Headaches – Types And Causes


Headaches are usually minor complaints and they rarely occur. Everyone gets a mild headache sometime or the other. Most of us ignore it as a minor ailment, which goes away on its own or after popping a few aspirins. However, many of us are unaware of the underlying illnesses that can start with just a mild headache. Now, how do we know whether the headache is a simple one or the symptom of a malignant ailment?

Headaches can be categorized into different types based on our food habits and lifestyle choices. Let us look into each situation in detail.

Stress related headache

Most of us live a fast life and work 24/7 wherein relaxation has become a meaningless term. In such situations, tension and fatigue take over causing severe headaches and pain in the face, neck and spine. Though these kinds of headaches are harmless, they are painful and cause us great discomfort when we are performing our day-to-day tasks. Those who are over stressed and exhausted experience such headaches. If it is just a headache, which goes away on its own or with a painkiller you need not worry. However, if other symptoms persist with the headache then a thorough diagnosis is recommended.


Migraine headaches are the second most common types of headaches and they are usually experienced by women rather than men. In a migraine, there is concentrated pain in a specific part of the head, which starts with a mild ache and later on shifts to the other side. At times, the pain is accompanied by a nauseating feeling, vomiting and giddiness. This is a neurological problem, which requires medical attention. Even if you get it cured with OTC medications a couple of times, this will not always work.

Sinusitis headaches

Our skull and face have different mucous- lined chambers. They are called paranasal sinuses. The mucous substances created in the sinuses come out through the nasal passages. If the sinus is blocked, the secretions can build up causing a swelling, which can lead to infection and pain. People with such problems can experience frequent nose blocks and headaches. This can happen rarely in everyone, while those with chronic conditions suffer from painful headaches and uncomfortable nose blocks very frequently.

Cluster Headaches

This is the most painful and rarest kind of headache that affects men rather than women. Those who drink frequently or smoke heavily are prone to such attacks. It is very painful and the headache occurs periodically – once or twice every day usually at the same time. Those with cluster headaches get swollen faces, red eyes, nasal congestion and blasting headaches. Cluster headaches are so unpredictable that they can strike one even while asleep.

Other types of headaches are created due to one or more internal problems. Meningitis, blood clots, tumors, hemorrhaging and more can cause headaches, which can be mild to severe. If you have a headache that persists for more than three days or if you have periodical severe attacks, consult a doctor.  Other than physical and health conditions, the factors that trigger headaches are an empty stomach, long hours of exposure to the sun, odd food habits, bad posture and weather conditions. So even if your headache seems to be a mild health imbalance, do not ignore it. Stay fit, stay healthy.

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