Resveratrol Facts And Potential Benefits


Resveratrol is a natural occurring substance found in the skin of grapes used to produce red wine. Scientists have discovered significant health benefits in this substance. Research scientists in the laboratories believe that this component of red wine contains properties that may lower bad cholesterol which is labeled (LDL), may prevent the prolific growth of future cancer cells, may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and may provide antioxidant protection against stressors that contribute to aging, in addition to preventing and slowing the development of blood clots.

Often these substances are referred to as polyphenols, or “red-wine extract”. Red wine is the source and will provide several times more of this natural substance than white wine. White wines lack grape skins in their production.

Lab studies show that resveratrol can contribute to prolonging life spans and improve health. Experiments induced lost weight, increased metabolism and increased physical endurance. Scientists believe that restricted caloric intake turns on the cell’s survival defense enzyme, supporting the idea that health in human life is benefited by caloric restriction, activating the gene that determines survival. This is believed to reduce cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Moderate red wine drinking is thought to reduce the risk of heart disease by preventing blood platelets from clumping and causing a blood clot. Studies may indicate that there are benefits to consuming red wine and the basic properties of this natural plant compound are anti-cancer, anti-heart disease, and anti-inflammatory. Resveratrol has been shown to suppress build up on artery walls, which can lead to clogged arteries.

In the realm of anti-aging, resveratrol shows promise in several studies whereby moderate red wine consumption is associated with a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Wine is full of antioxidant compounds that have potential nerve protection properties. In one study, this substance is shown to lower the levels of a specific protein that clumps in the brain as a result of a gene variation, resulting in memory loss and dementia, which are a part of Alzheimer’s disease.

Research continues to uncover resveratrol’s potential to positively change the outcome of health. Studies show this powerful compound has the ability to prevent inflammation, infection, and provides antioxidant properties to deter aging. The important goal in these studies is the attempt to slow the aging process and extend life, in addition to lessening the negative effects of an unhealthy lifestyle. Activation of the bodies natural defenses is an important key to lessening the diseases common in aging and research is turning to this natural substance in wine to unlock the bodies own potential to protect itself.

Studies show that in order attain the adequate amount of this natural beneficial byproduct to achieve the maximum benefits would require consuming 1,000 bottles of red wine daily. In addition, this substance is easily destroyed by air and light, making the storage of wine extremely critical in the preservation of the beneficial properties. Wine must be stored in air-tight, climate controlled and temperature monitored environment to protect the content.

Resveratrol can now be consumed in ways other than wine drinking, and science makes it readily available through dietary supplements. Today, the benefits of this byproduct derived from the grape skins in red wine are widely accessible in full potency in easily absorbed tablets, pills or rapidly dissolving lozenges.

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Resveratrol studies show great potential in the therapy of many conditions. This potent chemical is shown to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-infective properties, in addition to the ability to recharge the gene responsible for long life in mice. These important studies serve to try to slow the aging process, extend life and lessen the negative effects of an unhealthy lifestyle. Science shows that activation of the body’s own defense system through this substance is key in unlocking the possibility of helping the body to heal itself.