Hair Restoration Treatments


An ideal way of dealing with a bald of thinning scalp is with hair restoration treatments. Many different treatments are available for people that want to solve this problem. Men are often the ones that experience baldness. After a man becomes older, it is expected they will begin to lose their hair. This is referred to as male pattern baldness. Some men will find they are afflicted sooner than other men are. Thinning hair does not occur in men only. Women and kids are known to experience hair loss, too.

In most cases of hair loss, genetics are the cause. Androgen is a hormone responsible for most cases. When produced over abundantly, it causes hair to fallout. In women, it is shown that this may be the cause, but most often, the hair styles they were attribute to their hair loss. Tight styles such as hair weaves or braids can cause loss of hair. Women now have the same treatments available to them as men.

Over the counter medications and those prescribed for hair loss can assist in hair restoration. The treatments may be used by themselves, but combined may offer greater effect. The advantage to these medications is that there is no surgery required and compared to surgery is lighter on the pockets. However, once a person stops using the medications, they will lose any new hair that has grown with treatment. There are also laser treatments like HairMax LaserComb that can be effective.

The hair plugs used ages ago are no longer the only option available for men. Hair treatments available today involve reducing the scalp, micro hair transplants, and other procedures that require little or no surgery. In the newest procedures, hair is no longer transplanted in such an obvious manner. It is placed on the scalp the way natural hair is.

For patients where the hair is thinning on top, hair transplants work very well. When the scalp is completely bald on top, medication and hair transplants alone may not be the best option. In cases such as these, a scalp reduction may be most effective. With a scalp reduction, part of the scalp is removed and the remaining scalp is sewn upward, closing the balding area. This surgery is not done in one sitting, requiring several procedures, and the price is high. It is often used with hair transplants.

With surgical hair transplants, hair from one part of the head is cut away and moved into a thinning or bald portion of the head. Where hair was removed is sewn back up and goes unnoticed.

In a hair transplant procedure, though hair has been moved to a part of the scalp where it would normally fall out, because hair was taken from an area where this did not occur, it will be resistant based on the DNA of that part of the scalp. The resistant area is not affected by the great amount of hormones that cause the balding. In today’s surgeries, the hair is implanted in tiny clusters or by the strand in a natural growing pattern, so it is not obvious.

Treatments for bald or thinning heads is available, no matter what someone’s head looks like. Dreams of a full mane become reality with the hair restoration treatments currently out there. All it takes is a little research and even people who feel as if they need themes help can have a head full of hair in which to run their hands through.

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