Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure Naturally


High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a silent but dangerous disease. For people who avoid doctor’s visits, it can be lurking and causing damage to their bodies without them ever knowing about it. It’s important to try and maintain a healthy blood pressure, and to test it regularly.

If you don’t visit the doctor yearly, as recommended, you are not alone. But this can be a risky habit in regards to your blood pressure. Not having it tested on a regular basis can allow problems to occur without you ever noticing, as in most cases, a high BP comes without any symptoms. Although there are plenty of other reasons to visit the doctor, if you choose not to, you should still try to keep an eye out for hypertension by using drugstore machines or an at-home measurement system.

Your heart functions as a pump, and it intentionally pressurizes your vessels. Without doing so, there would be no force driving the the fluid around your body, and it would just settle into the lowest areas with gravity. But sometimes the system doesn’t work quite right, which can happen for a variety of reasons. This situation can be dangerous.

Although anyone can be diagnosed with hypertension, it is most common in older adults. It often develops slowly, and can be caught and treated early if you are regularly tested. Being a smoker, or being overweight or obese are additional risk factors for the condition. Excessive or lacking nutrients can also cause the problem, as well as being inactive, drinking too much, or being under a lot of stress.

Dangerous complications can result from untreated hypertension. The damage that can be caused by this disorder can have effects on almost any part of the body, and can be fatal. Bulging and thinning of the veins and arteries can lead to weak areas called aneurysms. Narrowed vessels in the kidneys or eyes can prevent these organs from working properly. And hypertension can even cause your heart to give out, if not treated.

Luckily, hypertension is fairly common and in most cases, fairly treatable as well. A normal reading is considered to be under 120/80. However, doctors do not usually start prescribing medications until your reading goes over 140/90. During this range, you may be considered ‘borderline, ‘ and advised to make lifestyle changes.

For both people on medications and people who are not on medications, making lifestyle changes can help keep your hypertension under control. Eating a healthier diet that is low in saturated fats and salt is a good start. Many packaged foods are very high in sodium, so read the labels on these types of items. Getting more exercise and losing weight if you need to, even a small amount, are also effective in reducing hypertension, in many cases.

The potential issues involved with having hypertension mean that if your efforts to reach a healthy blood pressure naturally do not succeed, you should seriously consider taking medications. But if you are worried about becoming hypertensive, or in the ‘borderline’ zone, your doctor is likely to be supportive of your efforts to use lifestyle changes to control your problem.

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Hypertension is a serious condition, and if your doctor says you need medication, you should take it. But if your doctor feels that it is safe to do so, eating better and changing your lifestyle a little can give you a chance to regain a healthy blood pressure naturally. Ask your doctor for more information, if you have questions.