Safe Skin Lightening


For centuries people have made an effort to try and make themselves more beautiful according to the standard that was prevalent in their time. To some that meant dieting or gaining weight. To others hair and how it was styled was the issue of importance. However despite all of this, from the past up until present day, people have made efforts to lighten their skin to a level that they found acceptable. This is a personal choice of course, but some have discovered the hard way that there is a right and a wrong way to go about it. Here are some tips on safe skin lightening.

Take Advantage of Natural Options

Most have heard of using lemon juice to lighten skin gradually, and this is fairly effective in cases where there are a few dots here and there to rid yourself of, but if you are looking to lighten your entire body there are still practical options available to you. For one thing, there are skin lightening soaps with natural ingredients that can be used to lighten skin. Look for products of that nature that contain ingredients such as kojic acid or papaya. These ingredients are not chemically based and as such they can be used without harming the skin as soon as you have verified that you are not allergic. Dermbrasion and microdermbrasion can also be used to excellent results.

Follow The Instructions

If you use a peel, a cream, or an at-home kit make sure that you follow the instructions. A good example can be seen particularly in the use of products that contain hydroquinone in them. This chemical acts as a melanin-inhibitor and although it is extremely useful for clearing up spots, it should not be used for overall lightening or for more than three months at a time. Following the directions can save you a lot of heartache.

Use Sunscreen

As most people are already aware, too much contact with the sun can actually make skin darker. While nobody wants to be stuck indoors all the time, in some cases people will do exactly that in order to lighten their skin. An easier and more effective method of preserving the effects of your lightening treatment while still allowing you to thrive independently. This is the treatment that you want to use. Make sure that you are using a broad spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 before going out and you will see your skin lightening that much more quickly.

For all the warnings you will hear today about skin lightening whether in favor or against, it is important to make sure first of all that lighter skin is what you are looking for. It is a personal choice after all, and in many cases should you change your mind it is reversible. By using natural options your skin can recover that much more easily. Following the directions and recommendations for the products you use is another important thing to consider. It will help you keep your skin healthy during this process. Lastly, in order to protect and preserve your skin and your progress use sunscreen daily and before going outdoors. Best of luck.

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You can also control the amount of water you drink (64 ounces a day is recommended) and amount of exercise you get. Both of these help your body create antioxidants which clear your system of toxins and keep if from becoming so overloaded that liver spots appear on your skin.