Medical Alert Systems For Emergencies


Medical alert systems are a type of communication device especially designed to be able to call for help should one be unable to reach for a telephone. Its special feature is an alert button that people wear normally around their necks or their wrists, which they simply press on when they are not able to walk.

Some of these systems may be monitored, which means that the device is able to get in touch with an operator who in turn calls on family members, people living nearby, and other emergency services. Other types automated and do not reach live operators. Rather, they are able to call on different phone numbers that have been pre-programmed and a recorded message is played instead for whoever takes the call. A medical alert system can also be programmed to reach 911.

Studies that have been done by AARP regarding the use of medical alert systems show how senior citizens are able to live quite independently in their own homes a few years longer than those who do not have a medical alert button. They are able to maintain a normal and active lifestyle without worrying about getting into any accidents, such as falling, and not being able to call for help.

Whenever an accident does happen, it is very important that emergency treatment is given from the first hour that an emergency call is made. This is the particular window that could spell the difference between recovering from an emergency or facing more serious complications, which could even be life threatening. For seniors who have no access to a medical alert system, it is impossible to get immediate help and could be very dangerous. Having one means that emergency help is ready when needed and immediately removes a lot of anxiety for both the senior person and family members.

A lot of seniors and their families think that the only health care option left is that from a nursing home or other elderly care facilities. Most of these facilities would require and amount of about $3,000 each month and the quality of the care provided can vary from one facility to another. This expense can be very heavy for some seniors and their families who are living within a limited budget.

Aside from this, the change from living at home and moving to any of these facilities can be traumatic and could cause deterioration in the health of the elderly person. Because he or she become less active and tends to be more dependent, it is more likely that the person will weaken both physically and emotionally. There is also more fear of falling accidents and a very real risk of sustaining injuries. By paying under a dollar each day, an elderly family member can continue staying at home, remain as active as possible, and stay in a relaxed state of mind.

A medical alert system keeps seniors protected from any kind of emergency. They can always feel safe knowing that their call will be responded to immediately. Other family members will also worry less when they are not at home to care for their elderly loved ones. They will know right away when help is needed.

More than anything, the peace of mind one can have from owning this system is more than enough to decide on getting one for personal use. A device that can eliminate any type of stress caused by worrying is worth any expense.

Medical alarms not only provide preparation for an emergency but also provide dignity and independence for the elderly. The catch phrase from the 1980’s – I have fallen and I cannot get up – became a joke but the seriousness of the situation is still clear. Being in a helpless and dire situation is not funny. The medical alarm systems provide a level of security that those who fall into an emergency situation will get the help they need.

Caregivers are more prepared as well for a critical situation when a medical alarm system is activated. Even though many caregivers are trained for emergency situations with the patients, a situation may occur that is beyond their level of training. Bottom line, the ability to get the right help as quickly as possible at the time of a medical emergency cannot be underestimated.

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Agreed. A medical alert device is cheap insurance compared to the cost of an overnight stay at a hospital. There are many other companies out there on the web so find what works best with your budget and lifestyle!



Having a medical alert system is the best safety net that any elderly person and their family can invest in. Consider how much it costs, compared to the pain and trauma and doctors’ bills of not having it …