LifeCell Cream Review – Can This Really Make Your Skin Look Tighter?

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While there is something to be said for growing old gracefully, most of us would prefer to hold on to our youthful looks for as long as possible. The anti-aging industry is huge, generating billions of dollars every year with a variety of lotions, potions, creams, and tonics. The result is that people simply don’t know anymore which products are any good, and which ones are essentially just a waste of money. In comes LifeCell, however, and it seems that this is something people really benefit from. So what is it, and why should you consider it?

What Is LifeCell?

LifeCell is a product manufactured by South Beach Skincare. It is an anti-wrinkle cream with strong anti-aging properties. The product is available from a range of different websites, although most people choose to purchase it directly from the South Beach Skincare site.

The product is the latest and most advanced type of skincare system on the market and, according to the manufacturer, it is the only system you will ever need. In fact, they claim that it is as good as Botox and that results are visible in as little as 17 seconds. The product works because it contains strong antioxidants, leaving the skin supple, healthy, and young.

One of the things that really sets this product apart, however, is that it has also received numerous celebrity endorsements. People like Paula Abdul, Joey Fatone, AnnaLynne McCord, Chazz Palminteri, Jennifer Taylor, and Paris Hilton have all been seen with the product and have made statements about it.

According to the LifeCell website, the product offers a number of key benefits, including:

  • That it protects the skin from the various signs of aging, halting them in their tracks
  • That it helps to repair skin that has been damaged by the sun
  • That it revitalizes the skin, leaving it feeling and looking young and healthy again
  • That it removes wrinkles and fine lines
  • That it makes the skin more elastic and firm
  • That it works on crow’s feet, removing them from the skin
  • That it makes the lips provocatively pouty and more plumped up in appearance
  • That it bleaches and reduces the appearance of unsightly age spots

LifeCell Ingredients

LifeCell sets itself apart by having created a product based on some of the latest scientific breakthroughs. They have used the highest quality ingredients, all backed by anti-aging scientists, leaving the skin looking radiant and more youthful. The ingredients, as listed by the manufacturers, are:

  1. Dermaxyl, which is a key ingredient that has been found to be as effective as retinol in terms of its results. It is a new, breakthrough ingredient that uses peptide technology. In so doing, it fights the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. Specifically, it smooths out both fine lines and deeper wrinkles, in the same way as retinol and retinoic acid do, but without the associated side effects commonly seen in products based on alpha hydroxy acids (fruits or glycolic).
  2. Hyaluronic acid, which is found in many different anti-aging products. This acid is essential in the human body, helping to maintain and repair connective tissue. Many people know it as “Nature’s Moisturizer” because it has such strong moisturizing properties. It ensures that the skin stays properly hydrated at all times, but without it becoming greasy or oily. Furthermore, it helps to plump up the skin, thereby smoothing out wrinkles. Shallow wrinkles and fine lines can be removed completely.
  3. DMAE, which is an ingredient that has been clinically proven to increase and replenish moisture in the skin, while also smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. There have been a number of scientific studies that have demonstrated that skin on the neck and cheeks becomes smoother and tighter thanks to DMAE.
  4. Ubiquinone, which is a very strong antioxidant. Indeed, scientists have demonstrated that it is one of the strongest antioxidants in existence today. It also ensures the body is better able to produce new elastin and collagen, as well as other chemicals needed for skin firmness. This means the skin is left looking wrinkle free, healthy, and young again.
  5. Deanol, which has been shown to make the skin look more toned up and firm. It has truly spectacular anti-aging effects that scientists are trying to better understand. One of those effects is that, within a few days of using the product, the eyelids gain a natural lift. When using deanol every day, it becomes possible to maintain the youthful, firm look it creates.
  6. Vitamin C, which ensures the skin is protected from external and internal free radical damage, thereby further slowing down the process of aging.
  7. Retinol, which is vitamin A in its purest form. Dermatologists all over the world recommend people use retinol if they want to combat their wrinkles. It has been shown to rejuvenate and renew the skin, making it look younger and smoother.

The main aim of LifeCell is to ensure the skin is better able to synthesize collagen. When collagen production increases, the skin becomes more youthful, firmer, and healthier. The manufacturer claims that initial results become visible within just a few seconds to a minute after applying the product. This is made possible thanks to some of the more chemical ingredients, including:

  • Silicone dioxide, which is known to help diminish the appearance of wrinkles by deflecting light
  • Ascorbyl palminate
  • Ubiquinone, a powerful anti-oxidant
  • Dithiolan-3 penatioc acid

Put together, these ingredients diminish the appearance of fine lines, while also making deep wrinkles shallower. It also increases hydration to the skin and helps to maintain this. At the same time, LifeCell helps in making age spots fade.

What I Liked About LifeCell

  • It is readily available.
  • It comes with a 100% risk free 30 day trial.
  • It has a four month money back guarantee.
  • Those who make purchase for the first time receive a number of free gifts and bonuses, including beauty inside secrets.
  • The product has been featured in a variety of news outlets, including NBC, Time Magazine, and The New York Times.
  • LifeCell is recommended by leading dermatologists.
  • The product has received numerous celebrity endorsements.
  • Many of the ingredients have scientific backing.
  • There have been many positive reviews from previous customers.

What I Didn’t Like About LifeCell

  • At $189 per piece, it is an expensive product.
  • South Beach Skincare is not a very well-known company.
  • There is a lack of clinical studies.
  • It is not clear how you should use the product.
  • You can only purchase LifeCell online.

The Final Verdict

The baby boom generation is now approaching old age, and their children are approaching middle age. It is no surprise, therefore, that there is a huge market for anti-aging products, particularly because we also live in a society where there is a huge emphasis on external beauty. That said, modern people are also savvy shoppers, which means they won’t purchase something simply because it makes some very good claims. LifeCell does make some very good claims, but the question is how well it lives up to those claims. Considering that the product is also very costly, although you do get a free trial and an extended money back guarantee, it is even more important that you research the claims they made before deciding to buy.

Overall, it seems that LifeCell ticks all the boxes. Interestingly, they have not focused on just a single thing that shows people that they can be trusted, but rather on a wealth of evidence. This includes:

  • Making excellent claims, necessary just to raise interest in the product
  • Having various pieces of celebrity endorsements, including photographic evidence
  • Having been featured in a range of news outlets
  • Being open and transparent about their ingredients and what they are supposed to do.
  • Having scientific backing for many of the ingredients in their product.

The reality is that every person is different, every wrinkle is different, and everybody’s skin is different. The company claims that some people notice results within as little as a few seconds, but it is unlikely that many people will notice dramatic effects as quickly as that. But, judging from the ingredients list and the many positive testimonials, it seems that the effects certainly do appear, albeit it is slightly slower by a few seconds.

Everybody knows that aging is something that cannot be stopped. It is natural, and we all go through it. However, that does not mean you should just be happy about your skin starting to droop and wrinkle, particularly because there are so many fantastic products, like LifeCell, available. Antiwrinkle creams exist in a variety of different ways, and dermatologists and other scientists have started to pay real close attention to the ingredients that do and don’t work. LifeCell includes all those ingredients that do work. Whether it is as good as Botox remains to be seen in terms of effects. That it is perhaps better than Botox because you don’t have to inject yourself with expensive toxins on a regular basis, is beyond question. If you don’t want to look old, then you should give LifeCell a try. It is 100% recommended.

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