Healthy Household Cleaners


Many homeowners do not realize just how dangerous some household products are. These agents are used everyday in a home and can affect the homeowners in the home. There are lots of health tips on cleaning the home, so that it is done safely and in a clean way. Using cleaner products throughout the house, can be great for the environment and for the people who live inside the residence.

Furniture polish seems to be the worst when it comes to touching and breathing in the fumes. This polish is used to clean wood and make the home smell freshly clean and new. Most people have wood in a home and enjoy the way that polish removes dust and creates a shine. The only issue is that it can be harmful to people if they touch the spray, and it is dangerous for kids and unborn babies.

A good alternative to polish, could be hot water and lemon juice. This liquid can polish up wood and leave a lemon scent that homeowners like. The combination of lemon scent and shiny wood, will have anyone forgetting about their old polishing system.

Glass cleaner is typically sprayed on windows to keep them shiny and streak free. This spray can be inhaled into the lungs and can cause respiratory issues. To erase the chances of breathing in the unhealthy spray, someone can try a simple vinegar and water solution. This solution works best when the water is hot. The windows will still shine and the lungs will not be polluted.

Mold can often find its way onto the grout of bathroom tiles. To clean these areas, some people will use bleach. This agent is dangerous to touch and breath in. It can damage the organs in the body over multiple use.

For an even more effective cleaning agent, someone can try using baking soda. A thick paste can be made with water and applied directly to the moldy areas. When left on a for a day or so, it can actually remove the mold without any smelly agents.

Floor cleaner may pose a hazard to the health of loved ones in the home. This floor cleaner will leave its sticky residue on the floor’s surface and be picked up by the feet as people walk around. It is also picked by kids who play on the floor and pets. To make the floors clean and safe, vinegar and water can be used to get floors clean. This mixture is safe and will leave the home smelling like vinegar. Minimizing exposure to certain chemicals is always a good idea.

When health tips are needed in relation to cleaning products in the home, there are different ways to find them. Online searches can help any health conscious person discover what is harmful in the house. There are a few ways to make safer cleaners so that the home can be a safe place to live and breath. These cleaners are great for kids, pets, babies and adults and will be safe on the home. Changing cleaners to a safe alternative, can also help the environment.

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