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Having congested sinuses feels absolutely awful and it seems like there is nothing can be done about it other than take medication. If you would like to find a different solution, then you may want to try Navage. It is a nasal irrigator and no other product like it exists on the market today. It irrigates, but it also uses suction, thereby effectively clearing the nasal passage. Navage is a patented device that does not require you to make complicated measurements and it is also very easy to clean. So is this a product you should consider buying?

What Is Navage?

Navage uses nose irrigation, something that many doctors recommend to help people get rid of congested sinuses without turning to medication or nose sprays. What sets it apart is that it gently sucks the congestion out of the nasal passages. It does not, therefore, require you to push a saline solution completely through the nasal passages, which is effective but also very uncomfortable. That said, Navage does require a saline solution as well.

The developer of Navage is someone who suffered from sinusitis for many years and he wanted to have a method that would allow him to feel more comfortable without constantly dealing with sinus infections. He turned towards nasal irrigation, which is something that many people have tried before. He found it to be incredibly effective, but also inconvenient and very uncomfortable. Hence, he wanted to develop something that worked just as well but that eliminated the drawbacks. The result is the Navage system.

While the system also makes use of a saline solution, the solution is made available in a ready-made pot. This means no measurements are needed, nor any mixing. Additionally, instead of using pressure to blow things through the sinuses, Navage uses suction to take it out.

How Does It Work?

At present, Navage is the only nasal irrigator of its kind on the market, using suction instead of pressure. According to the developers, it has been clinically proven to be effective for nasal congestion. They also state that, if used regularly, breathing becomes mush easier. Of course, the user friendliness of this product is what truly sets it apart. It takes just a few moments to set the system up, and it is effective, fast, convenient, and completely safe.

Other products do exist that claim to have a similar effect. Neti pots and the nasal squeeze tend to be the most popular and common. With the latter, the tip of a device is placed into the nose, after which you squeeze the bottle. A neti pod, meanwhile, is placed inside the nose after which the pot tips upward. Both, therefore, use pressure instead of suction and it means the saline solution has to pass fully through the sinuses. While they still irrigate the nasal packages, they are hugely uncomfortable.

One of the other added benefits of using the Navage system is that it can be used to prevent sinus congestion. If used regularly, it will remove various microscopic particles, such as dust, pollution, and pollen, from the nasal cavity. Hence, developing congestion or sinusitis is much less likely, which is a great relief for many people.

That being said, even using Navage results in a strange sensation. Both nasal passages are closed when the device is in use, which means the solution doesn’t leak out. However, you do have to get used to the sensation of nasal pillows in your nostrils, which are needed to create the vacuum. You will then feel a sucking sensation, after which salt water starts to flow. Meanwhile, suction continues, pulling the sinus congestion out, storing it in the tank. All of this takes no more than 20 seconds and you can simply continue to breathe through your mouth. However, it is recommended to talk as little as possible to avoid the solution getting drained into the back of the throat.

Before the process ends, you also have to close your mouth. This will make sure that all of the saline can get out of the sinuses. You then blow your nose so that any leftovers in the sinus cavities are removed. It is often described by people as similar to swallowing water from the pool. Whether you find this unpleasant depends on the individual.

What matters most, however, is that you will feel almost instant relief. Do make sure that you use the right amount of water. You need 236ml to make sure the saline can be diluted properly. Use too little, and you may feel uncomfortable and even a sensation of burning. As soon as you have completed the process, however, you find a great reduction in the pressure in your sinuses, and breathing will become easier again. Plus, you only have to go through the entire process once, rather than once per nostril, because it does both nostrils at the same time. Just 20 seconds of a strange sensation and you will be able to breathe, smell, and taste normally again.

Navage Salt Pods

Navage Salt Pods

If you want to use the Navage, you do have to purchase saline pods as well. Naturally, when you first purchase your system, you will get some with it. After that, you will have to buy more. Thankfully, they are not overly expensive. They are not reusable, however, and the machine won’t work until you put a new salt pod in place.

Of course, the fact that the system does require a continuous investment, even if it is a small one, is something that you need to take into consideration if you want to decide whether it is good for you or not. Overall, it seems that most people find that the cost is certainly worth it. If you use any other type of irrigation system, you will also have to purchase saline solutions, after all.

Each salt pod contains purified water and pure sea salt. No additives or fillers are included in the pods. There is even a guarantee that the pods contain 99.99% sodium chloride. Because the solution comes in a pod, you don’t have to mix and measure it. You are guaranteed to always have the right ratio and you won’t feel any burning or discomfort as a result of too high concentrations of saline.

Prices and What You Get

The company offers a number of different bundles and prices. At the time of this writing, they were:

  1. The Basic Bundle, which costs $84.95 and comes with the Navage system and 20 salt pods.

  2. The Starter Bundle, which costs $89.95 and comes with the Navage system and 30 salt pods, as well as the countertop caddy.

  3. The Deluxe Bundle, which costs $109.95 and comes with the Navage system, 50 salt pods, the countertop caddy, a travel case, and free shipping.

In terms of the salt pods, there were some super savings available at the time of this writing. Specifically, if you purchase three or more salt pod packs, which contain 30 pods per pack, you would only have to pay $9.95 instead of the usual $14.95 per pack. This means that the more you buy, the more you save as well.

What I Liked About Navage

  • It is very easy to use.

  • The entire process is over in 20 seconds, which means that even those who find it uncomfortable can cope with any strange sensations.

  • The solution is proven to be effective for a range of different sinus problems and nasal irrigation is recommended by doctors.

  • The company behind Navage is known for its excellent level of customer service.

  • Some people have mentioned that using the product has helped reduced their snoring as well.

What I Didn’t Like About Navage

  • The sensation felt during irrigation is quite unusual.

  • The pods are single use only and you need to buy more.

The Final Verdict

Having a stuffy nose is incredibly tiring and annoying. It is no surprise, therefore, that supermarkets and other stores stock up on a huge variety of decongestant products. However, most people do not want to take medication whenever they have a sinus problem. Sinus irrigation is recommended by many doctors, but, before Navage, the only systems that were available were highly uncomfortable to use. Navage aims to resolve this problem. Easy and completely safe to use and requiring no complicated measurements or mixes, it can help you breath easily in as little as 20 seconds.

Nasal irrigation certainly isn’t for everybody. The sensation is very strange at best, even if it is not painful, and some people simply do not like it. However, having congestion, and particularly chronic congestion, is always going to be worse. For them, therefore, Navage is likely to be worth a try.

While it is certainly true that you are effectively forced to stay with the same brand because of the salt pods, these pods are also guaranteed to be at the right ratio and to have pure ingredients. Again, it seems like every cloud has a silver lining. Overall, Navage is therefore 100% recommended, particularly considering that it was made by someone who truly knows what it’s like to suffer from sinus congestion.

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Barb Jones
December 29, 2018 3:15 PM

I have been using the Navage for about four months. I have had two sinus surgeries and have to do one nasal rinse with a salt solution and one rinse with a salt solution and a steroid everyday for the rest of my life. I do one rinse with the Navage with their salt solution pod and the steroid pill capsule which I have to open and dump in the Navage with the salt. The other rinse I do with the bottle and the salt package. Someone made the comment that you have to buy more salt solution pods, no different than buying the salt packages. If you call Navage and ordered a large quantity ( I know I will use one everyday) the cost is just a hair more that the packages that you can buy at walmart, walgreens, cvs. I like to use the Navage first thing in the morning, I feel that it does a nice cleaning process from everything that you breath in during the night. so far I am very pleased and would recommend it to anyone. I think the biggest problem for most users is that possibly they haven’t or misunderstood the directions of the usage. If not used correctly I do believe it can cause some discomfort and possibly create problems that you did not have before usage. Problems can also occur if using the bottle and a salt package, I believe it is the User that can cause the problems. Causing a hole in the spectrum I find a little hard to believe not saying I am a Doctor and have the knowledge, it is my own opinion. Hope this helps. when I first got the Navage, after reading the instructions I called the 1-800 number and talked to a representative. They were very helpful and answered all of my questions. And NO, I am not an employee for the Navage, just a satisfied user of the Navage If I find any negatives about the device I will post my findings and let other users know and will also call the Company.

April 11, 2020 12:28 PM
Reply to  Barb Jones

Not working when l put pod in and close top???

Mike J. Kline
April 15, 2020 5:07 PM
Reply to  Judith

I’ve used mine twice before it took a dump! Junk! went to use the other day would not work, change batt. still not working? Now, if somebody is a little smarter might figure this out, but I’m ready to toss it. So, if you figured it out let me know. I would appreciate it.

mark m.
May 15, 2020 10:26 AM
Reply to  Mike J. Kline

I agree, I bought mine in feb. went to use it the other day and it would not pump water, Wife changed batteries while I was at work, still will not pump water. Very disappointed, Paid $100 for a piece of junk. Can’t find a link for information and if I remember, the 90 DAY warrantee says not to return to store.

L. Knight
June 27, 2019 1:49 PM

I bought my Navage at CVS for $100.00. The only complaint I have, is that after CVS ran out of the salt pods, I went on line to see if I could order direct, This is when I discovered I could have gotten the Deluxe kit, which included a counter top caddy, travel case and 50 pods for $109.00. It is a great product. I should have done my homework.

September 30, 2020 6:17 PM

No matter how I use it, I feel like I am choking. If this is what water boarding feels like, it’s horrible.

Me Me
August 16, 2019 1:10 PM

I come from the old days when my doctor told me to use a water-pick to irrigate my sinuses with alcholol. This is much better, but I’d like to use the alcholol, which does a better job of clearing things out. The system is setup only to be used with their pods. I don’t like that.

July 24, 2018 1:45 PM

I used this product, I have allergies, and suffer congestion regularly. After using it for several months, I found that the unit caused damage to my septum, and I now have a hole in it that causes a whistle when I breathe. Considering next steps, but do not plan to use this device going forward, due to the damage it has caused.

November 24, 2018 9:28 PM
Reply to  Jeff

Like seriously, dude? It caused a hole? Really? The gadget is what bored that hole? Hmmmmm. Not sure I can go along with that theory. I would have to see any pre-exiting conditions. At first glance this cause & effect, from Navage to hole, as espoused by Jeff seems a little flimsy.

bob stanford
February 10, 2019 5:18 PM
Reply to  jerknowsall

Me thinks he’s been snorting something else personally.