Skinnytabs Review

Whether summer is just around the corner, you are planning a vacation to a tropical location, you’re just feeling bloated and uncomfortable in your own skin – whatever the case may be – if you’re trying to drop a few pounds, there’s no doubt you want the fastest results possible. There are tons of different diet and exercise programs you can try and an endless supply of weight loss supplements that you can use, but when you want to lose, you want something that offers immediate effects.

“Detoxification” is one of the biggest buzzwords circulating around the weight loss world right now. Simply called “detox”, these diets involve following a strict regimen of foods and beverages (or sometimes just beverages) in an attempt to cleanse the body of toxins. A lot of the foods and beverages that we consume contain high levels of harmful toxins, and overtime, those toxins accumulate within our systems, causing bloating, weight gain, and numerous other adverse side effects. Therefore, by “detoxing”, you are releasing those harmful toxins that have built up within your body in hopes of alleviating bloating, shedding a few pounds, and just improving how you feel.

Detox diets can be frustrating, to say the least. Sticking to a very strict diet – if even for just a week – can be extremely difficult; especially if you’re doing one of those diets that involves only eating specific diets of fruits and drinking water, or only permits you to drink water and a blended “shake” of fruits, veggies, and powdered supplements that taste anything but pleasant. In general, detox diets are less-than satiating and can end up making you feel pretty cranky and crummy; however, the weight loss that they promise (and that some actually do deliver) make trying – and sticking with – a detox diet worthwhile.

If you’re interested in jumping on the detox bandwagon, there’s a new product on the market that may have caught your attention: Skinnytabs. Marketed as detox tablets, Skinnytabs make some pretty big claims, but do they stand up to the hype? Before you order a supply, read on to learn more about these detox tablets to determine if they’re actually worth your while.

What are Skinnytabs?

Skinnytabs, as mentioned, are detoxification tablets. According to the manufacture’s website, they’re made in the United States at FDA-registered and GMP-certified facilities and are comprised of “premium-quality superfoods”. There are a total of 15 superfoods packed into each Skinnytabs, which are kind of like those fizzy tablets you would take when you have acid indigestion. The website claims that the combination of these superfoods will help you “get the bloating and weight loss results you want…”.

While the manufacturer says that they’re located in the United States, we couldn’t find an actual address to confirm their location. However, they do offer some contact information on their site:

Phone: 737.204.8551

Email address: [email protected]

There’s also a FAQ and Help Center on the Skinntabs website, as well as an automated Help section, where you can type in your questions and receive immediate answers (though we aren’t sure if those answers are computer generated or if they’re provided by an actual associate).

What Skinnytabs Advertises

As per the Skinnytabs website, this detox supplement claims that it can help users:

  • Lose weight
  • Burn fat
  • Flush out toxins
  • Minimize bloating
  • Increase energy levels
  • Control cravings

The makers of Skinnytabs also say that their detox tablets are “safe and very effective”. They claim to be keto- and vegan-friendly, low carb, and non-GMO. They also say that they don’t use any laxatives in their product, something that most other detoxes contain, so you won’t have to worry about having excessive bowel movements. Additionally, Skinnytabs can supposedly provide you with “calm and focused energy” , as they’re comprised of 40 mg of caffeine, which is derived from green tea, so you won’t experience jitters or crashes like you would with other caffeinated beverages, such as coffee or energy drinks.

Skinnytabs Ingredients

Skinnytabs, as mentioned, are comprised of 15 superfoods, including:

  • Burdock root, which increases metabolism and burns fat, minimizes cravings, and enhances circulation.
  • Pomegranate, which is packed with essential nutrients that reduce inflammation, reduce blood pressure, and improve digestion.
  • Ginger root to enhance digestion, reduce inflammation, eliminate body waste, increase metabolism, and burn fat.
  • Dandelion, an “ancient remedy and detoxifier” that reduces blood sugar levels, cleanses the liver, and aids in detoxification.
  • Milk thistle, or the “ultimate full body cleanser”, which assists with lowering blood sugar levels, cleanses the liver, and curbs cravings.
  • Lemon balm, with reduces stress levels, burns fat, lowers blood pressure levels, and enhances metabolism.
  • Chlorella, that encourages weight loss, reduces blood sugar, and lowers bad cholesterol levels.
  • Aloe Vera, which restores the health of the gut
  • Matcha tea, a “metabolism boosting superfood”
  • Goji berry, the “original cleansing superfood”
  • Green tea, a natural weight loss remedy that has been used for centuries.
  • Ginseng root, a powerful anti-inflammatory.
  • Elderberry, an ancient immune system strengthener
  • Beet root, that encourages weight loss, reduces cholesterol and lowers blood pressure levels.
  • Wheatgrass, which improves the health of the digestive system.

Do note that these ingredients are only extracts and are not derived from the original plants; therefore, the benefits may not be as powerful as you would expect.

It’s also important to note the ingredients that Skinnytabs do not contain:

  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Soy
  • GMOs
  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Sugar
  • Wheat

Given what they manufacturers says that they lack, it can be assumed that Skinnytabs are allergen-free and safe to use if you do not want to consume GMOs. We could not find out if they are organic. Additionally, if you suffer from a serious allergy, it may be in your best interest to contact the manufacturer directly and consult with your healthcare professional to ensure that they are safe to use.

How to Take Skinnytabs

Using Skinnytabs is pretty easy. All you need to do is place a one tablet in a 16 to 20 fluid ounce glass of water (any temperature is fine), allow the tablet to fully dissolve (which takes between 3 and 12 minutes, depending on the temperature of the water), and drink down the mixture.

The manufacturer says that to experience optimal results, you should drink Skinnytab-infused water 30 minutes before eating.

Are there any Side Effects?

Yes, there are some potential side effects that you may experience when you take Skinnytabs. As we discussed above, they do contain 40 mg of caffeine, so you may experience jitters , excessive energy levels, and some difficulty sleeping, especially if you aren’t used to using caffeine. Additionally, some users said that they experienced some nausea while taking the product. Also, because the product does contain sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate, you may experience heightened levels of thirst.

Diuretics are used in Skinnytabs. Diuretics are designed to flush water out of the body, so you may find that you’re urinating more often than you usually would when you’re taking this detox supplement.

Lastly, while the manufacturer claims that they product does not contain any laxatives, it actually does. Several of the ingredients that are used are known to produce laxative-like effects; dandelion, ginger, Aloe Vera, and milk thistle, in particular. However, the laxative-like effects are difficult to determine, as only a small amounts of these extracts are used in the formula.

With all of that said, we recommend that you try starting out using only a small amount so you can get a feel for how Skinnytabs will affect you.

Pros and Cons

As with any other product, there are some pros and cons. Let’s take a look at both:


  • Contains 15 natural superfoods
  • Users say that the flavor is pretty tasty
  • They’re easy to take
  • You *may* lose weight and reduce bloating
  • They’re allergen-free


  • They are astronomically expensive. A starter kit, which includes 30 tabs, was being sold for $54 at the time of writing; 32% lower than the $79 the manufacturer usually asks for. While you do receive a discount if you order more, it’s still pretty pricey.
  • It contains caffeine, which may not agree with you.
  • Both diuretics and laxatives are featured in Skinnytabs, so you may find that you’re going to the bathroom more frequently and you might experience an upset stomach.
  • It takes a pretty long time for the tablets to dissolve; between 3 and 12 minutes, depending on the temperature of the water.
  • Given the fact that they’re a “detox” tablet, any results that you do see probably won’t last long.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to lose weight fast but you don’t expect long-term results – and you don’t mind paying a hefty price tag – Skinnytabs may be the right option for you. They are made of natural ingredients, which is a good thing, and they’re allergen- and GMO-free, which is also a good thing. Additionally, they’re relatively easy to take and most users do say that they have experienced some degree of weight loss. However, with that said, it is important to note that you shouldn’t expect to see long-term effects; like most detox diets and detox products, Skinnytabs use diuretics and laxatives to aide in weight loss and to reduce bloating, so while they may slim you down for the short-term, the results likely won’t be long-lasting.

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