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luscious-lipsYour lip size can be increased and your mouth can be enhanced by plumping up small lines with the use of Luscious Lips. Your lips will have a smoother, fuller, and younger looking appearance when you use this unique pump. Luscious Lips uses a totally natural vacuum process to gently put fluid into the lips, making them plump and at the same time boosting circulation in the lip and mouth region. It is possible to increase the size of your lips by 50% with this specially designed device.

Boosting the circulation to this area dramatically increases the size of the lips and enhances the whole area around the mouth by plumping up small lines that invade the lip line in older women. Your face will be greatly enhanced without surgery, needles, and pain. You will look younger with full, pouty lips.

There is a conditioning period that lasts the first two weeks when the lip tissue will slowly be enhanced through the use of the device. If you adhere to this conditioning regimen, your lips will remain plumper for a longer period of time and there will be minimal bruising or discoloration of the lips, which can occur when users are overly zealous.

Customer Reviews, Testimonials, and Complaints

“I absolutely LOVE this product!! I don’t think it’s any more expensive than some of the lip plumping glosses out there (i.e., lip fusion). The only difference is it says it can increase your lips by up to 50% and it’s NOT a marketing lie!! It is the only lip plumper I’ve found that actually delivers on its claims, and that’s worth a lot… Bottom line…this product is WORTH it and you’ll be amazed at the results.”

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“The Luscious Lips system is much more simple than I realized. This amazingly fluent lip product is a deep red, plastic vacuum pump that sort of resembles a portable suction device. The device is pre-lubricated, so you can use it manually, without using the use of any additions…

This product is truly effective and so far, the results have been outstanding. The Luscious Lips system is easily one of the best lip products in the world today and one of the most practical, underrated innovations in the beauty business. I truly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to achieve a fuller, sexier pout.”

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“After getting the hang of it, I could feel it working right away. My lips look and felt plumper and this really does smooth out the lines in my lips. They look awesome!

This does come with a nice cream to apply after using it, which feels really good!

… I have used so many lip plumpers that only last for minutes.

My lips stay plump with this for hours!!

I can not say enough good things about this system and recommend it! ”

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“This plastic tube looks hilarious, but it actually works. You apply pressure to your lips, pulling on this tube. I thought, what a joke, as if this will work, but your lips are like twice the size they were before, so be careful! It is only a temporary effect, but it does plump up your lips.”

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Does Luscious Lips Work?

icn_commentOur Research Suggests:

According to the online research that we have done from consumer reports on forums, websites, blogs, and wikis, customers appear satisfied.

Large numbers of users have reported good results, especially compared with the effectiveness and ratings of other products in the market. This product is worth considering.

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About Your Lips

The lips are an erogenous zone due to the fact that they have such a high number of nerve endings. The body part that plays a crucial role in kissing and other intimate encounters is the lips.

Her fertility is a visible expression that can be seen on a woman’s lips. The makeup of a woman’s hormones during puberty are the result of her sexual attractiveness, according to studies performed by psychologists who study human attraction. Unlike the impact testosterone has a the facial structure of men, the impact of estrogen levels in women enables them to keep a youthful and “childlike” facial structure as they grow through puberty and reach maturation.

A woman’s eyes are larger and her lips are fuller with the more estrogen she has. According to surveys by psychologists, a woman with full lips is found as more sexually attractive than a woman whose lips are not as full. A woman’s lips are a biological indicator of their fertility and health thus making them a source of sexual attraction for men. Because of this, the collagen lip enhancement or lipstick a woman wears works on the idea of “tricking” men into believing that the woman’s oestrogen levels are actually higher that they really are, making her more attractive and fertile in appearance.

In both males and females, lip size is associated with sexual attraction. Women favor men who have masculine lips, lips that are medium-sized and neither too big nor too small; the lips need to be rugged yet at the same time sensual. A man or woman with a small nose, big eyes, and voluptuous lips are seen as most sexually attractive.

After the initial period during which your lips are being conditioned, Luscious Lips works right away as soon as you apply it. Utilizing 3 thirty-second pulls, for a total of 90 seconds, experienced users can get movie star plump lips. For guidelines, do not go higher than twenty seconds and be aware that the total time does not go above 120 seconds.

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