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Nattokinase Review


The enzyme nattokinase is very important to human health, and is formed during the formation of a type of fermented soybean known as natto. Natto has been a component of the Japanese diet for over a millennium, not for its nutritional and medicinal properties, but because it tastes good. Lake many Japanese foods, natto is based on soya beans which are first boiled until soft, then fermented by adding bacillus natto, a bacterium which is beneficial to the human digestive system. The result is a soft curd that pressed to remove excess moisture and has the constituency of a soft cheese such as cottage cheese.

Nattokinase was discovered over 20 years ago by Japanese researcher Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi at Chicago University after testing 173 different types of food in search of an alternative to warfarin to help reduce the effect of blood clots on blood circulation. Not only does the enzyme 'digest' blood clots, but nattokinase also helps to maintain healthy blood pressure, maintain a normal viscosity in your blood and also help to support your body's normal production of plasmin, an enzyme that breaks down fibrin, another enzyme that promotes blood clotting.

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About Nattokinase

An enzyme known as nattokinase has been found to be able to break down blood clots that could otherwise lead to critical medical conditions such as strokes and heart failure. Abnormal blood clots can be very dangerous, and apart from blocking arteries and leading to the above potentially fatal conditions, can also lead to conditions such as phlebitis, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, each of these in itself being an extremely serious condition.

When you suffer wounds resulting in damage to blood vessels and blood loss, fibrin is an essential component of the healing process because it enables your blood to clot and eventually close the wound, prevent any further loss of blood. However, if clotting occurs within the blood vessels, even small clots can block the smaller blood vessels and lead to a lack of oxygen supply to the brain and to the heart muscle. This can result in a stroke or even cause a heart attack.

A substance such a nattokinase, that can digest and destroy such blood clots, can save lives and help to maintain a healthy circulation. Plasmin normally keeps the action of fibrin under control but its production in your body tends to decline as you age. Hence the importance of an enzyme such as nattokinase that can be manufactured by the fermentation of boiled soya beans.

Other substances that can be administered to treat excessive blood clotting include warfarin, otherwise known as Coumadin, that prevents fibrin from forming blood clots and thins the blood, and aspirin that renders blood platelets less sticky and hence less able to take part in blood clotting. There are also two intravenous drugs, urokinase and streptokinase that also dissolve fibrin, but nattokinase is the only effective substance found so far that can be taken orally without possessing the side-effects of warfarin and aspirin.

Nattokinase is not the only beneficial substance found in Japanese foodstuffs, which partially explains the longevity of many Japanese over the centuries. Natto not only tastes good to many people, but it also helps them to avoid heart disease, strokes and various forms of thrombosis and blood clots. Nattokinase is an excellent supplement, particularly for the elderly whose natural supply of plasmin is diminishing.

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