SuperBeets Review – The Superfood That Gives You The Power Of Nitric OxideSuperBeets Jar

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If you are interested in health products and supplements, then it is likely that you have heard about the awesome power of the beetroot. There is a lot of hype going about it, and this has led to a number of clinical research to investigate its health effects. One product, known as SuperBeets, has been developed based on these studies. But what is it, what does it do, and do you really need it?

What Is SuperBeets?

SuperBeets is described as a nitric oxide booster. It is made up of beetroot powder (non-GMO), as well as malic acid, natural apple flavor, and stevia. All you need to do is add a scoop of SuperBeets to a glass of water and drink it once a day. According to the manufacturers, this will lead to improved blood pressure, energy, and overall performance. The product has been created by HumanN, which was previously called Neogenis Labs. The company was founded by Dr. Nathan Bryan in 2009 and has since developed a number of important products, of which SuperBeets is the most popular. In fact, various third party retailers now stock it.

How Does It Work?

SuperBeets has been designed to be easily mixed with water. It is also possible to add it to a range of other recipes, and HumanN has included a number of them on the website. This ensure that people can enjoy the product in various ways. It has been scientifically proven that nitric oxide is beneficial to reduce fatigue and improve overall performance, while at the same time boosting cardiovascular health. However, as always, it is important not take the product as a substitute for medication without having been specifically advised by a physician. It should be noted that beetroot powder can cause a significant drop in blood pressure. For this reason, HumanN recommends that people who are unsure about their blood pressure to have it measured first, or speak to their family physician about the appropriateness of this product for them.

Supplement Facts and Ingredients

There are two SuperBeet products available: Original Flavor and Black Cherry Flavor. In the Original Flavor, the ingredients are:

  • Non-GMO beetroot powder

  • Fermented non-GMO beetroot powder

  • Natural apple flavor

  • Malic acid

  • Magnesium ascorbate

  • Stevia leaf extract

One serving contains:

  • 15 calories

  • 65mg of sodium (3% of the recommended daily value)

  • 160mg of potassium (5% of the recommended daily value)

  • 4 grams of carbohydrates, three of which are from sugars (1% of the recommended daily value)

  • 1 gram of protein (2% of the recommended daily value)

  • 10mg of magnesium (2% of the recommended daily value)

  • 50mg of vitamin C (83% of the recommended daily value)

The black cherry flavor contains similar ingredients and its nutritional values are exactly the same as those found in the original flavor.

SuperBeets Nutrition & IngredientsPrices and What You Get

It must be said that SuperBeet is not really cheap. However, it is also true that you pay for what you get, and this product does seem to be of high quality. Indeed, considering the amount of nutritional elements it contains, it would cost you exactly the same if you were to use natural beetroots. Furthermore, the company regularly has special offers available, including discounts for bulk purchases. As such, at the time of this writing, prices were as follows:

  • A single tub of SuperBeets, which equates to 30 servings, costs $39.95, plus $8.95 in shipping and handling fees.

  • If you purchase two tubs of SuperBeets, you will receive one free. This offers a savings of 33%. This would cost $79.90, equating to $26.63 for each tub. Furthermore, shipping and handling are free of charge.

  • If you purchase four tubs of SuperBeets, you will receive two free. This offers a savings of 37%. It costs $149.90, equating to just $24.98 for each tub. Furthermore, shipping and handling are also free.

Side Effects of SuperBeets

If you research SuperBeets, as you should, you will notice that some people have mentioned experiencing some side effects. Some of the common complaints were:

  • Disturbed sleeping patterns, with some people finding that they struggle to get to sleep. However, it should be noted that SuperBeets has made it clear that their product provides more energy, which means it should be consumed in the morning. If used in the evening, you will find it difficult to sleep.

  • Irregular bowel movements and stomach cramps. Interestingly, these were more commonly observed in people who do not eat a healthy and balanced diet. Generally, these conditions will only last for a short period of time, and regularity of bowel movement should return soon thereafter. Unfortunately, many people who experience these side effects tend to avoid taking the product any further, which means that they never get to experience the benefits.

At the same time, a lot of people have mentioned that they do not experience any side effects at all, other than the benefits that the company has described. Furthermore, they often appreciate the taste, both in the Original and in the Black Cherry Flavor. One of the side effects that must be noted and is mentioned by the manufacturer, is that it can lead to a substantial drop in blood pressure. This is why it is not recommended for people whose blood pressure is already low, or who have concerns about their blood pressure. They will need to consult with their family physician first before taking the product.

The Science Behind SuperBeets

One of the key things of importance with SuperBeets is that it is backed by clinical evidence. Indeed, there have been numerous studies on the health benefits of beet juice and how these can positively affect the human body. Some of the benefits that have been studied and confirmed through research are that:

  • Muscle contraction improves.

  • Endurance improves.

  • It lowers blood pressure.

  • It improves overall cognitive functioning.

Unfortunately, no results have been mentioned yet about beetroot extract having a positive effect on metabolism, appetite, or weight loss, which are key benefits that SuperBeets claims their product has. On the other hand, just because clinical studies have not yet been conducted does not mean that these benefits do not exist. Furthermore, there have been a lot of customer testimonials that say this is exactly what they have experienced from taking the product. In addition, SuperBeets is based not solely on the power of beetroot, but also on that of nitric oxide, and this has been scientifically demonstrated to have positive effects on metabolism and appetite, as well as encouraging weight loss.

What I Liked About SuperBeets

  • The product is based on natural, non-GMO ingredients.

  • It is based on nitric oxide, which has been scientifically proven to have numerous health benefits. Beetroot itself, meanwhile, also has a variety of scientifically proven benefits, which is why it is considered a superfood.

  • It doesn’t taste of beetroot, which means it is a great way for people with a dislike of the vegetable to still have access to its benefits.

  • It is supported by a wealth of positive consumer comments and reviews.

  • It comes with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee.

  • The company offers discounts for bulk purchases.

What I Didn’t Like About SuperBeets

  • It should not be taken if you have low blood pressure. Those who have this condition or those who are unsure of their blood pressure should consult with a physician first.

  • Some people have experienced side effects after taking SuperBeets. While this is mainly due to taking it at the wrong time or not long enough, most people find it difficult to continue with a product if they do experience side effects.

  • While there is a significant degree of transparency in terms of what is in the product, the level of nitric oxide in one serving is not indicated.

  • It is quite expensive.

The Final Verdict on SuperBeets

If you plan to purchase a tub of SuperBeets, you will be making a smart move. There are thousands of positive customer comments to confirm that this product works and works well, and these comments seem genuine, not in the least because not everybody agrees. Furthermore, the product is made up of natural ingredients, many of which are backed by scientific evidence in terms of most of its purported health benefits. Nitric oxide in particular is known to be beneficial for weight loss purposes.

The fact that the product boosts energy is undeniable, not in the least because some people have actually complained that they found it difficult to sleep at night if they took the product late in the day. This added energy comes with increased endurance and stamina and that, put together, means any workouts will be more effective as well. Since you simply cannot sustain weight loss without also engaging in physical exercise, this can only be beneficial.

SuperBeets truly does seem to be one of the better products of its kind on the market today. It contains non-GMO, natural ingredients, which means you can consume it ethically as well. Furthermore, it comes with a satisfaction guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose. 100% recommend.

Where to Buy SuperBeets

For more information, please click here

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frankie ravan
April 15, 2017 10:29 AM

I am on my 3rd 5.7oz container. I don’t feel any different. I wish i did. I have been trying out different things for years, most don’t help. I like the taste, but won’t buy anymore.

Tom Biondo
October 2, 2017 11:47 AM

When getting close to the bottom third of the jar, it cakes up like a rock. Too expensive to have so much waste

October 21, 2017 10:53 AM
Reply to  Tom Biondo

How can it be softened when it becomes a rock?

October 24, 2017 10:00 AM
Reply to  David

Try a pice of bread. I i use bread to soften like a rock brown sugar.

David Shepherd
November 27, 2017 2:52 AM

I like the product even though it is too expensive. Helped with my swelling ankles. I was extremely unhappy with their marketing ploys. I ordered a trial 10 package deal. The next thing I knew I received three more jars and a debit to my checking account. I did not see anything in the trial offer that would indicate that I was also allowing them to automatically charge me for more. If I wanted more I would place an order for more. It’s is also hard to reach them with complaints . I have sent them a registered letter canceling any future orders.

December 28, 2017 8:01 PM

Horrible horrible customer service…

February 18, 2017 2:19 AM

I completely followed the recommended instructions. I drank this every day until I finished all of it. I feel like it is a complete waste of hard earned money. I felt absolutely no difference!

March 6, 2017 11:13 PM

Very expensive for what you get and the powder doesn’t even dissolve properly.

December 21, 2017 11:25 PM

Very expensive when I received my order and opened the container was half full. Not happy they should just be honest an put it in a smaller jar.

Candy Wiley
December 5, 2017 10:26 PM

I’m so grateful for this product cause I’ve been searching for natural energy and stamina. It works! Better than caffeine which really isn’t that healthy for you. Thanks ! I don’t care which flavor…its tasty and does what it claims.

October 15, 2017 8:37 PM

I like it. It does help me a lot. For example, it lowers my blood pressure about 20 to 25 Mll ..However, it does make nervous and cranky….I usually take it at 8am and no later… Anybody experienced similar reaction?…

Carol Gardner
October 24, 2018 10:37 PM
Reply to  Josef

I have o not been taking it for a week, but I noticed my urine and stools for half a day after I take it is red. I thought I was bleeding.

Brad Sheen
March 4, 2017 9:45 PM

Super beets did work to lower my blood pressure back into a healthy range. I didn’t particularly enjoy the flavor but still worth it for the results.

Mike P.
September 27, 2017 2:29 PM

Works well for me for the last 10 months, and buying in bulk really brings the cost down to $25 /jar.

anthony stango
August 24, 2019 3:47 PM

Whether it works or not keep this in mind. You will be harassed with endless telephone calls from the company Human. Everyday I get a call from someone. Every day I tell them I’m not interested in purchasing more and to please stop calling. The next day, there they are. It never stops. I’m seriously considering legal action. I tried your product. I choose not to use it. Please go away.