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Although we have often been advised that we should grow old gracefully, most of us wouldn’t think twice about taking a magic pill that would keep us healthy and feel young for the rest of our lives. Such a pill does not actually exist but there are supplements that claim to have the capability to do that to a certain extent.

LA-3, for instance, claims to be able to help people stay healthy and feel young and energetic. This is done by triggering the enzyme 5’ adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPK), which has been found to use stored fat, reduce hunger pangs, and even prevent fat storage. This enzyme has also been found to increase energy levels, which usually decline as people age. Let us take a closer look at LA-3.

What Is Live Cell Research’s LA-3?

LA-3 is a supplement that has been shown to help prevent fat storage, use already stored fat, increase energy levels, and stop food cravings. Live Cell Research, its manufacturer, believes that weight loss needs to be approached from different angles, mainly by boosting fat burning and reducing calorie intake. This is primarily done by focusing on the level of AMPK, a longevity activator that improves both physical and mental health.

How Does It Work?

By taking LA-3, your AMPK levels will start to increase, giving you more energy, a stronger and healthier body, less abdominal fat, and better cognitive functions. This is why it is referred to as a “longevity activator” as it makes you feel younger because you have more energy. It does this by combining three ingredients that are not found together in any other product. They state that you will notice different effects as you keep taking the product. Specifically:

  • In week one, you may notice that your appetite has lessened and your energy is up.
  • Between week two and month one, you should see some abdominal fat loss, and further increases in energy.
  • After the first month, your AMPK levels should be so high that you experience maximum benefits, including better cognitive function and a healthier, stronger body overall.

You only need to take two capsules of the supplement each day, either with food or on an empty stomach. The manufacturer has indicated that there are no side effects and that it is completely safe. It has even been third party tested for purity, potency, and safety.

What Is AMPK?

AMPK is an enzyme that has been scientifically proven to be important in cellular energy homeostasis. It is found naturally in high concentrations in skeletal muscle, the liver, and the brain. This enzyme is responsible for the regulation of various bodily functions, including glucose transport, fatty acid oxidation, and cellular energy. Scientific tests have shown that these benefits are indeed associated with the AMPK levels.

Supplement Facts and Ingredients

Live Cell Research has been very open about the contents of their products, so the list of ingredients is readily accessible on their website. Specifically, three key ingredients are of importance and their amounts per serving:

  1. 450 mg of gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract (labeled as ActivAMP)
  2. 100 mg of quercetin dihydrate
  3. 100 mg of berberine HCl

These ingredients have gone through independent medical tests. For instance, gynostemma has been proven to reduce cholesterol at just 30 mg. At 450 mg per serving, LA-3 is expected to deliver even better results. Thus, the manufacturer’s promise that the product will improve overall health is likely to be true.

Meanwhile, it has been proven that quercetin can help reduce inflammation and prostate pain. However, this capability has been observed in higher dosages than the amount offered by LA-3, albeit not by much. It is possible that such a high dosage, which do work on the prostate, may not be suitable for healthy individuals, which could be the reason why Live Cell Research chose to include this ingredient at 100 mg per serving.

The third ingredient, berberine, has also been shown to help reduce cholesterol levels. Furthermore, in diabetics, it can help reduce blood sugar level.

It should also be noted that all ingredients are vegetarian and LA-3 does not contain gluten, lactose, additives, and preservatives.

What About Side Effects?

Live Cell Research claims that LA-3 is 100% free of side effects. This is because all of their ingredients have gone through independent clinical testing to prove their safety. That being said, there have been some reports of people experiencing nausea and irregular bowel movements. Nevertheless, these only lasted for a short time.

Prices and What You Get

Live Cell Research regularly releases special offers for the product. And even during those times when there is no such special offer, discounts are provided for those who order in bulk, and shipping and handling are often available for free. At the time of this writing, the company was having a significant sale, and prices were the following:

  • One bottle, or a 30 day supply, for $46.99, instead of the usual $88.99. This comprises savings of over 47%.
  • Three bottles, or a 90 day supply, for $117, instead of the usual $269. This means savings of over 56%.
  • Six bottles, or a 180 day supply, for $216, instead of the usual $539. This offers savings of over $59%.

What I Liked About LA-3

  • It helps increase a person’s energy levels, thus making him or her feel young again.
  • It prevents fat storage, uses existing stored fat, and stops hunger pangs.
  • It is available with interesting discounts.
  • The ingredients have been scientifically proven to be effective.

What I Didn’t Like about LA3

  • The clinical evidence is quite limited and comes from external sources. There is no clinical evidence over the synergy between the three ingredients.
  • There have been some complaints about poor customer service.

The Final Verdict

LA-3 seems to be a product that really works. It combines ingredients that all have clinical evidence as to their benefits. Because they effectively activate the AMPK enzymes, weight loss inevitably follows as the body is told to no longer store fat, use up existing stored fat, and feel less hungry. The added benefit is that it achieves this by increasing the individual’s energy levels, which means you will also be more likely to go out and exercise, which is very important if you are to truly lose weight and feel healthy. Overall, I 100% recommend this product.

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Anita Dotson
August 10, 2017 8:23 AM

I have taken the LA 3 for going on 3 months now and I will say that I have not missed one dose. I started out at 128 pounds and after 3 months I am now at 116 pounds and I feel way more energy then I ever have! I actually started to run three days a week and I am not a person that is a runner but I feel like I have way more energy then I used to have so it makes it easy for me.

I will say that I have not felt that It has helped me even a little bit with the being able to remember things better. I even started taking the Midogen with the La3 and still have terrible fog. I should be able to think clearer is what they say but Nope!..I will say that my stomach has changed and my body looks so much more youthful after taking these LA 3.

My sister is also taking these pills but she has lost a significant amount of weight and really doesn’t exercise. She says she doesn’t feel anymore energy then when she never took them but she has seen such an improvement in her weight loss so she decided to try another bottle and is on her 3rd bottle…I will continue to keep taking these as I see great results!…sorry, I talked so long…lol…

Nicole Lockett
August 15, 2017 8:13 AM
Reply to  Anita Dotson

Are you dieting and exercising with these pills?

Beth Barrett
October 28, 2017 9:04 AM

I have been taking thee compound for 3 months. I also have noticed the increase in energy. My PA does not want to discuss supplements. Therefore I am going forward cautiously; and, looking for any information available. I am a registered nurse. I have some knowledge of biology. I am not a scientist. I wish available research were more available and reliable. My personal experience has been positive. Please stay on this subject.

April 6, 2018 9:42 PM

I had to quit taking them. I was very unbalanced, had horrible dreams and leg cramps. I didn’t keep original box or invoice.i have 3bottles. I thought you should know.

October 26, 2017 12:00 AM

Can you take these pills with blood thinner medication?

Aurora Wilson
January 3, 2018 8:35 PM
Reply to  Pat

Hi Pat! I’m Aurora from Live Cell Research. Please consult your primary physician to ensure that you do not experience any interactions with other medications you may be taking. Take care!

October 25, 2017 11:56 PM

How to order in Canada?

Aurora Wilson
January 3, 2018 8:37 PM
Reply to  Pat

Hi Pat! We do ship to Canada! Just head to our website,, and choose “Canada” at check out! If you have any questions about the ordering process, please e-mail me at [email protected]. Thank you!