Healthy Eating For A Balanced Lifestyle


scales-310962_960_720Fueling the body with foods that contain nutrients, vitamins and other valuable ingredients is going to provide the body with the energy needed for daily activities, maintain a healthy weight and reduce the chances of developing certain illnesses and diseases.

Starting the quest to healthy eating isn’t always easy. It’s hard to know where to start if you are making changes to unhealthy eating habits.

One of the first places to begin when it comes to changing the eating habits is to examine the current diet. Making small changes for healthier foods can be a great way to shed that extra ten pounds, reduce your chances of developing illnesses related to obesity and even find more energy to accomplish everything on your to-do list.

Some of the staples to beginning a healthier diet include:

Drink Enough Water

waterIn addition to healthy eating, experts recommend drinking eight glasses of water daily. Though eight glasses of water may seem daunting for those currently getting their liquid intake through sugared beverages, there are many ways that you can make water more appealing. Adding fruit slices, using a water bottle to keep the water cool and refreshing or flavored water (without sugar) can help to ensure that you are getting enough water.
As added incentive to replace sugared drinks with water, you can cut out up to five hundred calories daily, just by replacing a couple of drinks with water. Contrary to popular belief, the drinks filled with sugar actually reduce the energy levels – while increasing the calories.

Don’t Fall for Packaging

One of the most common mistakes that can be made when trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle is falling for packaging misconceptions. Skip over the product that contain wording like ‘low fat’ or ‘reduced sugar’ as these types of food marketed as diet foods contain fewer vitamins and nutrients than whole, unprocessed foods that can be made at home.

Choosing foods that are filled with healthy ingredients and foods that are unprocessed may have more calories than foods that are marketed as ‘diet foods’ but are going to be healthier and contain fewer chemicals and unnatural ingredients that can have adverse effects on the health.

At the supermarket, look for foods that contain as few ingredients as possible when buying packaged options. The package should also contain ingredients on the list that are recognizable. When reading the ingredient list, the first ingredients on the list are the ones that are most concentrated, or the ingredients that contain the most – in the product.

Eat Your Vegetables

1280px-ecologically_grown_vegetablesUsually advice given to children, it’s important for adults to ensure that they are meeting the recommended daily servings for fruit and vegetables in the diet. Including vegetables and fruit as a side for breakfast, lunch and dinner and including them in snacks makes it simple to get the recommended five to ten servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

Starting the day off with a smoothie or protein shake that includes four to five servings of fruits and vegetables makes it simple to meet the daily quota – and including them in meals throughout the day ensures that enough vitamins and nutrients are being consumed to maintain a healthy weight.

Balance the Diet

Following a balanced plan when eating can help to kick start weight loss by making the changes to the lifestyle. Healthy changes include creating a balance plate when eating.

Approximately 50% of the plate should contain vegetables and fruits, 25% of the plate should contain lean protein and 25% should contain grains (healthy whole grains for optimal health).

Choose Whole Grains

17400-various-breads-and-grains-pvProcessed carbohydrates are readily available as convenience food, bread at the supermarket and many treats. Rather than choosing processed carbohydrates, choose whole grains.

Making this small healthy eating change to the diet can help to increase the fiber, build muscle and increase energy levels. Not to mention, avoiding processed carbohydrates can help to cut the calories in the grains being consumed.

Choosing whole grain bread, whole grain flour and whole grain cereals is a small change in the diet that can lead to big results. Not only does it improve digestive health but choosing whole grains can also promote weight loss, allowing you to lose weight and maintain healthy weight loss.

Include Probiotics in the Diet

Probiotics are commonly found in dairy products and can help to regular the digestive system and reduce stomach discomfort.
Using probiotics in the diet can reduce bloating and help to maintain a healthy diet. One serving a day is recommended by health experts and can be obtained from yogurt or other probiotic drinks.

Avoid Using Butter or Fats While Cooking

Rather than using fats and butter to create meals, consider switching to olive oil. Olive oil is an important part of healthy eating and balanced diet programs like the Mediterranean diet.

As an alternative to including fried foods in the meal plan, consider baking, grilling or broiling the foods. Using seasoning or citrus juice, even olive oil to give the proteins and vegetables flavor as an alternative to using butter while cooking can reduce the calories without reducing the taste.

Keep an Active Lifestyle

jogging_couple_-_legsKeeping an active lifestyle is a large part of staying health and can compliment a healthy diet. Thirty minutes of activity each day can reduce the chances of developing cardiovascular disease and other illnesses.

Walking, jogging and or a simple yoga class can help to get the daily recommended thirty minutes of activity.

To find the time to fit in thirty minutes of exercise you can being the day thirty minutes earlier, getting up in time to fit in quick workout before heading into the office, taking the time to exercise during nap time for parents at home or even breaking up the workout session into two fifteen minute sessions, even working out during the lunch break.

The combination of exercise and healthy eating ensures that our bodies are going to function optimally. Increased energy levels, lowered calories being consumed and a diet filled with vitamins and nutrients can create a lifestyle that is going to help the body to thrive.

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