The Benefits Of Vitamin C


Vitamin C is a water soluble mineral, which means that it is not it does not stay in the body. It is essential for growth and repair of the body tissues as it also help the body in making collagen. Collagen is a vital protein that is used to make skin, blood vessels as well as ligaments. Apart from that, it aids in healing of wounds along with maintaining health bones and teeth.

It acts as an antioxidant to block any damage brought about by free-radicals which occur naturally as the body transforms food into energy. The build up of these free radicals occurring naturally will ultimately be the reason for aging which may lead to one being prone to health complications such as arthritis, cancer, and heart related diseases.

Many scientific researches have revealed that the majority of people do not get enough. However, this is uncommon in developed countries. Careless lifestyles that include smoking, lowers the levels of this vitamin in the human body. This means that smokers are at a high chance of having a deficiency than other people. Deficiency symptoms include gum inflammation, dry and splitting hair, reduced immunity, decreased wound healing time and dry and flaking skin. Scurvy is the worst case of deficiency.

There are several medical conditions that are related to lack of this vitamin. This includes cancer of all types, stroke, and hypertension as well as gal bladder diseases just to mention but a few. It can be obtained from eating fruits and vegetables as well. This helps to reduce the risk of one getting the mentioned complications. There studies that also show that, using related supplements will help to avoid these conditions even though it may be lacking.

On the other hand, this vitamin C contributes majorly to protecting one from health problems like heart disease, but the reactions are mixed. It does not reduce the level of cholesterol, neither does it reduce the general threat of a heart attack. But studies show that it may aid in protecting the arteries from harm. In addition, people with reduced levels of the nutrient are at a risk of developing a heart-attack.

Studies on different populations imply that people taking antioxidants like this vitamin have reduced risk of suffering high blood pressure in comparison to those who have poor diets. Eating foods containing this vitamin is very fundamental to anybody’s general health. Such people should eat more fruits and vegetables since they have enough antioxidants. Other studies show that eating foods that are rich in this mineral reduces the chances of one getting cancer, such as cancer of the skin or cervical cancer.

The best food source for this nutrient include green pepper, oranges, mangoes, cabbage, cauliflower, raw and cooked leafy greens like spinach and fresh tomatoes among other foods. This vitamin is sensitive to air, light and heat therefore, one should get it from taking raw or lightly cooked vegetables.

Vitamin C can be accessible in different forms. They include, buying it as synthetic or in natural form. This is popularly known as ascorbic acid. They are in form of capsules, tablets and chewable which are very common. Sometimes they could be in powder form or even liquid form. There are various forms but it will depend with ones prescription as well as other different things as well as conditions.

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Of course, overall, eating a vegetarian diet is probably best. The health factors outweigh the cons. It may be a lot of hassle but once you get used to it it will become easier. The only thing is the flavors are so different between meat and vegetables that it may be very difficult for some to change their habits of eating. However, if you do choose to do so, always check with your doctor to see what will work best for you.