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The weight loss supplement manufacturer, Isagenix, are known for their energy boosters, meal replacement shakes, and toxin-flushing formulas. The American company, which was created in 2002, has 7 different facilities around the world. Isagenix produces and develops products that help with nutritional cleansing, better health, a better sense of well-being, and weight loss.

Isagenix’s products are comprised of whey protein bars, shakes, and herbal supplements, all of which are created for weight loss purposes. Their cleansing formulas don’t contain any laxatives, which is a positive, as side effects can result from misuse of the ingredient. Some of the products are taken at night, while others are for daytime consumption.

There are 5 flavors IsaLean shakes come in: Strawberry Cream, Creamy French Vanilla, Black Sesame, Creamy Dutch Chocolate, and Orange Cream.

Each packet contains 11g of sugar, making the shakes quite sweet. Though that is not a very high amount of sugar, it is 6 times more than the average amount found in Ideal Shape shakes.

If you’re particularly strict with your intake of daily sugar, Isagenix might not be the brand for you. However, it taste is of importance to you, you’ll probably love their products.
High in protein, the Isagenix Lean Shake contains 24 grams of it, offering 48% of the daily amount of protein the body needs (if your daily calorie consumption amount is 2,000).

The Isagenix program comes with cleansing days. This involves eating fewer calories while taking numerous Isagenix supplements. The process supposedly purges the body of toxins, making it easier to lose weight and burn calories.

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