beauty

  • The questions on the initial hair quiz are not very nuanced. For people whose hair changes depend on the season, there is no way to indicate this other than changing the answers with each season.

  • It is hard to find out exactly what is in your product before you place your order and receive it. Once you receive it, however, the full list of ingredients is disclosed.

  • Some people have reported that, after first using the product, their hair starts to get somewhat oilier, more so than it normally would. However, those who have reported this all said that they had indicated dry hair on the quiz.

  • The scent of the product can take some getting used to. It contains essential oils, with the exact ones depending on your choices, and that can be quite strong. Additionally, the combination of those essential oils is something that most people may never have smelled before. That said, it is a personal preference.

  • The scent of the shampoos has been reported to be not as flowery as most drug store brands.

  • It is quite expensive, although not unreasonable.

The Final Verdict

Overall, Function of Beauty is a fantastic product. It is a lot of fun to use and the manufacturers have truly redefined the way washing your hair works. The product is completely personalized meaning that, while it is technically possible that someone has the exact same one, it is highly unlikely. It also comes with cute little extra touches such as your own name on the bottle. That said, the price is quite a bit higher than the average store-bought brand. This is understandable, but it does mean that people will have to budget differently for their shampoo and conditioner.

A lot of people have also reported that they purchase the products as gifts once they have already tried them. Because the bottle features a personalized name, this is a really unique present to give. Furthermore, you have the option of making it dye-free, for those who care about sustainability in their products. As an added bonus, you can sign up to a subscription program so that you never have to worry about running out of shampoo and conditioner again. It is clearly a company that cares about customers and about hair. It is 100% recommended.

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