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lifestationLifeStation is a medical alert system that offers 24 hour monitoring for seniors or disabled people. An alert button is worn around the neck, wrist, or belt and when pressed, wirelessly communicates to the LifeStation service center in the event of an emergency. They will then confirm the nature of the problem and contact the appropriate emergency responders or designated relatives or neighbors. This valued service offers independence and peace of mind.

Customer Reviews, Testimonials, and Complaints

“Based upon all of the phones calls, web research, and brochures reviewed, LifeStation is by far our top pick. Lets face it, they’ve got a great price, great product and they never hold anything back. Unlike other companies we have reviewed, their web site and customer service representatives are forthcoming with information to help you make an informed and educated purchase. This company practically invites you into their operation and holds nothing back.”

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“LifeStation’s monthly fee is significantly less expensive than Phillips Lifeline. Unlike Phillips Lifeline, LifeStation is sold directly to the public, eliminating extra costs from the “middle man.” There is no up-front “installation” or “activation” fee. The battery lasts up to 4 years. LifeStation has been in the medical alert business for over 30 years and they have a 30-day return policy.”

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“I took this service for my Dad who is 95 and lives alone. Everyone I spoke to or tested with was helpful and friendly. Several weeks after the service was installed my Dad had a TIA and was unable to get to the phone. He pushed his alert button and received a call immediately. When he did not answer, EMS was called and he was in the hospital in 10 minutes.”

~ actual customer testimonial from Joan D.
Houston, TX

Our Research Suggests:

According to the online research that we have done from forums, websites, blogs, and wikis, Lifestation customers appear satisified.

Large numbers of users have reported good results, especially compared with the effectiveness of other products in the market. This service is worth considering.

Product Details

Company Information

LifeStation, Inc.
354 Neptune Ave
Sheepshead Bay, NY 11235

Customer Service: 877-833-2020

Cancellation Policy

The company allows you to cancel service at any time without penalty with 30 days notice.

About Medical Alarms

A medical alarm can be a valuable tool for seniors who are living by themselves or living with injuries and disabilities. Many seniors often choose to live by themselves away from the care of families and health care providers. In cases like these, unexpected medical emergencies can go unnoticed when the elderly person cannot get to the phone in time to ask for help.

Why Use Medical Alarms

Medical alarms like LifeStation are often very important when old people are living alone, especially if they have disabilities. For example, an elderly person may experience a sudden attack of joint pains in the bathtub and can no longer get out. In worst-case scenarios, an elderly person could suffer from a sudden heart attack with no one around to bring him to the nearest hospital. Having a medical alarm on hand allows the elderly to inform the hospital immediately of their present condition so that help can be sent to them.

How a Medical Alarm Works

A medical alarm is a device that informs health facilities when a user has just encountered an accident, a sudden illness, or simply needs assistance. There are health facilities that work directly with medical alarm companies so that when the alarms sound off, they are immediately notified so they can send in help to the injured person’s home. Most medical alarms are tiny gadgets with a button that is pushed in case of emergencies. Pushing the button sends out the signal to the partner health facility, which then calls the user back to make sure that the alarm has not been triggered by mistake. They then send out an emergency response team who can assist the person or bring him or her to the hospital.

How to Use Medical Alarms Correctly

Medical alarms should be kept close to the body at all times. Most alarms are designed to be hung around the neck, so the user can bring it with him everywhere he goes. This is very easy to do since medical alarms are small, lightweight and are designed to be worn even in the shower. Other alarm systems can be worn as a wristband or a belt clip, depending on what is more convenient for the user.

For older people who live alone, the lack of assistance in times of emergency can be fatal. Family members who want to keep their elderly loved ones safe should think about using a medical alarm like LifeStation so that immediate help can be given in times of sudden illness or accidents. Medical alarms not only provide a way to get help as soon as possible, it also gives family members a sense of security and peace of mind.

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