The Incredible Vitamin D


Vitamin D is incredible. They are steroid vitamins, made-up of fat-soluble prohormones. This creates the needed calcium and phosphorous uptake, strengthening our bones and teeth. There are five D vitamins, but only D2 and D3 are of any importance to humans.

Our incredible vitamin is measured in IUs. The RDA, Recommended Daily Allowance, is 400 IU for newborns to 12 months old, 600 IU children and adults, and 800 IU for medical cases involving patients who are post-menopausal, people over 65 years old, intestinal disease patients, or those on special medications. It is many times taken with 1200mg calcium, because of calcium’s natural ability to to aid in the absorption process into the blood stream and cells. Calcium is an important ingredient to success because it supports bone growth and cell reproduction.

Estrogen allows calcium, D2 and D3, to absorb into the bone tissue. Before a woman goes through menopause, the body stores vitamins and minerals for strong teeth and bones for more than thirty years. Once a woman has completed menopause, she has lost bone density by which her own body has robbed her stores of minerals from her bones and sent them into her blood. A bone suffering from osteoporosis is full of holes on an electromicrograph scan. The once solid bone, now is full of air pockets and stands thin and weak. Her body will take the needed minerals from bone cells and send them into the rest of her body as it needs them to fight germs and repair nerve cells. Bone mineral density is the amount of matter per square centimeter of bones. The lower one’s bone density, the higher the risk of fracture. A simple fall can result in a break, leading to excessive pain and extended healing time.

This incredible vitamin fights infections and germs that attack our bodies. Extra vitamins and minerals are needed when a person becomes sick to fight bacteria and rebuild healthy cells. If a body system is low on this vitamin symptoms will present themselves as joint, bone, and muscle pain. Blood calcium levels are also maintained by D2 and D3, which are responsible for the nervous system. Tests can be preformed at a doctors office to determine if a patient needs supplements.

This incredible vitamin can be consumed three main ways.

Diet is the most favorable, but obtaining the needed 600 IU can be difficult if attention is not given to the food chosen. A pure vegetarian may need to add supplements to their diet. Simply, it is not a diet many vegans find themselves attracted to. Some foods that contain high doses of D2 and D3 are salmon, tuna, mackerel, saltwater fish, liver, eggs, and dairy products. Beef sausages and pork ribs are also on the list of foods packed full of the incredible vitamin. If you don’t find these foods appealing consider trying shitake mushrooms, fortified cereals, rice drinks, or eggnog.

If you are not getting enough into your diet, try supplements. Studies have indicated that adding up to 1,000 IU for children, and 4,000 IU for adults is safe. However, never add anything to your routine until you ask your doctor or pharmacist. Weakness, vomiting, nausea, weight loss, or constipation are signs of toxicity.

The sun’s rays also encourage the production of this incredible vitamin through our skin. The cells in our skin create a chemical change, which activate the it to reproduce itself in the body. A person needs to be in direct sun light for 15 to 20 minutes before the reaction occurs. People with dark skin and older individuals will not have as successful benefits as a younger person or a someone with lighter skin due to the nature of skin cells. It is firmly recommended to wear a sunscreen with a SPF 8 or higher to avoid skin cancer.

Vitamin D is incredible. You can find it every where you; in people, in food, and even the sun activates its production. It deserves to be respected because one day it may save your life.

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