The Five Best Free Beauty Tips


Looking great doesn’t have to be expensive. The following five free beauty tips will help you to achieve the look you are after, but without spending any money.

Fresh, clean water is perhaps the best, and surely the cheapest, beauty product available. Drinking at least eight large glasses of it every day helps your body to rid itself from waste and toxins and will give you a healthy looking, glowing skin. Drinking enough water is also important when you want to lose weight as it fills up your stomach during meals and helps you so to stick better to your diet.

Fresh Air
The body needs oxygen to work properly and by providing him with an ample supply of it you will ensure that you not only feel less tired, but also that you look better. Make a habit of opening the window several times during the day and breathing in the fresh air deeply whilst doing some gentle exercise. Additionally you can also go for a brisk walk in the park or countryside a couple of times per week. You will be surprised how this simple tip will change your looks in a short time, and, even better, will make you feel more active and concentrated.

Following a healthy and balanced diet such as recommended by the American Heart Association is another great beauty tip. An old saying goes like this ‘You are what you eat’ and that means if you eat predominantly junk food you will look like junk and if you eat healthy food, you will look – healthy. It is really as simple as this! A good varied diet should include a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, either raw or only slightly steamed and little processed foods like sweets, sodas or deep fried products.

This is the fourth of my free beauty tips and perhaps the one people are less eager to follow. Exercise doesn’t mean necessarily that you have to spend time and money in an expensive gym, it can be as easy as taking the stairs instead of the lift and walking instead of driving. If you look at your daily routine, you will find a multitude of opportunities to build short exercises into it. In general it is better to do several short exercises like brisk walking and running up the stairs per day than going for one session at the gym per week. The sum of many short exercises is higher than what you would achieve with an one-off session because the way they activate your metabolism.

Lowering Stress
This is not always easy to achieve, but by cutting things out of your life that stress your body and mind, you will feel more relaxed and look better. Stress to the body is not only caused by work and worries, it is also caused by substances such as caffeine and alcohol. And whilst it might be difficult to change your working environment, it is relatively easy to change your drinking habits.

If you follow the five free beauty tips outlined above every day for some weeks you will soon look and feel better and younger.

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