Toning Abs The Right Way


In order to change your abs into the washboard stomach you desire, it is important to understand the role our abdominal muscles play in our everyday life. Our abdominal muscles essentially make up the connection between our upper and lower body. Together with our muscles in the back the abdominals stabilize the spine to support any movement of our upper body. Keeping this in mind it is easy to understand why strong abdominal muscles are so important.

The abdominal muscles contain four distinct groups of muscles. Each group has its specific function .The muscle groups are called the Transversus  abdominus , rectus abdominus and the  external and internal oblique muscles. The transversus abdominus  is the deepest layer of muscles and regulates the internal abdominal pressure. These muscles serve as a stabilizer for the trunk as well. The rectus abdominus  is located between the ribs and the pubic bone. This is the group of muscle that is commonly known as the “six pack”. The “six pack” is visible when the muscles contract. External and internal oblique muscles work in unison to support trunk movement from side to side.

Toning your abdominal muscles or toning abs as it is often called is not an easy task. Many myths are still circulating. One very frustrating myth is that you can spot tone. What this means that it is possible to target your abdominal muscles and achieve the flat and fabulous abs we all envy. However, the fact is that targeting your abdominal muscles with crunches will not give you the results you are looking for because these exercises do not raise the metabolism enough to burn fat. Reducing your calorie intake through a healthy diet and regular exercise for the whole body will give you visible results much faster.

It is a myth that there is a pill on the market that can give you the toned abs and make you lose fat by the pound. Many pills promise fast results as easy as taking the pill three or five times on a daily basis. You are not even required to change your lifestyle or diet. Millions of Americans fall for this lie because it does not require hard work. The easy fix sounds so much better than the truth.
And then there are hundreds of little machines and gadgets promising to tone your abs in the comfort of your home without breaking a sweat. According to these advertisements it is possible to sit in your favorite chair while you comfortably tone your abs with the help of electric stimulation. Just put The Flex Belt on and it will do the work for you.

That elusive “six pack” depends on many factors. Not everybody will see those muscles emerge through diet and exercise. Some people are limited by genetics and have a naturally higher body fat content. The easy way out does not exist and a miracle pill has not been engineered yet. Getting the toned abs you want starts at home with a healthy, low fat, high protein diet, and regular exercise to include the whole body as well as exercises that tone the abdominal muscles.

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Steve O
Steve O

Exercising and bodybuilding help increase one’s muscle mass, and when muscles and body mass grow at a fast pace, stretch marks are more likely to form on the calf muscles and knees. This is because these muscles grow quicker than the skin can stretch to accommodate them without having cracks form. Body builders and competitive athletes who participate in heavy athletic activity are likely to experience stretch marks on their arms, legs, and chest muscles.


To obtain a healthy midsection, abdominal exercise may not be enough. Something else to think about is that everyone needs to eat a healthy diet. For example, a person can never be wrong by selecting fruits and vegetables to eat everyday. A minimum of five servings each day is required to see the pounds drop away. This also will make a person a bit more heart healthy in the process. Fruits and vegetables are very filling and contain many vitamins and minerals needed for all functions of the body. It is so simple that there is no excuse why a person can not get a healthy midsection. Once a goal is reached there will be no going back to the flabby person that once appeared in the mirror.