Neurofeedback Therapy Can Help Depression


Neurofeedback therapy (NFT) is an alternative treatment that can be used to help people with brain disorders. It does this by altering the brain’s electrical activity. Many people find it an appealing treatment because it is considered safe, with few side effects, unlike many of their experiences with traditional treatments. A large percentage of the individuals who participate in it find that their work performance increases. NFT gives hope to people who have almost given up on the idea that there is anything that will help with their disorder.

Neurofeedback therapy has been found to be effective for several disorders, in both children and adults. Some of them are:

•    epilepsy
•    migraines
•    depression
•    anxiety
•    anger problems

Many medical experts believe that disorders such as depression, ADHD, and migraines exist because of faulty electrical activity in the brain. Neurofeedback therapy teaches the brain to correct that faulty activity. This is done by putting electrodes on a patient’s head and having him or her play a game. A computer tracks the patient’s brain waves during the game. Once the game is finished, the clinician goes over the results with the patient, making him or her aware of what his or her brain waves look like when experiencing different emotions. The patient then begins the process of training his or her brain toward more regulated responses.

Because Neurofeedback therapy has few side effects, and does not require medication for it to be effective, many people prefer it to a more traditional approach to treating their disorder. The  most common complaint about NFT is a feeling of exhaustion after a session. Clinicians can reduce the session’s intensity in order to lessen that feeling. People who are on medications for their disorder when they begin NFT are often able to either lower their dose, or stop taking it all together after they have had several sessions.

People do not have to have a brain disorder in order to benefit from the effects of Neurofeedback therapy. It can also be used to enhance a person’s work performance. Using NFT, people can train their brains to be more focused on the task in front of them, and it gives them a sense of self-control that they did not have before. As their sense of self-control increases, they will feel less worked related anxiety and stress, making them more comfortable in their work environment.

For people who cannot get relief from medications or do not want to take the traditional approach for their disorder, Neurofeedback therapy is a viable alternative. It has been shown to be helpful for several brain related disorders, and it requires absolutely no medication to be effective. Unlike medications, it has few side effects. Even people without any type of brain disorder can benefit from NFT. It can be used to enhance work performance by helping the mind  become more focused, and reducing worked related stress. The brain is a powerful tool, and NFT helps make it a more effective one.

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Alvin Berry
Alvin Berry

Mindsparke Special Edition offers “Nuepro”, which is complex sound filters and modulations. You’re supposed to listen to the them through earphones or headphones for about a 40 minute period 3 times a week. It’s referred to as brain entrainment. Is this the same a NFT? I’m interested in the benefits of “Neuropro” for someone with slight depression and difficulties staying on tasks to their completion.