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Vital Reds is a supplement by Gundry MD designed to help people lose weight naturally. The supplement is comprised of 21 superfruits rich in polyphenol. These polyphenols are also known as antioxidants; microscopic substances that reverse the damage caused by oxidative stress that can damage your tissues and organs. Superfruits are the fruits that contain a rich concentration of antioxidants and they come with plenty of health benefits such as preventing heart disease and cancer.

How Does Vital Reds Work?

Vital Reds makes use of polyphenol-dense superfruits to solve weight problems. The main way this is achieved is through boosting the metabolism. The metabolic process is when fats are broken down and removed from the body. However there are several ways the metabolic rate can be effected. A poor metabolism can cause you to gain weight. In fact a diet and exercise regime will be ineffective unless you also boost metabolism.

Gundry MD, who is the author of the best-selling author of Dr Gundry’s Diet Evolution, attests that taking this supplement on a daily basis you can boost your energy levels, lose weight, enhance digestion, and improve the appearance of your skin. Vital Reds comes in three different formulas, with the Red Berry blend being only one of them.

Vital Reds is sold as a powder that you will need to mix into your drink, such as juice, water, or iced tea. Each container comes with 30 scoops.

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Absolute energy producer. Have not felt like this since I was young. Feeling the same young self now. I take Vital red with Chia seeds in the mornings. It keeps me full until I feel hungry to eat. (It is important to listen to your body as well) I only fill myself with anything I feel like eating only when my body tells me to , otherwise I don’t munch every time I like. It is my body so I discipline my self to be in my control, it is very important. It helps in every ways. Good job, well done Dr Gundry and his team!!! I will be ordering more in the future of course. Thanks a heaps 🙂

I have taken the VitalRed supplement for over 6 months with no results.
I can not recommend this to anyone. Waste of money.

This working for me/I am 78 Yrs old. I did stop for a Couple of months and forgot how I felt. I started it again 2 wks. ago and wow! It does make a difference in my energy level . I was wondering if I could add it to my Nature Made Protein Shake! Vanilla Flavor….( Taste like Strawberry Shake) when you ad Vital Reds…….. I found the Answer Yes! You can add to your shake… I only add 1/2 Scoop of Vital Reds 4 OZ water and then add 1/2 scoop. my shake powder and then 4 more oz. of water….Its not gritty and that takes care of that problem….I do this 2 X a Day (as I can not do 8 OZ at one time…..) Therefore I take it twice a day . Any Blender will work…….

I have only been using it a month, but have lost 3 pounds and have NOT changed what I eat, I am not a fan of the taste so mix it with minute maid lemon juice.

Try it with Protein Shake Powder mix in a Blender!!!See my comments !Takes the gritty ness away!

I don’t like protein shakes any better, I try and mix it with the LEAST amount of liquid I can, takes about 4 gulps and it is gone. It is not the grittiness that gets me it is the taste. 😉 Starting on my 2nd jar today, I am not seeing any other changes but weight and will not buy more after my 3rd jar….if I make it that far.

Returned mine for a refund and have never heard back.

Meaning they refunded you the money and you never heard back after, OR did they NOT reply your request for a refund?

I love the taste and it seems to give me energy but a few days after taking it I started to get very itchy all over. Has this happened to anyone else? I am thinking I may be allergic to an ingredient in the powder but this is very upsetting because I really love it, I mix it in my smoothie every morning for breakfast! It goes great with orange juice too.

Beth, I experienced the same allergic reaction. I was so disappointed because I was starting to lose weight. I thought for sure that I had finally found a product that worked for me.

I had some itching when I first started it and Then I stopped it and later Started it again and now I have no problems. .Maybe it just it taking the bad stuff coming out of your system. Give it another try after a while……

Yes, I am having the same reaction. Itching all over. I figured it could be deactivating candida overgrowth. Has it reduced after using it for a while, worsened or no change. I have been taking it for 2 weeks now and symptoms are getting worse, I am going to incorporate herbal teas such as stinging nettle, dandelion root etc to speed up the candida excretion……feel I may end up in a healing crisis and gets much worse before it gets better. 😳

So is this only for losing weight? I’m fairly skinny and all I keep hearing about are the ‘wonderful’ “Fat Burning” features. I want to live a healthy life, but by no means am I trying to lose weight. I’m 5’6 (1.6764m) and 108 lbs (49 kg)

The online video presentation about this product starts by highlighting certain important benefits — specifically natural high energy and gut health — BEFORE it ever focuses on the potential weight loss benefits. I really like the fact that he also speaks about the problems associated with nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, eggplant, white potatoes, goji berries, etc).

Are you still using Vital Reds? If so, have you noticed some benefits? (and/or does it seem you are experiencing any unwanted weight loss?)

I haven’t used it yet, I’ve just been reading up on it.

does vital reds replace my daily vitamin?