The Causes of Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are the direct result of the skin on the human body being extended past it’s normal capacity. There are several reasons that this can happen, including pregnancy, weight gain, and medical conditions. While the causes differ, one thing remains the same, no one likes having stretch marks on their body.

Stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body, but are most commonly seen on the stomach, thighs, stomach, and hips. This is because it is these areas that tend to hold the most weight when the body becomes larger. Though slightly less common, they can also appear on legs and arms. Any person of any age can have them appear, and even children are not immune to this condition.

There are ways to prevent this condition. Proper diet and hydration can help. Water and vitamins are the key to skin health. While this might sound like a simple concept, moisture and vitamins help to keep skin in a better position to repair itself, and can improve elasticity.

While it may be impossible during pregnancy, another excellent prevention method is to keep your weight as steady as possible. Gaining weight quickly is one the top causes of this condition, and should be avoided. The reason that gaining weight quickly is a major problem is that the skin does not have the time needed to adjust to what is happening to it.

If you already have stretch marks, there are some ways to reduce their appearance. Surgery is one method. However, this is quite costly, and is usually reserved for extreme cases. Since this is considered to be cosmetic and elective surgery, most insurance companies will not pay for such procedures.

Over the counter medications have proven to be effective, especially those that aid in collagen replacement and production. There are many of these products on the market, and choosing the right one can be hard. Reading user reviews online will help you narrow your choices.

The most important things to know when using over the counter treatments is that this is not a condition that will disappear overnight. In actuality, it may take months for the appearance of stretch marks to fade away. It is important to use the product that you choose as directed.

Home remedies do exist, but most are only minimally effective. Many of these are based on the same methods of prevention that were mentioned above such as proper diet. That said, there is some evidence to suggest that olive oil and Vitamin E oil that is applied directly to the affected areas can help.

Stretch marks made fade slightly over time, but will not go away on their own. If this problem is plaguing you, it is best to seek out a treatment. Whether you choose home remedies, over the counter products, or surgery, the important thing is that you take action. Your self confidence is important, and if this condition is holding you back, it must be dealt with as soon as possible.

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Water, collagen, and elastin help keep the skin healthy and taut. Hence a balanced diet, sufficient hydration, and a good level of physical activity are important to prevent stretch marks. Some stretch marks may never go away, but others are able to be removed with creams, natural remedies, and healthy dietary changes. A combination of different therapies are usually recommended by dermatologists in order for patients to have an increased chance at preventing or removing any stretch marks that may have formed on their skin.