Localized Hair Loss in Women


Localized hair loss refers to hair loss that occurs because of other factors different from patterned or genetically connected hair loss. In localized hair loss, you do not start looking at your family members for any history of hair loss or baldness.

Localized hair loss in women can either be scarring or non-scarring. Round patches of hair loss that is associated with the normal skin characterize the non-scarring type of hair loss. This may be caused by bacterial or fungal infections and can easily be treated using anti-fungal and anti-biotic drugs.

The scarring hair loss is mostly caused by medical and dermatological conditions. These may include diseases such as Lupus or radiation therapies. However, radiotherapy can cause both scarring and no-scarring localized hair loss. Localized scarring hair loss can also be because of injuries sustained. In most cases, the treatment of localized hair loss is through hair transplantation.

General localized hair loss in women can also occur because of face-lift surgery. This mostly affects the hair along the hairline. Localized hair loss that occurs because of constant tagging on the hair follicles (traction) is usually permanent, same to that resulting after face-lift surgery. Another localized hair loss that can turn permanent is that which is caused through trichotillomania. In all cases, treatment can only be undertaken through hair transplantation and products like Nioxin are unlikely to help in these cases.

It is therefore very important to avoid any activity that can result in permanent alopecia, unless you are prepared to face hair transplantation to regain your lost hair.

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Hey Healthyme123,
Thanks, on a related note, Are there hair loss remedies that don’t require the use of risky drugs? I see commercials for hair loss drugs all the time, and they are always accompanied by a list of warnings longer than the list of benefits. So what if I want to cure or help my hair loss problem without those dangers? Well, there are some home hair loss remedies that you can try. Just like with the drugs, nothing works 100% of the time, but these may be a way to help you get your hair back without using a lot of harsh drugs.
I look forward to your next post
Stop lossing hair

Jenny Ellison
Jenny Ellison

Thank you for this great article, a great caution indeed.