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Ligandrol is a supplement that falls under the classification of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator or SARM. This supplement is most popular with athletes and bodybuilders who use it to cut and bulk. The supplement comes in dose of just 10mg a day and has been shown to help people gain up to 10 pounds of lean muscles mass a month. Bodybuilders and athletes use Ligandrol as a safe and legal alternative to steroids.

There are legitimate medical uses to Ligandrol as well as the uses as a performance enhancer. In fact LGD-4033 was originally created in order to help treat muscle degenerative disorders such as muscular dystrophy. Muscular problems like this are commonly associated with illness, old age, and cancer.

There have been studies that show how Ligandrol can suppress and reduce levels of free testosterone and also suppress levels of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). People who take LGD-4033 say that it recues the natural production of testosterone. This is because the body will detect the supplement and believe it to be testosterone, thereby shutting down the production of more of the hormone. That is why if you do take LGD for any reason you should also consider Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) to bring your natural testosterone production back to normal levels and prevent having an imbalance of hormones and an abundance of estrogen.

While Ligandrol can be used in both cutting and bulking it is most commonly used for bulking. There are stories of people gaining an incredible amount of bulk through Ligandrol. This is a legal steroid alternative that seems to work in much the same way that steroids do but without any side effects.

The anecdotal evidence for LGD suggests that the ideal dose for humans is 5mg taken twice a day, or 10mg daily. However LGD is classed as a SARM and it is considered too powerful to be sold for human consumption, which means there is no real recommended dosage. It will take about 10 more years for LGD to pass the rigorous tests of the FDA but, once it does, there will be a recommended dosage. Doctors will also be able to use the guidelines to prescribe unique doses for each individual as needed.

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