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Vital Reds is a supplement by Gundry MD designed to help people lose weight naturally. The supplement is comprised of 21 superfruits rich in polyphenol. These polyphenols are also known as antioxidants; microscopic substances that reverse the damage caused by oxidative stress that can damage your tissues and organs. Superfruits are the fruits that contain a rich concentration of antioxidants and they come with plenty of health benefits such as preventing heart disease and cancer.

How Does Vital Reds Work?

Vital Reds makes use of polyphenol-dense superfruits to solve weight problems. The main way this is achieved is through boosting the metabolism. The metabolic process is when fats are broken down and removed from the body. However there are several ways the metabolic rate can be effected. A poor metabolism can cause you to gain weight. In fact a diet and exercise regime will be ineffective unless you also boost metabolism.

Gundry MD, who is the author of the best-selling author of Dr Gundry’s Diet Evolution, attests that taking this supplement on a daily basis you can boost your energy levels, lose weight, enhance digestion, and improve the appearance of your skin. Vital Reds comes in three different formulas, with the Red Berry blend being only one of them.

Vital Reds is sold as a powder that you will need to mix into your drink, such as juice, water, or iced tea. Each container comes with 30 scoops.

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I was skeptical — I wanted healthier probiotic and energy boosterfor my body–and to help to increase my immune system after cancer treatments. I did get both Vital Reds and The Prebiothrive. I started Vital Reds first mix with coconut water and frozen berries. Waaaay too sweet! I was nausea. I cut out the frozen berries and did next day with coconut water again and added spinach and 1/2 apple with ice–oh and ground cinnamon sticks. Much better. Not as sweet. My body felt sick first 3 days but I think more from depleted and malnourished cells than Vital Reds. 4TH DAY. I did Vital Reds and added PrebioThrive in morning–plus decided to add Vital Reds again in evening for next 5 days. So come, 9th day. WOW! My Body was re-energized and feeling so much better when I woke up. I lost 4lbs which I was not really trying to diet. I had ice cream several days.

By 3rd week– I could not believe my transition of energy and no hunger pangs to munch all day. My skin feels soft and I could feel a difference in my body n energy. My husband has noticed it as well. He does not like berries so will not drink it.
I lost 8lbs total–I was not trying. Most Important for me>>I have energy to walk my dogs a couple blocks every morning and afternoon. Cancer treatments can really damage your body cells. I could not eat, I could not walk most days pass the front door. I was drained and slept most days not feeling any better.

Now Vital Reds is really helping– I truly believe–to repair those damaged cells done by radiation and chemo. I know it will take more time to heal–and Vital Reds might be a bit expensive to some. I am Very thankful.

If you are already healthy, energetic, and watch your diet. You may not feel any difference in body except softer skin and healthier hair. But if been through a devastating illness– this will greatly help get on your feet again. I am on 6weeks now. I cant go without it. I will skip breakfast sometimes– but always take my health drink with me. So worth it!

I think the product does just what it says it will do. I feel a lot better. It never said it was for weight loss that I saw. It is a probiotic and energy boost and gives you plenty of antioxidants. Every one of the doctors I have shown it to, said it’s ingredients are wonderful. Buy it individually, don’t sign up for autopay and you wont have a problem!

I really feel that this is just another scam. I’ve felt no difference after two weeks except for the nausea I feel while trying to drink it. I will continue for the rest of the month but I really feel that it’s just a sweet powder with no impact on my energy at all.

I started Vital Reds a few days ago and I feel great. I didn’t realize it was billed as a weight loss supplement but since the only way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more I don’t take that claim seriously. My reason for taking it was to get more polyphenols into my diet. I make smoothies for breakfast each morning with lots of fresh berries and fruit juices and am now adding a scoop of Vital Reds. I ordered the 3 month supply and if after 3 months I feel more energetic I’ll reorder.

Terrible costumer support. I was promised a sample of cream with my six month order and did not get it. When I called to let them know ” Jessica” pretty much said. To bad so sad, we got your money and you be happy with what we sent you. Ok then. No reorder from me.

All I lost was the $69.00 I paid for this product. But it did work as far as getting your money back guarantee if you don’t like it. It did not work for me or my friends and family but we all got our money back after trying this concoction of goobly-gook. And yes it tasted OK but what can you expect from Dr. Stephen Gundry Vital Reds and or Dr. Oz or even Dr. Phil~ these info commercials are making a lot of money for these telemarketing giants!

Another web based outfit that has hit my bank account without my consent. DO NOT PURCHASE ONLINE!!!! I cancelled an order, got the verification email, and they still processed the order, Now I have to dispute the charges, cancel my bank card, and wait for a new bank card. Funny how the email confirmations come from “NOREPLY” address.

Hi there Ruben, thank you for leaving us a review. I am sorry to hear that your order was processed after you had cancelled it. Due to our quick shipment commitment to our customers, it was likely cancelled too late. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have cause you and would be more than happy to issue you a full refund for your order. Please email me personally at [email protected] so that I can ensure your refund is handled as quickly as possible. Thank you again for reaching out Ruben, I look forward to hearing from you.

yes. it seems I got through a lot of credit cards this last year or so…it was simpler to just report the CARD lost or stolen and let the credit card void my account and in about three to six weeks you get a new card and can start the process all over again.

I have been using Vital Reds for about three weeks and have mixed it with peach tea, my favorite to mix with, sodas, and plain water. I use ice while mixing and use a shaker with a wire ring and it mixes very well, no after taste, no problems with bowels or nausea and weight loss I will check at the end of the month, I am in no hurry to know that, I just want to feel better and I feel it is helping me. I enjoy a glass every morning. After slowing recovering from a hernia mesh surgery a year and a half ago, my energy level has been very low and I have not bounced back like I should have. I am having issues with the mesh but I am actually feeling a little better and have a little more energy since I started it. It may not work wonders but I have felt a slight difference already. I purchased a 3 month supply and intend to use the entire 3 months before I come to the conclusion that it does not work. I even recommended it to a co-worker just this morning.

Patsy~ I had the hernia operation and also a stomach by pass in 2011 and yes I did lose a ton of weight (at first) but if you do not eat right and exercise then all the Dr. Stephen Gundry Vital Reds and or Dr. Oz apple cider vinegar with honey won’t make much of a difference
It will work for awhile but keep a journal and see how you feel about this ..the journal will keep you focused….but after one or two years a vast majority of the people who lose weight gain back some or most of the weight (with interest) I did not gain back all my weight back but I watch what I eat and try to exercise on a daily bases..Good luck ~~~there is no magic potion

Buyer beware when you go online to order hey try to get you to add product so I ordered 3 jars and it popped up discount for 6 jars of vital reds well when you go to check out it doesn’t summarize order and or let you cancel order and it charged me for 9 jars. I did this on a Sunday evening and sent three messages that night got one back and have yet to hear. I don’t even want to try the product now!! Better business bureau will have to get involved since they won’t respond

Hi Debbie, I am sorry to hear that you accidentally ordered 9 jars of Vital Reds instead or the 3 that you had wanted. Most of our customers have expressed interest in being informed of further deals and frequently ordered bundles prior to checking out. I would be more than happy to issue you a full refund of the unwanted product. Please email me directly at [email protected] so that I can ensure that you are refunded as quickly as possible. Again I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Thank you Debbie.

I already eat lots of fruit. I’ve gotten very constipated after trying this for a few days. Need to find out why and how to get bowers moving again. I have lost weight and have more energy so I like that part.