A Review of Nioxin – What You Need for Perfect Hair?

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If you are suffering from hair loss, you may have been looking online for solutions to help you fight this. If you have, chances are that you have already come across Nioxin. Notably, it tries to take a very different approach on how to address hair loss, not in the least that they don’t try to attract you with tons of before and after pictures, or claims of you having a full head of hair with just one application. They simply state that their product, used once on the morning, will help you prevent further hair loss. A pretty bold claim, but considering that they have thousands of positive reviews, it is certainly worth looking into. So what is Nioxin, and is it worth your money?

What Is Nioxin?

Nioxin was first developed in 1987 by Eva Graham, who suffered from significant hair loss after her child was born. In 2008, the company was acquired by Procter and Gamble. The product is “salon quality”, which means that it is used by professional stylists and can generally be purchased there as well. Graham’s goal has been to make retaining hair affordable, and the prices of the products continue to be very reasonable to this day.

Nioxin is not one standalone product. Rather, it is a range of hair masques, styling products, conditioners, and so on. Their main system comes with six different options. You need to look at your own hair, therefore, in order to determine which option is best for you. Each system includes a shampoo, a conditioner, and a scalp treatment. This is one of the things that makes Nioxin unique because it doesn’t just address the hair problem, but it treats the scalp as well. In so doing, it helps not just to fight thinning hair, but also seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff.

The Ingredients

Nioxin is quite secretive about the ingredients. What they have revealed is that their formulas include:

  • The Transactive Delivery System, which contains purifying agents, such as antioxidants, vitamins, and botanicals. These get to work on cleaning out clogged follicles, removing residue, such as sebum.

  • The BioAMP, which includes conditioning ingredients, such as cystine amino acids that help to thicken the diameter of the hair follicle, thereby strengthening the hair against damage and breakage, and reducing hair loss.

  • The Glyco-Shield, which includes protective conditioning ingredients, such as peppermint oil, white tea extract, and humectants, which are designed to balance moisture levels in hair that has been color-treated, while rejuvenating the scalp at the same time.

  • The Activ-Renewal, which cleanses with ingredients like white tea extract and peppermint oil, making hair shinier and refreshed.

  • The Scalp Access Delivery System, which includes purifying agents such as vitamins and botanicals, as well as SPF 15 sunscreen. This helps to unclog the follicles from sebum and other residue, while protecting the scalp from UV damage.

  • The Smoothplex, which contains conditioning agents, such as amino acids and kukui nut, leaving the hair silky smooth by restoring moisture balance. It also fortifies against damage, thereby reducing hair loss.

The Six Systems

When people want to try Nioxin, they usually mean one of their hair system kits. There are six different ones to try and it is recommended to use them for a period of six months to a year before you can really determine whether they work or not. The six systems are:

  1. The Nioxin Hair System 1 Kit, which is suitable for normal to thin-looking hair. This is a two-bottle formula that works on the hair roots, blocking or reducing DHT, thereby strengthening hair.

  2. The Nioxin Hair System 2 Kit, which is suitable for noticeably fine, thinning hair. This works the same way as System 1.

  3. The Nioxin Hair System 3 Kit, which is suitable for chemically treated hair that is normal to thin-looking. This system doesn’t regrow hair, but it does make the shafts thicker, thereby covering any balding spots.

  4. The Nioxin Hair System 4 Kit, which is suitable for chemically treated hair that is medium to course and normal to thin-looking. This is a cleanser and conditioner and helps to gently block DHT.

  5. The Nioxin Hair System 5 Kit, which is suitable for chemically treated or normal hair that is medium to course and normal to thin-looking.

  6. The Nioxin Hair System 6 Kit, which is suitable for chemically treated or normal hair that is medium to coarse and noticeably thinning. This comes in three delivery systems, each of which is patented: SmoothPlex, Active-Renewal, and ScalpAccess. They help the hair roots receive important bio-nutrients, strengthening them significantly. This also contains SPF 15.

You can also choose to purchase a Starter Kit, which contains a shampoo and conditioner, as well as the scalp treatment. When all three are used together, it becomes the most effective of all. Shampoo and conditioner can be used on alternating days, whereas the scalp treatment should be used twice a day. You may then start to notice results in as little as six weeks.

Lastly, there is the Nioxin Diamaz Thickening Xtrafusion Treatment, which helps to create more volume by thickening each strand of hair. This product can be applied to wet or dry hair and simply has to be massaged into the roots of the hair and the scalp. It is a leave-in treatment and most people use it on alternating days, together with their shampoo and conditioner.

Nioxin System

When Can You Expect Results?

The big question is, of course, how soon can you see your hair getting thicker. According to the Nioxin website, you should see results after about 30 days. However, testimonials suggest that most people start to see a difference after around three months, if used daily, the full results become visible within six months to a year. However, most people also mention that they feel their scalp is healthier and less weighed down after just a few treatments. If you suffer from genetic hair loss, then you definitely have to use it for at least six months to see if there is a result. You are likely to feel a sense of invigoration almost straight away, just like those with other forms of hair loss. Most people also notice a slight bit of redness on their scalp in the first week or two of using the product.

Side Effects

According to Nioxin, there are no side effects associated with using their product. However, a lot of people have mentioned that they observed some redness on their scalp in the first few weeks of using it, although this is not painful and does not last for long. There have been a number of other reported side effects to be aware of, such as:

  • Itchy scalp

  • Flaky scalp

  • Tenderness or swelling of the scalp

  • Redness of the scalp

  • Hair loss

  • Dry hair

That being said, Nioxin has been available since 1987, and while some people may experience mild side effects, the product is considered to be safe and has not caused any serious problems, or long-term problems. Furthermore, the reported side effects are usually of a temporary nature and believed to be related to the scalp getting properly cleaned and cleansed.

What I Liked about the Nioxin System

  • It is very easy to use, just as a normal shampoo and conditioner system.

  • It can be used by men and women alike.

  • It is made from natural and safe ingredients.

  • A cosmetic thickening effect is noticeable in a very short time of using it.

  • The products have received thousands of positive reviews, with people noticing a remarkable decrease in shedding and thinning.

  • It is available in different sets depending on the type of hair of the user, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all solution.

  • It helps to thicken the individual strands of hair.

  • It is surprisingly affordable.

  • The brand has been around since 1987 and was acquired by Procter & Gamble, one the world’s biggest companies.

  • It helps to slow down the natural thinning of hair.

  • It cleans the scalp of residue.

  • Some of the products even contain SPF protection to further help the scalp get and stay healthy.

What I Didn’t Like about the Nioxin System

  • You need to use the system for quite some time before you can really start to see results.

  • You should not use their products if you take Rogaine or another minoxidil medication, which Nioxin warns against.

  • You have to keep using the product, or else the results will fade.

  • It is unlikely that this product can help you regrow hair strands that have been permanently lost.

  • The thickening effect is more clearly visible in certain types of hair. This means that the results will vary depending on the user.

The Final Verdict

One of the best things about Nioxin is that you can create a solution that works for you and your hair in particular, rather than having a one-size-fits-all option that assumes everybody’s hair is exactly the same. There are, in fact, six different kits, each of which contain the shampoo (cleanser), conditioner (therapy) and scalp treatment. Nioxin recognizes that people with extra fine hair, or people with chemically treated hair (hair dye, perms, chemical straighteners, etc), have different requirements in terms of treatment.

At the end of the day, however, what matters is whether or not this product works. While it will certainly take some time before you really start to see the results, thousands of positive reviews cannot all be wrong. If you are happy to permanently switch to this particular system, therefore, you could once again enjoy beautiful, shiny, and thick hair.

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Cindy Corron
March 9, 2018 1:05 PM

I used this product for over a month I noticed my blood pressure became very high and heart rate was very fast. I didn’t know what was causing this until one day I didn’t use the product and my blood pressure and heart rate went back to normal and I used it that night and blood pressure and heart rate were high again so I will never use this again and hope that people will read this and think twice before using this product I wish I had been told about this before I tried it myself.

November 8, 2019 11:22 PM
Reply to  Cindy Corron

Same thing happened to me. Absolutely terrifying and had no idea until I stopped using it.

December 9, 2017 8:28 AM

I have used Nioxin since April 2017 and absolutely see no difference . Will not be buying again

September 14, 2017 3:49 PM

I’ve been using the Nioxin system since May 2017. I always had a full head of hair and the actual strands being fine and not coarse. As I’ve aged the thickness lessened and my temples look sparse. I had hoped the product would bring back some of the fullness to my hair and fill in my temples. No change as of mid-September! Frustrating!

Amy Van Ho
October 8, 2018 8:05 PM

The hair products I purchased have done nothing for my hair but make it worse by the time I get done my hair has a nasty film on it and it’s a rest nest which creates more hair issues.

January 31, 2018 9:26 PM

I have been using Nioxin for 5 months and have experienced hair loss. Yikes!

Martha Lehto
January 24, 2018 2:41 PM

I used the Nioxin scalp activating treatment and the product immediately gave me a rash on my face and neck. I called the customer service and demanded my money back and they refused. I would not recommend their products to anybody! I will be sure to tell all my friends about your crappy products!

May 14, 2019 11:01 PM

It contains Minoxydil which can affect the cardio vascular system. I’m shocked that these side effects aren’t reported. ( look up side-effects of Rogain: heart palpitations, confusion, tingling, etc,.). I just started using this product two weeks ago and have been experiencing all these negative side-effects not connecting them with my new shampoo! Suddenly it occurred to me that rminoxydil was originally used for treatment of hypertension! I looked it up and read all the symptoms I’ve been experiencing. I think this product is possibly dangerous for anyone with blood pressure issues. I will stop using it.

January 2, 2019 1:21 PM

I have been using the system 4 for 3 months. Has anybody experienced loss of taste after using this? I have not changed anything else. I’ve used nioxin for several years, but just recently started using the scalp treatment along with the shampoo.

Susan Groover
March 6, 2018 9:52 AM

This was a good product. The 2006 formula, system 1 worked well. The change in the formula is a huge fail. Further, change to the formula without notice is a deceptive practice. I am looking for a replacement. I believe the original company sold the name and this is when the change was made and manufacturing was moved out of the U.S.