More About Cyber Bullying


There are so many ways that traditional bullies are starting to utilize different forms of technology to attack their victims. Since this is something that is now quite common we will explain certain things to consider about cyber bullying. Will we discuss what types of slander to look for and what might be done to help ease the problem before it grows.

The most popular strategy that any tech bully will use is to make a direct attack on their victim via the technology. Because of internet technology, they can even remain completely anonymous. One of the worst side effects to to these attacks is that they can often be seen by the general public and form quite the embarrassing situation for any victim.

Some people might not know that there is a form of tech bullying where the attacker uses the victim as an unknowing proxy. The bully will lash negative attacks on one victim but in the name another victim and not their own. This causes even greater social discomfort as a completely innocent person is apparently attacking another person that is liable to be quite upset with them.

It is no longer a big secret that teenagers are the most common age group to have to deal with this sort of bullying. This is simply the act of the traditional type of high school bully making use of the technology that is available to him or her when they attack. If the victim attends school, whether private or public, the attacks should be reported to school officials.

There are certain elements that are common parts of any cyber bully’s attack and we will further explain them. It is very common to see an attacker say very profane things that are both rude and slanderous to their victim. It is also quite often to see statements that are obviously threats as well as profane or slanderous photographs that are sometimes even used to blackmail.

These type of attacks are becoming so very popular that anybody with kids, especially teenagers, needs to monitor them carefully. While teenagers are the most common age group, we are starting to see these trends within children that are much younger. Be sure to talk to kids if they are acting strange or different to see if such attacks are taking place.

Do always keep in mind that a cyber bully does not need to use a personal computer to attack a victim. With the increase in cell phone technologies it is possible for a bully to use cell phone texts to harass others. When you consider that cell phones can now take pictures and videos, some of these people actually prefer the convenience of the cell phone when attacking victims.

After learning more about what cyber bullying as well as how it occurs, please consider that it is only growing in popularity. This is why it is so important for anybody with children to make this a regular point of conversation. It is also very important to remember that this type of attack can many times lead to actual physical violence and this is something that you do not want to happen.

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