Internet Safety For Kids


More children are using the internet these days than ever. This is why teaching them important internet safety for kids is something every parent should take the time to do. There are so many people that will take advantage of them and could be dangers to them. Make them aware of these problems and dangers were they will no what to watch out for.

Tell them to never release or post any information that is of a personal nature on any social networking sites and other email or internet accounts. Strangers can use that information for bad purposes. They also should never accept emails or IM’s from anyone they do not know personally. If they do receive any of these or emails from people they know that upsets them they should share these with you.

They should not put their personal information in any contests, questionnaires or quiz games as others can view these and then wind up with everything they need to know about them. Let them know that even though there are privacy settings in place, nothing is ever really private. Inform that it is best to think before they post as any post will be on there forever and there is no taking it back.

Pictures getting posted online is something else you need to discuss with them. Make sure you agree upon what pictures they can and cannot put on the web sites or send to friends. No sexy pictures should ever be posted especially of children and teenagers, even adults. These type of pictures can last online for years and forever once they are out there they can be used against you and more.

If someone asks them to meet them outside of the internet that they do not know discuss why this cannot happen. Tell them the dangers this could lead to and the bad results that could happen from it. Make sure they know to come to you if this happens and you get the persons information and report them to the web site or internet provider they are going through.

Tell them the dangers of sending equally embarrassing pictures of others to friends as this can be considered bullying by many. Any form of bullying should not be tolerated as more and more cases are popping up through the children online these days. If they ever receive bullying pictures text or emails they need to know it is important they come to you when the first one happens.

Be sure that you know every password your child has for each account, this is not prying but for safety reasons. They should also introduce you to all friend offline as well as online whom they go to school with or hang out with. It is best for your child to use the computer in a room you can be in at the same time like the living room, den or kitchen.

You can also use monitoring services or filtering software to keep them from adult only sites and sites that may contain subjects you do not want them to visit. With these types of software you can actually add the sites that your child can visit and if they try for one not on the list then it will block that site. These internet safety tips for kids will help them stay safe and secure and help them discuss with you any concerns you or them may have.

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