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Nobody likes to experience joint pain and most of us who do suffer from it know that there are supplements that can help make this pain more manageable. However, because this kind of pain is such a common affliction, there are also hundreds, if not thousands, of companies that say they have the perfect solution or supplement to help manage it. This can make it quite difficult and overwhelming to find the one that will actually work. One product that has been receiving a lot of positive attention, however, is Vital 3. So what is this product and should you consider it?

What Is Vital 3?

This supplement is manufactured by Bronson in the United States. It is said to quickly and effectively target the joints, particularly for those who have a decreased range of motion and who suffer from stiffness. Furthermore, it is said to prevent further degeneration. Uniquely, the supplement is a drop rather than a capsule or pill, which makes it much easier to try.

One of the reasons why the product is so popular is because Bronson believes in transparency. Hence, a full FAQ has been listed on their website, as well as clinical trial data, and customer testimonials. The clinical trials are particularly impressive, demonstrating how effective Vital 3 actually is.

What Does the Product Do?

The supplement improves joint lubrication, promotes comfort, and leaves joint muscles stronger and healthier. It is said to work within just six weeks. When searching through the reviews on the website, you will quickly find that people often notice a difference within that time space. Furthermore, the product has gone through various clinical trials, which have proven not just its effectiveness, but also its safety. Best of all, you don’t need a prescription to purchase it.

Those who notice that they have decreased mobility and flexibility may want to consider the product. Just three drops a day are needed in order to experience the benefits. It helps to reduce inflammation and the consequences of everyday joint wear and tear.

Vital 3 Ingredients

Interestingly, there is just one active ingredient in Vital 3, which is Collagen Type II-n1, which has been patented. The collagen comes from chicken cartilage and has been shown to have a number of benefits. These include teaching the brain not to overreact when the joints are stressed, thereby reducing wear and tear. Furthermore, collagen helps to reduce inflammation and then cushions and lubricates the joints. Additionally, since it comes from chicken cartilage rather than shellfish (chondroitin and glucosamine are derived from shellfish), it is safe even for those with allergies. Unfortunately, vegetarians and vegans cannot use it.

Collagen makes up most of the connective tissues in the body. It is vital to keep tissue strong and elastic, while also helping to maintain the tendons’ and ligaments’ structural integrity. Indeed, it is one of the most important elements of our body’s physical makeup. The substance is firm but also very flexible and binds the different parts of our skeletal system together. Additionally, it is important for the synovial fluid, which surrounds, lubricates, and cushions the joints. Between 25% and 30% of the total protein content in the body is made up of collagen.

It is logical to assume, therefore, that collagen is of essential importance to keep the joints healthy. It is also a highly complex protein, combining various bodily minerals, vitamin c, peptide chains, and amino acids. As a result, a lot of people find it difficult to keep up proper collagen production naturally, because it is difficult to consume all of the essential vitamins and minerals.

It is quite unique that Vital 3 only contains one ingredient. Most other joint supplements contain numerous ingredients, including MSM and Boron (anti-inflammatories), manganese, vitamin C, and various omega-3 fatty acids. Vital 3, however, believes that focusing on collagen was the most important thing. And the clinical trials confirm that they have made the right decision in doing so.

How Much Does Vital 3 Cost?

At the time of this writing:

  • Three bottles of Vital 3, which is an 18 week supply, costs $101.90, with $4.95 for shipping. This represents a savings of 18%,

  • Two bottles of Vital 3, which is a 12 week supply, costs $75.98, with $4.95 for shipping. This is a savings of 8%.

  • One bottle of Vital 3, which is a six week supply, costs $38.99, with $4.95 for shipping.

It is also possible to order automatic product shipment, which costs $68.58 and comes with free shipping. This represents a savings of 21%.

These prices are quite similar to those of other daily supplements, which makes Vital 3 quite interesting, particularly if you take out the automatic product shipment. Additionally, there are regular special offers available through the Vital 3 website, so it is possible to receive this supplement in a much more affordable than any other supplement.

How Does It Work?

It should be noted that while Vital 3 is no more expensive than other supplements, it isn’t cheap either. And considering that it only effectively contains a single ingredient, you may want to know a little bit more about how it works. The transparency of Bronson is very welcome, and they clearly state that this product is not an instant fix. Rather, it is designed to slowly but surely replenish levels of collagen in the body, which takes several weeks to achieve. Additionally, the focus of the program is not in fighting inflammation, although it certainly does that, but rather on strengthening the joints. According to the scientists at Bronson, if joints are stronger, pain will be reduced because there is less friction. This makes sense, since the main cause of joint pain is friction.

How to Take it, Side Effects, and More

According to Bronson, people need to take just three drops a day of the product, placing the drops in juice or water. Alternatively, it is equally possible to take one drop three times per day. Some people have mixed their drops with food, which also works.

No side effects have been associated with the product. It also does not contain any shellfish derivatives, which means anyone can use it safely. That said, as with any supplement, it is always important to consult with a physician first, particularly if you are currently prescribed any medication.

The product is completely legitimate, with various clinical trials having been conducted that prove its effectiveness. These have been confirmed to replenish the body, and particularly the joints, with the necessary nutrients, namely collagen. How quickly it will works will vary depending on your personal metabolism and bodily functions. Usually, it takes around six weeks for the difference to become really noticeable. Also, the product has received countless positive reviews from people who have experienced its effectiveness.

What I Liked About Vital 3

  • It is very easy to take the product, as it comes in a liquid form. This is a lot more convenient than tablets, capsules, pills, or other solid supplements.

  • It does not contain any shellfish derivatives, which means those with allergies should be able to take it safely.

  • You get a 365 day money back guarantee with the product, which means you can really see whether it will work for you.

  • The product has been tested to be completely safe.

  • The key active ingredient is the patented Collagen Type II-n1, which is proven to be biologically active.

  • There are no known side effects associated with taking Vital 3.

  • There are numerous positive customer testimonials available on the website.

  • The product has gone through various clinical tests, and the details of these tests are available on the company’s website.

What I Didn’t Like About Vital 3

  • It is strange to see a product that contains just a single ingredient.

  • It takes many weeks before the product works, which means you do have to stick with it, something that people are not very good at doing.

  • While Bronson seems to be highly transparent in terms of what the product is, they don’t actually provide the amount of ingredients on their website.

  • While there are many positive reviews on the website, it is not clear whether those reviewers also took any other supplements.

  • It is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

The Final Verdict

One of the key things that makes Vital 3 stand out is that it isn’t an overly ambitious product, which makes it look more genuine. The company believes that, within six weeks, people should be able to notice an improvement of their overall joint health. And since the product comes with a 365 day money back guarantee, there really is no risk in trying it. It does, however, mean that you have to be motivated to continue to take three drops a day even if you haven’t noticed any benefits yet. While this may not sound difficult, the reality is also that many people give up unless they notice the results much more quickly. Furthermore, you need to continue to take the product in order for the benefits to become permanent. Overall, however, it is easy and convenient to take, doesn’t cost more than other supplements, and is safe to take. It is therefore 100% recommended.

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Doreen Beckman
August 25, 2017 8:59 AM

I ordered Vital 3 for my husband. it did not do anything at all!! Yesterday received another package which I am returning, unopened. I am also calling my credit card to have my money returned! DO NOT SEND ME ANY MORE!!

Rosemary Risstrom
January 8, 2018 11:16 PM

As Vital 3 is absorbed by the small bowel is it possible to produce bowel function changes, as I have a bowel motility problem.
I have been on Vital 3 for a month , I have experienced diarrhoea and slowed bowel movement to a point that the effects are out of control at times does this product have an effect on the large bowel?? It is stated there are no side effects I find this hard to beleive.

August 11, 2018 12:21 AM

The best product that I have taken