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Dr. David Williams is one of the world’s leading experts on natural healing, having travelled around the world to find and study supplements that are proven to work. As we age, we can develop digestive problems because our levels of healthy bacteria begin to diminish. It is therefore often necessary to replenish the good bacteria in our digestive systems.

Many probiotics are not effective because they don’t deliver live and viable bacteria to where they are most needed. But Probiotic Advantage avoids this problem because it contains a triple layer coating developed by Japanese researchers that has been clinically proven to make it completely resistant to stomach acids. Dr. Williams has selected 10 powerful strains of probiotics for this formulation.

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Customer Reviews, Testimonials, and Complaints

“I suffered a couple of miserable accidents before starting on Probiotics and have control of my bowels again. Be sure to look for a Probiotic with a coating that allows the beneficial flora to get into the large intestine. Most of what’s out there, and the special yogurt, don’t do much good because they are digested before getting to the bowel. Google Probiotic Advantage, I know that one works.”

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“I have been taking Probiotic Advantage for a month, daily. I am sold on the product and recommend daily, regular, usage! I recently returned from an annual trip to Hawaii. I love the exotic cultural foods and always loved eating everything. In the past, I suffered from bloating, indigestion, and irregularities, but not this time. For the first time, after heavy eating, I came home feeling good and have been “regular” daily. What a great product!”

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“I have been battling candida for more than 8 years, and have also been through various antifungals along the way. One VERY IMPORTANT thing to remember is that unless you replace your intestinal flora (bacteria) with probiotics all the antifungal use will have failed once you stop taking them. The candida will just come right back unless you restock the gut with friendly bacteria. This is why its important to take probiotics along with antifungals. There are 3 very good brands to look for: Natures Biotic, Probiotic Advantage, and Primal Defense. All of these are good ones and offer a broad spectrum of bacteria that closely matches naturally occuring flora in our gut.”

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“A probiotic is a great help for me. I take one sold by Dr David Williams called Probiotic Advantage. It is not a prescription and is easiest to order online. Unlike the one referenced on this Board, it does not require refrigeration, and is coated so the good bacteria (1 million per capsule!) get to your gut where it is needed.
You should also check out whether gluten is contributing to your problem. That’s pretty easy to do by eliminating breads and other gluten-creating products from your diet for a week.”

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Does Probiotic Advantage Really Work?

icn_commentOur Research Suggests:

According to the online research that we have done from consumer reports on forums, websites, blogs, and wikis, customers appear satisfied.

Large numbers of users have reported good results, especially compared with the effectiveness and ratings of other products in the market. This product is worth considering.

Product Details

Company Information

Mountain Home Nutritionals
700 Indian Springs Dr.
Lancaster, PA 17601


Proprietary Probiotic Blend
L. acidophilus, B. longum, B. lactis,
L. plantarum, L. rhamnosus, L. paracasei, B. bifidum, L. salivarius, L. gasseri,
B. infantis
Other ingredients: palm oil, gelatin, glycerin, soy lecithin, and pectin.CONTAINS SOY

Ships to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland & Others. See official site for details or availability in stores.
Scam / Fraud Reports: None Found
Return Policy: Contact merchant for details
Where to buy: (official website)

About Probiotics

Considered beneficial, probiotics are live microbial organisms naturally found in the digestive tract. They are thought to promote health by improving the immune system, suppressing the growth of harmful bacteria, and helping to produce vitamin K.An imbalance of bacteria called dysbiosis can be caused by diet and lifestyle factors including environmental toxins, taking antibiotics, and insufficient dietary fiber.Some reasons people take probiotics:

  • Constipation
  • Colon Cancer Prevention
  • Pouchitis
  • Side Effects of Radiation Therapy
  • Vaginal Yeast Infections
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Prevention of Colds
  • Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth
  • Canker Sores
  • Diarrhea Due to Antibiotic Use
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Traveler’s Diarrhea
  • Immune Support
  • Lactose Intolerance
  • Allergic Rhinitis / Hayfever

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