Natural And Commercial Appetite Suppressants


Appetite suppressants are substances which suppress the body’s cravings to eat more food. There are natural appetite suppressants that are present in fruits and vegetables, but a lot more are made commercially to satisfy the demand for suppressants that can be used to help people lose weight. A majority of these products is also safe but all appetite suppressants must be used with caution, since even the safest of these substances can contribute to problems such as hypertension and strokes.

What Appetite Suppressants Do  

Most appetite suppressants work by boosting metabolism and by giving the brain a feeling of fullness. Natural suppressants produce feelings of fullness because they are tightly packed with fiber or fat. Appetite suppressants that boost metabolism allow the body to burn calories even at rest.

Commercial Appetite Suppressants

There are commercial appetite suppressants which have long been used to curb the appetite. These include Phentramin-D, Hoodia Gordonii, and Phentramin. Hoodoo Gordonii is an herbal pill that works by boosting metabolism. Because of its relatively safe record, it can be purchased online without a prescription. Phentramin is also an herbal pill that works mainly by suppressing appetite, but unlike other commercial preparations, it does not stuff the body full of caffeine. Phen375 is also an excellent metabolism booster. A non-herbal preparation, Phentramin-D is known to help the body burn fat at rapid rates and is an effective metabolism booster even when the body is at rest. With this pill, users experience appetite suppression that is effective at curbing the desire to go on eating binges and has helped users shed 40 pounds in 3 months.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

There are natural appetite suppressants present in fruits and vegetables that give you a feeling of fullness, preventing you from consuming too much if you are already full. Top natural appetite suppressants include almonds, coffee, avocados, and ginger. Almonds contain a large amount of antioxidants, and they are chock full of magnesium and Vitamin E. They are known to increase feelings of fullness in people as well.

Coffee is also a rich source of antioxidants and in the right amounts can be an excellent metabolism booster. It is important not to pair coffee with too much cream or sugar if you want to lose weight. Avocado is also an effective appetite suppressant. Because it is packed tight with fat and fiber, a few spoonfuls of this fruit can send signals to the brain telling it to stop eating. Ginger is an excellent appetite suppressant and is a popular component in smoothies and drinks for its ability to boost metabolism and eliminate hunger pangs.

Are They Safe?

Appetite suppressants can be useful for people who need a little bit of a nudge to lose weight. Shedding off a few pounds by sheer will may not be that easy for most people. These natural and commercial substances can help them fend off the cravings that cause them to consume large amounts of food, a definite no-no if they want to avoid the problems that come with obesity and weight gain.

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By taking a dietary supplement, you can help assist yourself in losing weight. By taking the correct supplement for your body and nutritional needs, you can see faster and more effective results. You will probably notice that you have more energy to complete task throughout the day. If you are considering taking a supplement to aid in weight lost, do not hesitate to ask questions, shop around, and above all-talk to your doctor before committing to purchasing a dietary supplement. It is also important to remember that a supplement will help you lose weight, but you have to be behind the motivation. Supplements help those eating healthy, nutritional foods, exercise, and sleep well to lose weight.